How to tell a woman she is beautiful: 5 most helpful tips

Women in RigaHello gentlemen!

You have probably heard that women love with their ears. It is not really true because Slavic brides trust not only words but also actions. However, telling compliments to a woman is a must! 

We from best-matchmaking found out that not everyone can make compliments properly.

It seems that there is nothing easier than telling a woman how beautiful and stunning she is. But this is a real art requiring certain skills and practice.

So today, you will find out how to tell a woman she is beautiful and conquer her heart! Let’s start!

You are beautiful: How to compliment a woman

single Ukrainian womanOne of the best compliments for a woman is to hear that she is beautiful. But telling this with more than just those words is a real art and not everyone can master it. And you should not shout how stunning she is from the rooftops even.

If you want your woman to genuinely believe in your compliments, they should be simple and sincere. Women adore receiving compliments from men but they also hear one and the same words all the time. So, to stand out from that crowd, you should be unique.

It doesn’t mean that women are very picky and demanding and want you to try too hard. But hearing something they have never heard or something showing how sincere and genuine you are is something that will make you special for her. Find out the best ways to compliment a woman.

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How to compliment a girl's smile

Smiling is something women often are complimented about. And it’s no wonder while both men and women pay attention to smile first. It shows how open and sincere a person is. And women used to hear compliments on their appearance and smile, in particular.

But imagine how many times she has heard that she has a beautiful smile? Especially if it is really beautiful and she knows it? Will she be surprised if you tell her “You have a beautiful smile”? We doubt that a lot.

However, there is one secret. What if you tell her first “I lost my sight right now”? She will ask you why and you can then tell her “because of your sparkling smile”! This is something the girl will never forget, will be surprised, and even knocked off her feet. Try to be creative and turn your imagination on, there are tons of options. 

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You are so Beautiful Quotes for Her

Here are some beautiful examples of how you can complement your lady. You can read them and get inspired or just use them as your own if your imagination and creativity are not the best ones.

  • Your smile is beautiful like the rising sun in the morning and your touch is gentle just like the evening breeze;
  • I will have a lovely day today filled with joy and love because your beautiful smile will warm me up;
  • I call you beautiful, but know that you are more than amazing;
  • I wonder how I couldn’t notice such a magnificent flower like you before;
  • Your beauty blinds me. It comes from your heart and is reflected in your eyes;
  • Even if I were blind, I could still see your beauty, because it is in your soul and can be seen only with a heart;
  • It’s a pity that it’s impossible to hold a beauty contest among the angels. It would be the only competition that you could compete fairly.

Telling a woman she's beautiful rules

Ukrainian womenNothing seems to be easier than telling her she is beautiful. But when it comes to practice, nothing seems that easy anymore and you wonder why she stopped answering your calls. The reason may be in your words and, in particular, in the compliments she heard from you.

So here are some rules of how to compliment a woman. First of all, never compliment her physical looks. This will be the biggest failure of your life. Be original, creative, and witty if necessary. What woman would you choose personally? 

The one who would say you are handsome and rich or the one who would mention you have a wonderful soul and kind heart that make her feel special near you? The same is for ladies. So here are some great tips on how to compliment a woman and gain her trust and heart.

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Tip 1. Think out of the box

This is about what we mentioned above – never ever compliment on her physical looks. Don’t be the same as one hundred other guys telling her every day how long her legs are or how beautiful her smile is. If she is really beautiful, she might hear that every single day.

Better focus on something other guys would hardly come up with. Tell her that she makes you feel special every time you see her just because her smile makes your day. Or that the fragrance of her hair gives you special vibes. Notice little things.

Women tend to think that if you compliment her looks, you are just one of the thousands of guys who need the same things from her. But they need romance. Once you say something extraordinary, you are special and automatically grab her interest. 

Tip 2. Say it often

Beautiful Ukrainian womanDon’t try to show how romantic you are only on special occasions. You can tell a woman how beautiful she is every day or every moment if you wish. But know the measure, too. Because she might think you are not serious.

For example, you can tell her about how beautiful she is every morning. Or vice versa, every evening. The time of the day doesn’t really matter.

Make it your tradition and choose your special occasion to tell this to her every day – a morning, lunchtime, or evening may be a special occasion for you both.

If we speak about online dating, you can write to her this in every letter. For example, “don’t forget how beautiful you are to me!” or “Good night, beautiful!” Let this be your special ritual.

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Tip 3. Be specific

Ukrainian woman for marriageIf you want to focus on her physical beauty, always go specific. Once again we repeat – a beautiful woman hears those compliments on her appearance and beauty every single day.

She hears the same words so often that they stop meaning a compliment for her and become just the statement of fact for her.

So you should focus on details if you want to stand out. Instead of saying “You’re beautiful” say “Your dress matches your wonderful hazel eyes” or “That fragrance highlights your gentle neck”.

Women always think that men are not able to notice such details and think they are hopeless.

Believe us, if you notice such things and compliment her on them, you will be one of the best men on Earth for her. A man who can notice small details about her looks is not a man – he is an angel.

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Tip 4. Be genuine

How to find women to dateIf you decided to compliment a woman on her beauty, make sure to be sincere about it. Women smell lies a mile away so if you don’t want to fail, better don’t start telling her compliments if you don’t mean it. Women have special senses and know when you are genuine or not.

Yes, you might take it as a blessing or curse but she will always feel what you mean. So tell her that her smile is beautiful only when you really think it is beautiful. If you say it just to make her like you, it won’t work out with her.

When you say something genuinely and from your heart, you will definitely succeed. Because even if your compliment is not so sophisticated and creative but it goes from your heart, it will be dearer to her that those beautiful words from quotes books.

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Tip 5. You shouldn’t only say it but show it

We are never tired of saying that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to dating Slavic women. So, if you want to highlight her beauty and make a compliment for her, don’t underestimate the role of small gifts and flowers.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something very expensive or luxurious. But one beautiful flower from time to time to show you noticed her beauty would be enough. Along with the flowers, you may say something like “The beauty of these roses cannot be compared to yours but I hope they will make your day”. 

Isn’t that the best way to compliment a lady? And if she is financially secure and independent, don’t think she is not a woman who doesn’t want to be pampered. It is very important for everyone to feel needed and admired, so give this chance to her!

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Conclusion: Just do it!

Casual Dating WomenWe hope these simple tips will help you learn how to compliment your lady. Remember that when you want to date a Ukrainian bride or Russian bride, you should be careful with words and it is better to talk less but act more.

Instead of thousands of words, better take a Romantic and marriage tour and meet her in person.

Still have questions on online dating or matchmaking? Get in touch with Kate for a free consultation and choose your best dating membership plan or International matchmaking package at a reasonable price!

Good luck with your dating and if you struggle, we will help!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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