How to be romantic to your girlfriend: 5 most helpful tips

How to be romanticHello guys!

Again and again, we keep getting back to the topic of romance in your relationships. You may wonder why. But the answer is quite obvious – lots of you have difficulties when establishing romantic relationships with our women.

Unfortunately, the cultural differences play too dirty jokes with us all and lots of men struggle with being romantic to their women.

So, today, we from Best-Matchmaking, a matchmaking agency with an over-decade experience, will tell you exactly how to be romantic to your girlfriend. We have provided the most inspiring tips in that post and hope you will apply them in your personal life and find them quite helpful. Let’s start!

How to be romantic

international dating sitesWhat can be easier than being romantic? Yes, we thought so too until you guys, found it to be really difficult when it came to Slavic women.

Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately), the western world is quite different from the Eastern European one and the notion of relationships and romance is pretty different, too. 

But we have noticed that some of our western customers find it really easy to be romantic and surprise women in a good way.

So why others struggle with it, then? We suppose this is not even a matter of mentality but a matter of different education. Different families have different customs and traditions.

And thus, different men have a different pattern of relationships that they see in their families and can inherit from the model of relationships of their parents. Let’s find out how to be romantic with a Slavic mail order bride, in particular. 

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Romantic gestures – your key to success

Yes, guys, even if you could never imagine such gestures exist but they do! And it doesn’t mean you should do a curtsy every time you see a woman! It means that you should hit on a girlfriend by doing some simple steps. These steps include such actions as opening the door to your woman and letting her in first.

It also concerns getting out of the car first and opening the door for her and giving her a hand at the same time. One of our customers once said “No way! Acting as in a movie! I won’t do that!” But, guys, this is what a Slavic girlfriend expects from you no matter where you come from.

Helping her taking her coat on and off is a must! Also, pushing a chair for a lady in a restaurant, café, or even at home is the everyday routine for Slavic men, so this is something our women expect from you, too.

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Don’t be afraid to look weak!

Estonian bridesVery often, western men think that such things described above will show their weakness to a lady and refuse to do it.

Because they have heard Russian bridesUkrainian brides, or Belarussian brides prefer strong men! No, gentlemen, don’t worry, none of our ladies will think you are weak if you do that. 

On the contrary, they will appreciate it and consider you very romantic. Eastern European ladies are different from Western girls and such things for them are not only romantic but mandatory. And they will never think you are romantic if you don’t express such small things to show your respect and attention.

So if you want to look strong to your Slavic girlfriend and are afraid she will consider you too soft if you show those romantic gestures, don’t worry, it will never happen. Vice versa, you will make an unforgettable impression on her!

Giving your girlfriend the romantic attention isn’t difficult

Beautiful Albanian WomenWe from best-matchmaking also often hear that Latvian brides, Polish brides and Bulgarian brides want a knight on a white horse and are not realistic. And western guys cannot give them what they want. But this is not true at all! Everything is much easier than you think.

Slavic women do not want you to show your courtesy or express your chivalry, lying down in the puddle for her to cross it. No, they do not need those victims at all! Less definitely means more. We bet that women all over the globe have the same nature and dream their men to do the same things.

And below, you will find the most inspiring tips on how to make your girlfriend happy no matter where she comes from! Please read these tips carefully and make the right conclusions. We don’t force you to do those things but we bet your girlfriend would appreciate that! 

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Tip #1. Always be thoughtful!

Every lady, no matter where she lives or where she was born wants to hear and know how beautiful she is or how much she inspires you. In other words, she wants to know you need and cherish her. So don’t be afraid to verbalize how much you appreciate her.

Have you ever heard that women love with their ears? And to some extent, it is true. Your girlfriend needs to know how much you love her and that she is the best of the best. Please, guys, avoid pointing out her shortcomings or weaknesses! 

It means that even if your girlfriend asks you whether she is fat, don’t even think to say “Maybe just a bit”. She will never want to hear that even if she seemed quite calm and confident when asking it. Just tell her “Of course not, you are the most beautiful and slim girl on Earth!”

Tip #2. Surprise her!

Surprise herGirls love surprises no matter where they live! And Slavic women appreciate it probably most of all. And it has nothing to do with being materialistic. It is in women’s nature!

But please, don’t wait for special dates, for example, her birthday or Christmas (needless to say surprising her on these days is your duty).

You can do something for no reason. It doesn’t have to be a new iPhone or a car at all! It can be something very small but pleasant. For example, an unexpected date in a restaurant or just a home-made dish made by you while she was at work, etc. Is that so difficult? We do not think so.

But we are sure once she is surprised, she is smiling and happy! And you get the status of the most romantic man in the world immediately! Once you show such small efforts, she will give you so much in return!

Tip #3. Remember the dates!

We all know that men do not pay much attention to such dates as your first date or the day when you first kissed, or her mom’s birthday, etc. But this is really what women care of! A man who didn’t recall when they first met or forgot about their monthly anniversary is not a man but a lout!

We beg you to just take notes and set up reminders of the dates if you think they are important for your girlfriend. Believe us, you will not only show how romantic you are but how much you care about her and appreciate the time spent together! We know that for men, it is not important at all and they express their feelings differently.

But if you want to become the most romantic guy in her life, please do it. Your girlfriend will be simply excited and isn’t that what you need?

Tip #4. Take initiative!

Sorry, guys, but when you don’t take any initiatives, your girlfriend starts nagging and we bet this is not something you want to face, isn’t it? It has something to do with surprising her but still, we have to point this out.

When you say “she is too demanding, she wants me to do this, she wants me to do that...”, we know for sure it has its reasons. A woman is not satisfied with you when you do not take initiative. So not to give her the opportunity to nag at you, don’t wait for her to ask you something.

Just come and pick her up from work, or drop her to her parents, for example. These things are mandatory when you are in relationships and show how much you care about her. But also, do something she doesn’t expect from you. Let’s say, just bring her a bunch of her favorite flowers for no reason! 

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Tip #5. Accompany her to shopping!

Oh yes, gentlemen, we know well how much you hate shopping, especially with your girlfriends. Girls can roam for hours in the malls, taking you from one department to another one and asking for your opinion. But believe us, there is nothing more romantic than a boyfriend who goes shopping with his girl!

Once you offer her or express your wish to accompany her shopping, you swell the ranks of the most romantic guys in this world. There will be nothing sweetest and more romantic for her ever. We know that you have some more important things to do, you are a man!

But if you cherish your girlfriend and want to make her a pleasure, just go shopping with her a couple of times a month. This will be more than appreciated! We are sure she will show you how thankful she is later in the evening!

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Conclusion: Being a romantic boyfriend is easy!

We hope these five easy steps will help you become more romantic with your girlfriend, regardless of where she is from! We know that you guys, hate doing those things but since you can make your girl just a bit happier with a drop of romance, do it and you will not regret! 

And if you still have questions about relationships with ladies, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get a free consultation. Our dating membership plans and matchmaking packages at reasonable prices will help you find your love the soonest! 

Best-Matchmaking offers not only letter correspondence and video-chats but also Romantic tours that will make your meeting with a Russian or Ukrainian woman unforgettable! Don’t lose a single minute and start your search right now!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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