Mail order marriage statistics and facts

Dating a Russian womanHello gentlemen!

Mail order brides services became a great alternative to online dating nowadays and seem to develop more and more. If they are so popular, it means that it is of high demand and people use it in the hope of finding their better half.

If it is so popular, it means people are successful and get what they want from it. But no one knows exactly what the success rate and the mail order marriage statistics is.

So today, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to tell you everything about mail order brides services, its success rate, and what the mail order marriage statistics actually are. You will also find out the difference between casual online dating and mail order brides services.

Let’s see what is more efficient and gives you better results!

What is the mail order brides service?

How to find legitimate Russian dating sitesMail order brides service doesn’t mean you can order a bride through it immediately. It is a sort of a dating site that provides you pay-per-letter services and online video chats.

Online dating is a more generalized notion that includes various dating experiences. It can be a mail order bride service, any dating site, and even a dating app.

Mail order brides sites provide their services to men and women from different countries, but major customers are those from the USA and, of course, Slavic mail order brides.

Such services are also popular among men and women from European countries, China, Japan, Israel, and others. Not only women from Ukraine and Russia become mail order brides nowadays, but we have already mail order brides from Belarus, Latvia, and even Croatia. 

What is the average mail order brides statistics?

According to data gathered in 2012, mail order brides demand grew 220% in 2012, and people spent about 360 thousand hours on one of the top services the same year. So we can suppose the industry reached its popularity in 2012. Can you imagine that the yearly number of women who become mail order brides reaches approximately 100,000? And at the same time, only 10% of these ladies find their spouse through that method.

It means that just 10,000 women from different countries out of 100,000 are successful in online dating every year. Well, if mail order brides services unite 10 thousands of women with western men every year, this is already a great result, isn’t it? But why not all of them are that successful? Let’s try to find it out now.

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Why not everyone can find a spouse through mail order brides services?

Dating guideAccording to the research, 65% of the ladies who try to find a partner through a mail order bride service are between the ages of 21-30. So, mostly young women manage to find their better halves this way.

And as we know, most western guys prefer younger women to mature ones. This is a real problem for those women who are ready for marriage and to devote their lives to one man. 

Younger girls who seem more attractive and active to western guys often appear not ready to live with a much older man. They realize they have different interests and the whole life gap and generation between them.

Also, lots of people cannot cope with cultural differences and both parties are not willing to adapt to each other’s peculiarities. These are the reasons for which not all people can succeed in finding their love through mail order brides services.

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The ordinary mail order brides service user

As it was mentioned above, the ordinary mail order brides service user is a United States male from 35 to 60 years who earns at least $100k annually. The main goal of this user is to find a decent partner who would be able to take care of him and his interests. Necessary to say that 10,000 mail order brides marriages take place annually in the USA only.

In the USA, there are nearly 400 mail order brides companies that are willing to connect men and women throughout the world. Since in Russia and Ukraine, there are only 8 men for every 10 women, women from these countries become the most popular mail order brides.

Did you know? Mail order brides services are currently forbidden in the Philippines. They do not want to connect their local women with overseas grooms anymore.

Why is this way of searching for a foreign bride so popular?

Ukrainian dating adviceIn Russia only, about 25,000 women apply to mail order brides services annually. If we speak about social meetings, we can say that 1000 women participate in them for every 60 men.

Impressive, huh? :)

You already know from us and maybe from other sources that the male/female ratio in Ukraine and Russia is not very promising and women have to look for men overseas. 

Some women also would love to improve their lifestyle and increase their living standards and an overseas husband may be their only chance for that. No, they are not gold-diggers, they just want to have a decent life. A good woman deserves a better life and attitude, don’t you think so? And since their traits attract men from all over the globe so much, then why not try their luck?

Lots of you are very busy with your work or do not feel too confident to find your woman on your own, so such a service is a great option to do it. 

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How you can improve the marriage statistics with Internet brides

Looking for a Ukrainian wifeMail order marriage statics may not seem so promising to you but it still shows some good results. However, we agree these results could be much better; otherwise, each of you would not join our site now in search of your wife.

The fact that not every mail order relationship ends up with marriage doesn’t mean this is just a business that is not intended to make people happy. Everything is much more complicated, guys.

The success of every relationship depends not only on the quality of the company but also on the quality of its customers.

It may sound weird but this is true and here is why. Some services register lots of scammers and do not have a good anti-scam policy to identify them. Unfortunately, the number of scammers grows rapidly along with the growth of the popularity of that field.

Also, not each of the searchers has true and pure intentions. Some of you are simply not ready to have a foreign wife. But you personally can improve the overall situation and here is how.

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Choose only reputable mail order bride services

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWe from Best-Matchmaking are never tired of repeating this. Your success depends not only on you and your woman but also on the service you choose as an intermediary.

So before joining any site or sending an application to your local company, you should think twice about who you are going to work with and double-check all the information about it.

If you don’t know how to choose a good matchmaking service, you can check in our articles named How to Find Reliable Interracial Matchmaking Services – Your Detailed Guide, Do legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist?, and many others. We have already described many times how to find a suitable service that will help you meet your future wife and prevent you from meeting a scammer.

This step is the first thing you should do when searching for the service to help you. Don’t neglect to make a short investigation and paying attention to red flags. It will save you time, money, and emotions. 

Be ready to have a foreign wife

Polish women for datingNow excuse us please, gentlemen, but a wish to have a beautiful foreign wife is not enough to find her. One of the biggest problems we face every day is the lack of understanding of the culture.

Yes, exactly, not the lack of education or knowledge of the language, but the lack of understanding the cultural differences. 

People start meeting, dating, and face various terrible misunderstandings that are out of their control, in fact.

They are related only to their culture and opposite points of view to the same questions. So, guys, if you are not ready to learn at least a small percentage of her culture to understand better what to expect in the future, better don’t even start using such a service.

Some poor statistics are connected to the fact that people simply break up before they get married right because of culture. It is not their fault. But if you are really ready to accept a person with different views and attitude to some things, you both will contribute to the positive statistics.

Be ready for long-distance relationships

This is one of the main reasons why people do not end up with marriage after meeting each other through mail order brides services. People have the same attitude toward casual dating, but this is something different. If you choose a woman from another country, be ready not to see or hear from her that often.

In other words, you both have to be patient while international dating is not easy. The distance often becomes an obstacle for many people and they break up before they manage to get married. So this is not the fault of the service you choose but it means you were not prepared for such a kind of relationship. No one says it would be easy! 

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Don’t wait for the quickest result!

Dating Novosibirsk bridesTo continue the previous topic, we should admit that some people have everything here and now. But this is impossible, guys!

Only 2% of people joining mail order marriage services meet their better half and future spouse during the first month of their search. The rest 98%, as you can imagine, should spend more time to find their love.

You didn’t meet your love when looking out of your window one beautiful day, did you? So don’t expect it to happen by means of mail order brides service.

The search of a partner is a long and time-consuming process, so you have to be patient enough to reach good results. Be ready to face some disappointments in the process even.

Also, we tell some of you, gentlemen, who look for a woman with a 30-40-year age gap, that you are not ready for serious relationships. Such expectations which are almost unbelievable are often the reason for high break-up mail order marriage statistics. 

Contributing to the positive mail order marriage statistics

Flirting with Women of UkraineNow you see, guys, that your success depends not only on the service you choose but also on you and how much you are ready to contribute to your search.

If you think that signing up with a mail order marriage service is enough to get a result, you are very wrong. You will need to put some effort, learn many new things, and be ready for different challenges in the process of your search.

But people who overcome all this, find their spouses very soon, and our testimonials and reviews on YouTube channel prove it very well.

We have created so many happy couples and hundreds of them will share their success stories very soon with you, right after their marriages. But if you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate.

Kate is a matchmaker, psychologist, and dating blogger helping people meet each other in different parts of the world. She will definitely help you find your love and choose one of the matchmaking offers or dating membership plans at reasonable prices! Believe in yourself and then you will become part of a positive statistic only.

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