How do international dating sites work?

international dating sitesHello gentlemen!

Online dating is your chance to meet your one and only! Despite being one of the most popular ways to meet women, it still raises a lot of questions among customers.

Yes, we often hear in our online-support about how does the site work? And we can understand your questions and concerns.

So, today, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to answer the questions of each of you and tell you everything about the services and characteristics of the international dating sites. You will find out how do free international dating sites work and what is their difference from the paid ones. We will also give you some tips on how to choose good services. 

Now, let’s start our trip to international online dating and you are free to make notes while this information will be very helpful for you, we hope!

How does a free international dating site work?

How to use the Mamba dating appWe have already devoted a lot of articles to free international dating sites and dating apps. And we have already depicted in detail how they work.

So here is some general information about the principles of their work. As a rule, free dating sites require you to create your dating profile and that’s it.

The rest depends on a particular site. Usually, they offer some free profile browsing and messaging. But if you want to have more options available to you, you should purchase dome membership.

It is not expensive and very affordable, up to $100 a year. However, the quality of the services is not that good as you can imagine.

Their services are good if you have no idea what international dating is and if you just want to find out. However, don’t have too many hopes while you will not find Slavic women on such dating sites. Or you will, but those women will search for local men, not for foreigners. 

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The characteristics of a free international dating site

One of the best characteristics of such sites is their price – from zero to very little. Yes, it is a huge advantage for everyone because you lose almost nothing if you try it, even if you purchase a membership plan. However, almost nothing because there are lots of scammers on such dating sites as well.

Just imagine – these sites do not offer any anti-scam policy, which means you are not protected at all. All you can do is to rely on fate and yourself. Unfortunately, such sites do not offer any online support, no customer protection, nothing at all. And, be ready for such dating apps like Tinder to collect your personal information and use it for their own purposes. 

Yes, it is a proven fact that Tinder collects users’ information and uses it for their advertising purposes. It is not very good to see your messages in one of the advertisements, isn’t it? So, probably, the best characteristic of such a site is its price and nothing more. 

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The characteristics of a paid international dating site

Now everything becomes a bit more complicated because there are hundreds of dating sites on the international market and each of them is pretty different from another. So let’s try to find out how they work in general and what services they offer. Whether their characteristics are better than those of a free international dating service?

To answer that question, let us try to distinguish international dating sites by principles of their work. There are sites with absolutely different approaches and types of services, for example, pay-per-letter dating sites, matchmaking sites, online chat rooms, etc. So, depending on what type of services you want to get, you choose your dating site. Let us consider each of their options and services below.

Online video chat

Russian video chat onlineOnline video chat with foreign brides is one of the best options which, by the way, can be available on free dating sites, as well. Once you start searching for international dating services online, you will notice lots of similar dating sites and if you open a couple of them, you will see an online chat list at once. There will be a list of those ladies who are now online and can be available on a video chat or just talk.

This option is very helpful in getting to know a lady. However, just imagine why so many beautiful women sit online every single day or night?

Do they have nothing to do in life? And lots of them have children! Unfortunately, lots of them are nothing more but scam. Women just earn money in such a way and are not interested in any relationships.

What is the alternative to the video chat service?

We would recommend choosing another way of having a chat, for example, a Skype call. It is a very convenient way when you can schedule a Skype call with a lady and you can see her, hear her, and talk to her almost as you would do in real life. This way, you can be sure you talk to a lady face-to-face and all possibilities of scam are excluded. 

On Best-Matchmaking, we have a professional interpreter in case a woman doesn’t speak English. You do not see the interpreter; just hear everything she or he says. At the same time, you can see a woman and hear everything she says, too. According to our experience, this is the most efficient way for people to get to know each other. 

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Letter exchange

Writing a letterExchanging letters is probably available on every dating site. This feature is really necessary because, without it, you will not be able to get in touch with a woman and introduce yourself.

Some of our customers choose to have a video call at once, without any letter introductions. However, we can say women are more likely to talk to men after they received at least one letter from them.

Pay-per-letter services are probably the most popular among all international dating sites. We also have such an option of writing letters and you can check our letter packages even. But getting to know someone through letters only is not efficient, so we still recommend having a video chat right after some time of communicating in letters.

It is good when you can combine these two ways of communication. Otherwise, you may never realize how a woman looks like, how she laughs, you will never hear her voice until you meet in person. And your impression may be totally different, so it is better to do it at the very beginning.

Romantic tours and socials

Estonian womenAlmost every paid international dating site offers romantic tours or socials. It is no wonder while their main goal is to find a match for you.

How can they do it if their females and males will not meet in person? But every site has a different system. We from Best-Matchmaking do not offer any socials.

We consider them to be a waste of time and money for you. If you don’t know, social is a tour around Ukraine (for example) where you meet hundreds of unknown women and talk to them for an hour or two. Frankly speaking, we have never met any successful couples who would meet this way. 

Besides, lots of you complained about such meetings and said that lots of women come just to have free drinks and food and have a good time. So we prefer personalized Romantic and marriage tours for every customer separately. They include meetings with selected ladies, transfers, accommodation, translation, and many other services according to your needs. 

Gift delivery services

Gift delivery is also available on any dating site, probably. And this is a great option because if you have no contact information of a woman you communicate with and she has her birthday soon or it is Christmas, for example, you would naturally want to surprise her. So you can use gift delivery for that purpose.

Women appreciate this option a lot because each of them is happy to get even a small bunch of roses from overseas. This shows men’s attention and care. Such a service is really necessary because Slavic brides used getting gifts when men chase them. So it helps you show how special she is for you and that you remember about her special date or even simply want to let her know you care about her.

English lessons

Young Ukraine womenAnother very helpful and necessary option is English classes for your woman. Any reputable dating site should include this option in their list of services.

Very often, Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, or Belarus mail order brides do not speak any English at all which causes a lot of problems. So, if you are really interested in a particular lady, you can order such classes for her.

So, even before you meet her in person, she can already learn at least a bit of your language and when you finally meet, you can already talk without a translator at least some time. This is really efficient and helpful. Not many ladies can afford English classes in Ukraine or Russia, while they are pretty expensive.

Lots of women simply cannot find time because they have children and some duties. But if you order them for her, she will be happy, because almost every site can even provide such lessons online, so she will not have to go out and leave her home, just devote one hour a day to studies. 

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Other services and characteristics of international dating sites

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesAmong other services, we can name contact exchange. We from Best-Matchmaking offer this option only in our Gold Matchmaking package.

You both need time to get to know each other so there is no hurry to exchange contacts with each other, so we made it for your convenience. Matchmaking is an exclusive service offered only by a few sites.

We have been providing matchmaking services for more than 10 years now and are proud of them because we helped hundreds of people find each other in this big world. Also, we provide special event service. Not many dating sites can offer it. It is also a very nice and romantic service and you can learn more about it on our site.

Conclusion: Not every international dating site leads to good results

As you can see, lots of services provided by international dating sites are similar to each other. But unfortunately, not all of them can guarantee you success. So in order to choose a good dating site that will help you find your match, we recommend following our tips on how to find reliable dating services provided in many previous posts.

And if you still have questions, concerns, or even suggestions, contact Kate – your dating blogger and matchmaker with a large experience in international dating. She will help you choose your dating membership plan or matchmaking offer at a reasonable price. Remember that not only your result but also the process matters!

And we work hard on making your searching process the most pleasant for you and your future partner.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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