TOP5 tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook

Social network FacebookGood day, gentlemen!

We all live in the era of digital means of communication and social media have become an integral part of our lives.

It may be very difficult for some of you to get in touch with women in real life and initiate a talk but when it comes to Facebook, it seems much easier.

However, it only seems because you should also have certain skills and charisma to make a girl like you in social media.

Facebook is a diverse platform with the help of which you can not only share pictures and discover new information but also interact with other people, including women. When doing it right, you can start an interesting and lasting conversation. So today, we decided to tell you about the tricks of making new acquaintances on Facebook. 

Ready? Then keep reading till the end to avoid some blunders when trying to get acquainted with a girl on social media!

How to chat girls on messenger

How to chat girls on messengerFacebook messenger is one of the most favorite ways for many boys to contact girls. Here we would like to provide you with certain tips as well as don’ts when you communicate with women not only on Facebook but in any other place, as well as dating sites.

Most likely, you want to talk to a girl only because of you like her appearance. But you should not tell her about that, try to initiate conversation because you have some common interests (of course, if her profile is visible).

Try to discuss your common interests. Don’t start your conversation from “Hi! You’re beautiful” or “I want to marry you”. This is very irritating and women on social media read those messages every day from different guys. They simply don’t believe these words and will most likely block you at once.

So here is how you should start your conversation.

Tip 1: Discuss your common interests

Please remember starting your conversation from an arrogant declaration of your desire to marry her or kissing her is the biggest failure! The only thing you will achieve is her black-list. Girls are already so tired of these arrogant boys who think she is so desperate to marry the very first guy who sends her a message. 

So you’d better start your conversation from an eye-catching message like “I saw you’re wearing Bob Marley T-shirts in your photo. He is my idol. What’s your favorite song?” You see the difference between arrogance and discussing your common interests? The girl will see you studied her profile and paid attention to the details and here you are – a boy who asked her about her interests and not about marrying him! She will definitely pay attention to you.

Tip 2: Ask her the right questions

If you are the one who enjoys talking about himself, forget about it on Facebook. Girls like being asked questions about themselves too. And if you want to get to know her, you should ask her questions.

But the questions should be right! Some guys start with “How old are you?” or “What’s your phone number?” – These are the biggest no-nos for a girl not only on Facebook but on any other site or social media platform.

First of all, check her profile – the girl might have a boyfriend or be married! If everything is ok with that, ask her some friendly questions about her interests, for example, “I have never been to Greece! What is your favorite city?” or “I am not a big gymnastics fan maybe you could tell me more about it?

Your tone should be always friendly and light, by no means annoying. Avoid too personal questions or too sensitive topics. This is the first time you talk to a person, so keep the conversation general.

Tip 3: Keep your conversation short

Don’t try to send her tons of messages at once and keep your conversation short in the beginning. If she doesn’t feel comfortable to talk, better say bye to her and try again next time, otherwise, she may not want to talk to you again. Once again – don’t be annoying even if you want to talk very much. The girl may not feel talking today or have a bad mood, so don’t impose your conversation.

Also, please respect the boundaries. If the girl had blocked you or asked you not to get in touch with her anymore, be respectful. It doesn’t mean she is a selfish girl who thinks only about herself. It means she doesn’t feel like talking to you so please don’t make her do that and respect her fish. She may not be looking for a chatting friend or a boyfriend right now. 

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Tip 4: You can talk on her wall, too!

Now if the messenger is not your way of communication, you can start your conversation right on her wall. If she is a totally unknown lady to you, interacting with her publicly would be the best. It is not so private, more casual but whatever you share or write may grab not only her attention but the attention of her friends as well. So she will remember that.

Writing a good joke about something she posted would be the best way to initiate a conversation. This will show you have a sense of humor and share her interests. It would be a good sign if she likes or comments on your post in a good way. If she felt good about your comments or posts, try and start a private conversation on messenger with her. 

Tip 5: Share memes

Memes are extremely popular and a great way to keep the conversation in the right direction. This can be something funny that reminds you of her or something to support the conversation or comments on her wall. But don’t make dirty jokes, keep everything very light and positive. Showing your dirty side is not the best way to pick up a girl. 

Don’t forget that this girl is someone unknown to you and she may have no wish to know you now. Moreover, she has no reason to get to know you.

So your task is to give her those reasons and not to scare her off with your arrogance and naughtiness forever. We bet you don’t come to a girl on the street and don’t tell her you want to marry her, so why should it be different on Facebook?


Is it possible to meet a girl on Facebook for dating?

If we talk about your local girls, then possibly yes. Of course, if everything is done properly and you don’t cross the line. Otherwise, only your achievement will be her block-list.

Don’t think that women are so selfish and behave as queens; they just don’t want someone to interfere with their privacy and personal space. 

And when talking about Ukrainian women, or, moreover, Russian women, we can’t give you guarantees that they will start talking to you at all even if you follow all the above-mentioned tips. First of all, Slavic mail order brides may not speak English at all, so they may not want to translate your messages, they will simply ignore them not to waste their time.

Secondly, Ukrainian and Russian girls are not that sociable with unknown people. This is simply not in their culture and minds. Moreover, they are very cautious about western guys trying to talk to them this way; they simply don’t take it seriously.

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Where is it better to meet Ukrainian/Russian girl?

Latvian womenYou can try your luck and initiate a conversation with one of the Slavic girls on Facebook. See what happens. If a girl is in her talking mood, she may even reply to you but nothing more.

She will not develop these “relationships”, she rather replies to be polite. We want to share one recent story with you.

One of our customers signed up our site because he saw here a woman he wanted to talk to on Facebook and Instagram many times with no results.

We asked this lady – she said “Yes, I saw this man writing to me but I have never responded. I get hundreds of messages a day like that and don’t even read them”. 

So this lady offered him to have a Skype-call on our site and if she feels ok, she is ready to exchange her contact details with him. And any of our women would do the same. So the best way to meet them is to join an international dating site or matchmaking service.

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Conclusion: Don’t pretend to be someone you are not!

Russian women kissesFacebook is a great way to meet people but there is too much pretense there. You never know who you talk to. And if you want to find a chat friend, go ahead and do it.

But finding a real woman for dating and marriage is almost impossible on social media especially if this girl is from another continent. 

If you want to have a real meeting, forget about Facebook and use our video-chat to get to know real women who are not pretending. Use a Romantic tour to meet her in person and avoid scams. We can even arrange a special event for you to impress her on the very first date. 

And if you still have no idea how to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman, ask Kate who is a psychologist, dating blogger, and a professional matchmaker. She will give you a free consultation and help choose the right dating membership plan or matchmaking offer at a reasonable price!

Good luck with meeting your dream girl!

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