Do 100% free dating sites offer chances for love?

free dating sitesHello gentlemen!

Online dating became a real boom over the last decade. Hundreds of new dating sites appear on the market every single day attracting both men and women and promising you love from the very first chat or letter line.

Why are there so many dating sites, are there so many single people looking for their partners? Or maybe it is just a new trend to date online?

Anyways, on the online dating market, there are so many dating sites, and some of them are paid, others are free. And of course, everyone wants to try a free dating site first. It is natural to check how the site works, whether it is worth using such a way of meeting someone, and whether such a way is for you at all. 

So, today, we would like to discuss what chances for love offer 100% free dating sites and whether they can totally substitute a reputable paid dating service. So let’s find it out!

How to use a dating site for free?

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeA totally free dating site is something that every newbie in online dating would prefer. It is almost free. Why do we say almost? Because nearly every dating site requires some reasonable membership payment for using it.

So when we say we are using a free dating site, we mean the dating service with some membership payment, although it is not very high and varies from $10 to $50.

Using it is as easy as any dating service. You should sign up, create your profile, and voila! Now you can use your free dating service. 

A free membership plan is usually quite limited and if you wish to enjoy more advantages, you should probably get a monthly or yearly subscription. Here you usually can write whatever you wish, chat with anyone you wish, and don’t be afraid of losing a letter credit if a woman is not interested. 

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Is there a free online dating site without registration?

Lots of you wonder whether they can use a dating site without signing up. Even we from best-matchmaking often get such inquiries in our online-support and some of you ask whether they can communicate with women without registration. Unfortunately, no. We allow only verified members to communicate with each other.

Also, we do not know any other dating sites where you could meet other people without even registering. So, guys, registration is a must on any dating service, including free dating sites. Of course, at least it gives a certain guarantee that the person passed minimum verification and at least confirmed his or her email or phone number. So please, register first, provide the most necessary information, and then you are free to use any dating site.

Your smartphone may help

Searching for your perfect match is not the easiest task; however, nowadays you can use your smartphone for that purpose. Those times when you had to sit at your computer to use online dating are already far away. Now you can search for your better half with the help of just one smartphone or any mobile device. Now you can use your phone as a playground for your date, hookup, and long-term relationships.

Did you know that you can even use the dating service provided by Facebook? So if you are an active social network user, you can enjoy the advantages of it to find a girlfriend or even a wife. It is really convenient, isn’t it? Moreover, you can use some other almost free dating apps right on your smartphone. However, let us find out whether they are so efficient. 

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What are the perks of a totally free dating site?

How to use the Mamba dating appAs we found out already, all the dating sites require some payments, although they are still pretty cheap. There are some real benefits of using such dating services, and they are definitely worthy to try and get some experience with their help.

Below, you will find the best aspects of such dating sites, so you could know for sure whether you should try them or not.

And if you have already tried one or several of them, you are welcome to share your comments below and let us know your opinion.

We would like to know whether you share our thoughts or not. So, let us try to see why you should try one of the free dating sites and enjoy the benefits of such free dating. 

They are totally free or of low cost

That is the main reason for which people join free dating sites. Trying something at no cost means only benefits as it may seem, with no failures or losses. And really, you can use totally free services of such dating sites or at least pay just a symbolic membership fee and enjoy the full package of benefits.

Free dating sites without credit card are a good chance just to try online dating if you are new to it and are not sure if this is for you. And if you have never tried online dating, you may consider it to be a demo version of a good and serious dating and matchmaking site. Their no or very low price is very appealing to everyone, but we are afraid this is the first and the last one benefit of such dating sites.


Low quality

Ukrainian dating scamFirst of all, when you pay for something (of course, if you choose a reputable service), you can be sure of getting the respective services.

You can get certain services and at least some warranty for the quality. And when we speak about online dating, what does quality mean? First of all, it means the quality of the candidates.

What kind of procedure do you go through when registering on a totally free dating site? We bet a very easy one.

And you can now imagine that women on such dating sites go through the same verification process – almost none. When you pay for services, you can be sure women are verified and you get a guarantee they are not scammers.

Moreover, a reliable dating site always has a money-back and anti-scam policy. It means that you can always apply to customer support with your problem and ask for a refund if you were scammed or didn’t receive some kind of services. 

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Video-chat option

Russian video chat onlineIt is difficult to disagree that a video-chat is one of the most important options available on any dating site. Of course, profile pictures are great but seeing and hearing each other face-to-face is extremely important for establishing a connection and getting to know each other.

Do free dating sites allow to video-chat? In most cases, they don’t.

Of course, you can easily exchange contact information with one of the candidates and talk to her in one of the messengers.

But don’t forget about scammers. There are hundreds and thousands of them on such dating sites waiting for their victims. So be careful not to get into their trap. 

On best-matchmaking, for example, you can have a video-chat which is a full-fledged real-time video-talk during at least 30 minutes. Our matchmaking packages include a certain number of such Skype calls with ladies. Everything is very easy and really efficient. Most of you prefer Skype calls rather than writing letters.

Can you meet Slavic women through free dating sites?

Yes, you can, probably. Such sites as Mamba or Badoo are full of Russian brides, Ukrainian brides, and Belarussian mail order brides. But attention, guys, these women search for their local men – i.e. men from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Moreover, they almost don’t speak English and there is no translator who would care to translate your letters or video-talks.

There are, of course, women who search for western guys, too. But ask yourself about their true intentions. If there are so many dating sites which are free for women (necessary to admit, Best-Matchmaking is paid both for men and women), why would they search for a westerner on a free dating site? The chances of facing a scammer using such a service or app are much higher. 

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Are totally free dating sites different from social networks?

Russian dating apps vs Social mediaSorry, but not really. People use social networks with different goals. Some want to communicate with their families or friends if they live in another country, others want to exchange media files, and there are people who are trying to meet their life partner or at least a hookup in social media.

And the same situation is with those free dating sites: some use it for friendship, others for chatting, some guys want to flirt, and only a small percentage of them really want to meet someone for life.

So in most cases, such dating sites or apps are nothing more than social network platforms connecting different people with different goals.

When you join a paid dating site (use tips from our previous posts Your complete guide on how to find professional matchmaking services and How to find the best Russian dating sites in 2019? to find the right dating service), you can be sure every lady has the same goal – get married.

When is it better to choose a free online dating site?

As we mentioned above, it is better to choose a free online dating site when you are new to online dating at all. We mean that if you don’t even know how to date online and since it requires a lot of patience and effort, it is better to check it first. Checking it absolutely for free is perfect. So if you came across this post just because you are curious how online dating works, you can surely try a free dating site.

Paying just a small membership fee would allow you to explore if you are ready to meet people this way at all. Believe us, we have a very large experience and can truly say online dating is not for everyone. It is different from casual dating, so lots of people simply cannot realize this and for that reason, they fail. So choose a free dating site to check it if you have never tried.

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Conclusion: They offer chances for love but too small

Dating appsYes, you can meet your love anywhere and anyhow, especially when you least expect it. And we can tell you more – one of our managers met her husband on social media.

But they are from the same city. But when you join a free dating site, get ready to meet too little seriousness from your potential matches and no responsiveness from the administration of the site in case you have some issues.

Moreover, matches selected by dating apps like Tinder are selected by a machine that has no idea of your expectations, unlike a professional matchmaking service.

So if you want to meet a real marriage-oriented lady from another country, a free dating service won’t be enough. On a paid dating site, you can get a Romantic tour and meet women in person knowing that your dating site is responsible for your success and your safety. 

And if you still have questions concerning online dating, you can always contact Kate and get a free consultation on membership plans and matchmaking offers at reasonable prices. Remember that quality cannot cost too little, and your happiness is worth it.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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