Safe dating definition: how do date online hassle-free

Safe dating definitionGreetings, our dear customers and readers!

We know that some of you come across that post because of your sad online dating experience.

Yes, unfortunately, online dating is not the safest way to meet someone and lots of you have struggled with it. But we from best-matchmaking would love to give you a couple of helpful tips on how to date online.

We always provide our matchmaking members with our strictest guidelines but those who are not our clients yet should also know how to avoid problems when dating online. This post will tell you the safe dating definition and how to prevent yourself from different online crushes. Make notes, guys, the information below may save your nerves, time, and wallet!

How to date online safely

Stages Of DatingIt is easy to suppose that safe dating is a positive dating experience, isn’t it? Yes, exactly. We all know that dating can not only be positive but like any relationship, it can include some negative aspects, misunderstandings, arguments, etc. But we are not talking about it now.

We are talking about your own safety in its true sense! Almost every time we log in our online chat support, we hear such questions as “are you real?”, “is that all real?”, “isn’t that a scam?”, and everything like that.

Why are people asking that? Probably, because they had a very negative dating experience.

Why does it happen and what to do to avoid it? We have told you many times about it but since scamming keeps happening, not all of you are aware of what to do to date online safely.

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Safety tips for dating communication

Of course, our main dating tip is to have your common sense always on! You know that online dating is done through the internet and there are lots of people who want your money or maybe some other benefits from you. So you have to always think with your head and not with your emotions when you see beautiful women.

Pay attention to all the red flags possible. We are not saying you should be always skeptical, suspicious, and full of doubts about every lady online. We have such customers, too, and believe us, this doesn’t lead to anything good. Such suspicions never let you see a good woman and only scare everyone.

But your reluctance to see some obvious things will be only your fault. Sometimes, red flags are obvious but people who have no experience cannot recognize them. Now we will help you do that!

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Red flag 1. She doesn’t want to have a video chat

Russian video chat onlineA video chat is a great option for seeing your (Slavic) woman face-to-face, so to say. You can make sure she really exists, is real, and looks just like in her pictures (s. also Russian video chat online: how it works)

So, once you started your correspondence with a lady, ask her gently to talk in a video chat.

We all are busy, work, family, children maybe but if she is serious, she will find time to talk to you at least once.

If your woman finds different excuses and by all means avoids talking to you in a video chat, it is a big red flag. It may mean that the person you communicate with is not the one in the pictures.

So, a video chat option, especially if it is not just a web-cam where you can communicate with multiple users but a Skype call where you can talk and see each other well, is a great chance to check whether you communicate with someone you see in the pictures. 

Red flag 2. She is always online on a dating site

If you for some reason joined a mail-order bride dating site where you can have a usual video chat, for example, when you just watch the girls’ webcams and can type something and chat, you may notice some of the girls are all the time online. If the girl you communicate with is one of them, think twice before you decide to keep communicating with her.

Can a woman who has her own life, work, children, and family, spend all her days (and most often, nights) posing online? We doubt that a lot because normal women will only agree about certain time and day to talk online with a man they communicate with. So what is she doing there?

If you see such girls online in a webcam all the time, run away because she hardly is looking for a husband there. She might be just earning money with the site making all men talking to her and spending their credits.

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Red flag 3. She is asking you for money

Ukrainian girls for datingNeedless to say that when a woman is asking you for money right in the correspondence, she is not considering you as her husband but just as an ATM. Of course, she may not be asking you for it directly. But pay attention to what she tells you or writes to you. 

Those can be different tear-jerking stories about her car to break down, her apartment to be robbed, or her granny to be in the hospital, and so on, and so forth.

The stories can be absolutely different giving you a hint that she needs your help. If you have some online dating experience, you should notice such hints at once. 

We would recommend stopping communication with such a woman at once if you think she is asking you for money. This lady is most likely a scammer and dating her will not be safe already. Just choose another woman or better another dating site.

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Red flag 4. Your woman doesn’t want to meet in person

There are different reasons for not exchanging contacts, for example, a woman may be concerned about knowing you well enough or that you match each other well. In that case, you can exchange contacts later or when you meet personally. But if you communicate for some time and she doesn’t want to meet you, this is the biggest red flag.

Ask yourself – what is her reason to be on a dating site then and communicating to you? Of course, there are different reasons and people may have different circumstances, such as work, business trips, funerals, family issues, etc. We can understand that, and thus, you should postpone your meeting for a while.

But if she finds such excuses all the time and you notice that she just avoids your meeting, by all means, this is one of the biggest red flags and you should apply to the dating site administration and find out the truth. For sure, this lady is not here to date or marry you.

Some more safe dating tips

Dating & relationship definitionTo date online safely, you should, first of all, choose a safe dating site. Please, find some testimonials, reviews of other users online, on their YouTube channel, on different review sites.

There should be some people using their services and leaving their feedback. If the site has lots of experience, there should be lots of reviews already.

Not all reviews should be 100% positive because that’s life and the site may not suit everyone’s needs. But it still should have real reviews from users, testimonials that support their work, etc. So spend some time and do some research. If you find some reviews about the site, mostly positive ones, you can date there safely.

By the way, you can check some black or scam lists, it might be very helpful while if you find the site you want to use there, you will know that you should search for another one. 

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You can easily have a safe online dating experience

As you can see, following these simple tips will help you date pretty safely online. The only thing you should not forget is not to get blind by the variety of beautiful profiles and promises and have your common sense always on. If you do all that and will not go too suspicious to every good lady, everything will be more than safe.

Don’t neglect to pay attention to the above-mentioned red flags and you will have no other online dating experience but a safe one. If you choose a matchmaking service, a very good tip would be to follow the advice of your matchmaker. Lots of you try to sabotage and do everything on their own.

And after that, they are surprised they fail. If you decided to use matchmaking service, you should trust your mentor and listen to his or her tips. This will be a key to success in online dating.

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Conclusion: Yes, safe dating is possible!

Speed dating definitionWe are very sorry if you had some sad online dating experience. But this is also a valuable experience after which, you should make your conclusions and start looking at it with fresh eyes. Learn your lesson and move forward following our very easy tips and everything will be great.  

And if you want to ask us more questions or have other concerns, please leave your comments below or ask Kate, a dating blogger and professional matchmaker.

You can also check our dating membership plans and Slavic matchmaking programs, as well as romantic and marriage tours at reasonable prices!

Good luck with your online dating experience!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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