What to do if your Ukrainian bride is a scam?

Anti-scam policyOnline dating is so popular nowadays. Sure, it helps us, such busy and hard-working people to meet each other without even leaving the comfort of our home or office. Unfortunately, the more people want to find their love online, the more scammers are also waiting for their chance to catch you.

We wish everyone to have only successful and efficient online romance experience. But what if the scourge has not left you untouched?

Facing Ukrainian women scammers is not something you hoped for when joined the online dating community. And we realize it may hurt people so much that they may lose hope for the better future and become disappointed in dating forever.

But don’t get desperate at once. We from Best-Matchmaking have created a detailed plan for you to find out how to recognize a scammer and what to do if your Ukrainian bride is a scam. Ready? Then keep reading till the very end, this information may save your money, nerves, and help you find a good woman for life.

How to recognize a Ukrainian dating scammer

When you seem to find a great lady you want to get to know, you are often blind and don’t even want to notice some obvious things. Any dating, both online and real-life, requires you to be a bit cautious.  We have collected these red flags for you to pay attention to during your dating experience:

Your Ukrainian bride refuses to have a video chat for a long time

It means that you communicate with a woman blindly. Sure, everyone is busy, has some things to do and can’t have a video chat often. But seeing each other face-to-face is still very important both for you and for her. If she doesn’t want to show herself on video, ask yourself: Why? What is she trying to hide from me? – The person behind the pictures may not even exist!

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She doesn’t send you any pictures

The situation is very similar to the first one. You are happy to share your wonderful everyday pictures with your potential match, and she, in turn, just finds many excuses not to send her photos back to you. What’s wrong? She doesn’t like taking pictures? Or she is too shy? – No, this is one of the first biggest red flags – the person behind a beautiful profile doesn’t exist!

She doesn’t want to exchange her contact information

It is very good to communicate on the site – if you do not speak a common language there is a professional translator to help you. But what if you communicate for quite a long time and talk on video and feel pretty close to each other? Then you probably would love to get at least her email address to send her personal letters outside of the site.

Sure, if a lady doesn’t speak English and is afraid to have misunderstandings, or doesn’t know you well enough yet, she may be simply afraid to give you her personal contact information before the personal meeting. But if let’s say, you communicate and exchange messages and talk via Skype on a daily basis for half of a year and you showed her your serious intentions, and, if she speaks English well, she doesn’t have to be afraid of exchanging at least email addresses with you.

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Your Ukrainian bride finds constant excuses not to meet you in person

This is probably one of the most obvious signs of a real Ukrainian women scam. No, we do not argue that everyone has his own life and some issues to solve. And the meeting can be postponed for some time. But you have to be really cautious when a lady refuses to meet for many times and keeps “feeding” you with various excuses. Then she probably doesn’t want to meet you at all, so think well what her goal was.

Your Ukrainian bride asks you for money

Yes, Ukrainian girls expect you to pay for your dates, bring some gifts, flowers, etc. But this is just a part of their dating culture. However, if in her letters she always writes to you about some sad stories from her life and that she needs money urgently, this is an alert. Needless to say, you shouldn’t send her any money even if her stories seem to be a real weeper to you.

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When you met in person, she is busy at nights

Dating guideSo, you found your potential match on a dating site and came to meet her in her country. Congratulations! Everything seems to be perfect now.

You want to have a romantic dinner with her in the evening, but she always is available only for a day date. Think why would she be “busy” at nights?

Of course, she may have her family, parents, kids, and has to be at home early. But it is still possible to meet till 8 pm even if she needs to get up early the next morning.

So, if during your entire stay she refuses to meet in the evening (unless she works at nights), think well if she is really interested. It’s more likely she has some better options for that evening.

Your Ukrainian bride wants to meet only on her terms

Just imagine, you come to see her from overseas and spend some fair money and put some efforts to do that. That is something to be appreciated. Now you came and invite her to meet in a coffee shop somewhere in downtown not far from your hotel.

And she says she is too tired to go there and asks to meet not far from her house or work. Does this mean she really wants to see you? We do not think so at all. It is clear that this lady doesn’t want to put at least some efforts to your relationships. It doesn’t mean she is a scammer, but we do not think such a lady is worth to overcome thousands of miles to see her.

Facing a Ukrainian women scam: what to do?

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeWe hope that those red flags we stated will help you recognize a scammer and avoid a fateful meeting with her. But if you still didn’t manage to do that and got trapped, here are some steps you should follow to solve the situation:

If you met her on a dating site, apply to their administration and describe the situation. Tell them all the details of your communication and why you suppose her to be a scammer. Any reputable site will do everything to solve the situation, check it, and maybe even return your money spent on communication with a scammer.

Be patient, the site has to figure things out first.

Sometimes, men are simply upset because of being blown off by a woman, and try to get back at her. But don’t worry, if she is a really a scammer, the site won’t defend her. Of course, if that site is not a scam itself.

If the fact of a scam is confirmed, you can add this lady to the blacklist. Yes, you are not wrong, there are various black-lists on the web where you can add a scammer, so other dating sites would not accept her profile already and all men could know that they don’t have to deal with that lady. Yes, it won’t help you already, but at least it will help other men to avoid the same problem.

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Last but not least, don’t despair!

We understand how hard it is when you hope to find love and life partner, and someone just uses you like an axe to grind. And it’s possible to lose hope and trust forever. But don’t do it. Life is full of scammers and fraudsters and if you suffered from her, you should learn your lesson from it.

Don’t even dare to give up because a good lady is surely looking for you. Believe us, women also suffer from scammers, and they also become disappointed with online dating. But they join us and find their happiness eventually. So everything is in your hands.

Reporting a Ukrainian dating scammer is a must

Ukrainian dating scamSuffering from Ukrainian women scammers is not the most pleasant experience in your life. We hope our simple tips will teach you to recognize such women before being trapped. But if you didn’t manage to do it and got at her bait, we recommend you not to despair, there is a way out of any situation.

The only thing you should not do is being silent! Please, sound every bell and get in touch with the administration of the site at once! The site has to know about your issue and the trap you fell into.

You will be able to solve this situation jointly. You don’t have to suffer in silence! Believe us, if every man would report to the site about being scammed, the scammers would not be that successful already.

So we encourage you to report about any situation that may concern you to the administration of the site. But, of course, in order not to face a scammer and to solve your issues successfully, you should choose Best-Matchmaking.com, a reputable and trustworthy dating & matchmaking site!

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