Are Ukraine dating apps safe to use?

Ukraine dating appsHello guys!

Dating apps have conquered their popularity across the globe. And they have changed online dating forever. They allow people to find each other in an easy way, the apps give the opportunity of communication if you have no time to go out with friends and meet women in the streets or public places. 

Meeting Ukrainian women via online dating apps is also possible. There are plenty of such applications you can easily install to your phone.

Some of them are free; others have some symbolic subscription fees. We also know that some of you have used such dating apps, too, and shared your experience with us. 

Today, we would like to review the Ukraine dating apps and check if they are as convenient and, what’s even more important, efficient, as they claim to be. Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to dating, so let’s find out if Ukraine dating apps are safe to use and whether there are certain risks related to them.

What are Ukraine dating apps exactly?

TinderWe bet everyone has heard of Tinder, even people who are far from online dating. Tinder is a dating app which can be easily installed to your mobile device.

There is no better way to complement your quest for love than using a dating app like that. Such apps allow single (probably) people connect with each other.

Such apps are free or not expensive and contain certain data about users. They are easy to navigate. It is absolutely not difficult to use them. Getting in touch with other singles in extremely easy, free, as well as you can meet people in social media networks. 

You can for sure find someone to hang out with the next weekend with the help of such an app. But are you able to find a reliable life partner or a wife with the help of just an app? Let’s try to find out below. 

Collecting a worrying amount of data on you

According to the data provided by Esquire, such a popular dating app as Tinder collects all data on its users. It means that you shouldn’t write down anything that you wouldn’t like to be disclosed to a wide audience. Such dating apps never forget what you write.

The above-mentioned company is keeping a record of everything. So if you don’t want your too personal texts to be disclosed to the whole world, think well what you write when using your dating app. 

Journalist Judith Duportail wrote about it in a Guardian article titled “I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets”. Tinder, as well as other big data companies promises in their privacy policy that your personal info and communications will remain secure but admits that it may use your data for targeted advertising. Do you still think it is safe to use such dating apps? We have huge doubts about that. But this is the matter of your own privacy only. 

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Can I meet my future wife via Ukraine dating apps?

We just found out that dating apps don’t guarantee you any privacy despite their claims for 100% confidentiality of the users. But is privacy the only issue when it comes to such apps? If you want to get an answer to that question, try to sign up one of the dating apps yourself and check what verification procedure you go through. 

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?Does anyone check or verifies your identity? Do you submit any documents to prove your identity?

We bet you don’t!!!

Neither do women. Creating a profile on any of the dating apps is extremely easy. And very possibly you will meet someone in your area to hang out together. But meeting Ukrainian or Russian women on such dating apps is almost impossible.

But since no one is verifying the identities of users, there is a huge risk of meeting scammers or people with various behavior problems.

You never know who you meet in such dating apps while there are no guarantees at all. Are you still willing to take risks?

Ukrainian dating apps vs Ukrainian dating sites

Yes, everyone can simply install a dating app and use it, why would they use dating sites instead if everything is that easy in just your phone? We totally agree. It is really easy to install an app and rely on it in your search. It is just an app though. It is not a matchmaker, not a real service. It is just a digital application.

In order to find out the main differences between the dating apps and dating sites, let’s have a look at each of the aspects in details. We will provide all the pros and cons of using both and you can decide which one suits you more. We hope it will help you make the right choice in the future.


As we mentioned already, it is very difficult to find a real Ukrainian woman on one of the dating apps. First of all, Ukrainian or Russian women do not use them because of the language barrier, they often don’t speak English. Besides, Slavic brides are often too busy to use dating apps and are very skeptical about them.

So, you will probably be able to meet a good lady to meet but from your area, somewhere even in your town. But we doubt you will meet a good Ukrainian woman or any other Slavic lady. Your chances to meet a Russian woman through the dating app are equal to zero. And in this case, we are talking about a genuine lady and not about someone behind her beautiful profile pictures.


Latvian dating serviceYou find both free and paid dating sites, as well as both free and paid dating apps. As a rule, any dating app is free to install but not really free to use.

Tinder and some other apps give you a limited number of free swipes. After that, you should purchase more. Some apps require purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Free dating sites usually give no warranties at all, while no one controls who is registered there and what he or she is doing, so we would not recommend using them at all.

Paid dating and matchmaking services are usually more expensive but their cost includes top-quality services, translation costs, and your safety. So you usually get what you pay for. 

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As a rule, dating sites offer a wide range of services to every customer. They include Ukrainian matchmaking plans, translation, video chats with foreign girls, gift delivery, Romantic tours, contact exchange, etc. None of the dating apps offers these services. However, for a small fee, you are able to communicate with your woman directly without any intermediaries.

But again, this is the matter of your safety. When you communicate with the help of an app, you never know what to expect and who you will meet in reality. All you can do is exchange a couple of messages and agree about the meeting with an unknown person whose mind you cannot read. When you go into one of the Ukrainian Romantic tours, for example, you already know that the site is responsible for all the ladies and for your own safety. 

What is the best alternative to Ukraine dating apps?

As we mentioned, a reputable dating service can be a good alternative to a dating app. In our article How to Find Reliable Interracial Matchmaking Services, you can find out more about how to find a good dating site. Of course, if your goal is to meet a Russian, Ukrainian, or Latvian woman who is seriously looking for her better half. If you want to meet just a lady who is curious or is chasing for your wallet, then you can use one of the dating apps. 

But keep in mind that such an app as Coffee Meets Bagel, for example, asks you to set up your preferences towards a lady. But once you do that, the profiles sent never match the preferences provided. It means that a digital app may not substitute a live, experiences, and professional matchmaker. 

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Conclusion: Not more than a pen pal?

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeBy browsing tens of various dating apps and analyzing the reviews and experience of our customers, we decided that a dating app can give you the same experience as your social media platform.

You will chat, find some pen pals, maybe even someone to hang out in the evening, but we have never heard someone has found his match this way. 

Some of the apps are safe, the privacy policy of others is pretty doubtful, however, the result is the same – you will pay about $8 for meeting a pen pal if you are lucky enough to recognize a scammer. So we from Best-Matchmaking invite you to meet real women and browse our mail order bride gallery to see if there is someone you may like. 

And if you have questions, doubts, or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker, and famous dating blogger. She provides free consultations to new customers to help them to start their Ukrainian dating adventure. Choose your personal service among various membership plans and matchmaking packages at reasonable prices!

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