Russian Dating Scams: Facts, Tips & Red Flags

Russian dating scamGreetings, guys!

We hope that you came across this post just because you were curious and not because you were scammed and now are searching for some help online.

Facing a scammer, especially when you put so much effort, time, money, and feelings into finding your future wife, is just terrible and very unpleasant. Although we wish everyone only safe online dating experience, we want to warn you and give you some helpful tips on how to spot a scammer online or in a meeting.

Spotting a scammer requires some time and some specific skills, so today; we want to share our knowledge with you. In this post, we will tell you everything about Russian dating scams, how they work, and how to avoid them.

We hope scammers will not spoil your online dating experience, so let’s start to spot a scam the soonest!

Ready? Steady? Go! :)

What is a Russian dating site scam?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear of Russian dating scams? You probably think of dishonest people who want your money and for that purpose, they simply rip you off.  And very often, such people use such sincere and genuine people who are searching for love online. Yes, these people are cynical and merciless. 

And what’s the most unbelievable, they don’t think they do something wrong. It is absolutely normal for them and, according to them; this is their way of living and earning money. They don’t care about your feelings. The only thing they care about is their own benefit. 

It is amazing how online dating sites unite people from various corners of the globe. But, unfortunately, scammers never sleep and will abuse dating sites for their own benefits. So, it’s necessary to be able to recognize a scammer and know as much about dating scams, as possible.

What you need to know about Russian romance scams

Here we decided to describe two crucial facts every online dater should know, namely:

Fact #1. The number of Russian dating scam victims is decreasing in recent years

Online dating scammerIt may sound surprising but it is true. Yes, with the development of online dating, the number of scammers is increasing, too. There are more and more people willing to catch a trusting foreigner who is searching for his love online.

But first of all, there is so much information about Russian dating scam online that everyone who is able to browse the internet can learn it and be aware of what to expect.

Men on the dating sites have more information available online, some of them have learned from their sad experience, but they already know how to spot a scammer easily and will not get into that trap again. So this is really a fact – the number of well-informed men is growing and that makes the life of scammers more complicated. However, they are still on the lookout for you, so let’s find out how to spot a scammer.

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Fact #2. Not every girl who refuses you is a scammer

Finding Russian Mail Order BridesThis may sound ridiculous but some men who are offended with the refusal from a lady start adding her to all the blacklists (yes, they do exist!) as a scammer.

If you got a refusal from a lady, there are reasons for that, and she is not obliged to marry you just because you have communicated for some time. Some people find their match at once, for others, it may take some time.

One of our customers read so many scam stories before his trip to Ukraine that after his meeting with 7 ladies, each of them seemed to be a scammer for him, taxi drivers, translators, waiters at the restaurants, and even hostesses in the hotels were scammers. But he was refused by all the ladies, as it appeared later, for his strange and suspicious behavior. 

Women could notice he was nervous and too suspicious. They noticed his prejudice to everyone, including them. So they didn’t feel comfortable and had an unpleasant time.

Guys, please, don’t see a scammer in every woman!

6 tips how to spot  a Russian dating scammer

In this section, we from will teach you how to avoid being scammed when using Russian / International online dating sites.  Learn how to spot a Russian dating scammer:

Tip # 1. Check out her profile

The first thing to pay attention to is the lady’s profile at the Ukrainian brides gallery. Don’t get blind with her amazing pictures; don’t turn off your common sense. First, check out her pictures. If there are half-naked pictures mostly, think well if this lady is looking for a husband. Just think – how can a lady in her lingerie (and sometimes even without it) be serious towards finding a husband?

Secondly, check out if this lady has some everyday life pictures. It’s good if there are some common pictures of her everyday life to compare. This way, you can see if she really looks the same in both types of pictures. Besides, a lady who is serious and has nothing to hide will not reject adding her casual pictures to her profile.

Tip # 2. Invite her to video chat

Russian women for datingA video chat is a great option to check if the lady is real. We know how busy Russian brides are. And we know as no one else how difficult it is for them to find time to chat with you online.

But if she is interested, she will find time to do that. If the lady refuses a video chat, she may not even exist and someone may be using her pictures to earn money on your correspondence. Run away!

But there are two sides to the coin! Your lady is always online! There are sites where the lady can have a video chat and be online whenever she wants. So, as we mentioned already, family-oriented and serious ladies will not be able to be online every day, and, especially at nights! 

So, if her profile is online days and nights, every day, and she doesn’t communicate with you at that time, think well what is she doing there? We don’t want to disappoint you, but she is working there!

Tip # 3. Russian dating scammers want you to leave the site the soonest – be careful

Anti-scam policyA dating scammer will try to make you leave the site the soonest and communicate with her elsewhere directly. And believe us, it is not because she is so much interested in you.

Russian, as well as Ukrainian women, are very cautious and the dating site is their safety. They want to make sure first you are a person they can trust and meet in person.

None of the ladies will exchange contact information after the first letter because she doesn’t know you yet and doesn’t want to get into the trap as well as you. Otherwise, they all would register on various free sites or used dating apps. They want guarantees of their security. So why does a scammer want you to skip the site?

She wants to communicate with you on her email to ask you for money. The policy of all the reputable dating sites will not allow that and will simply delete her profile. But once you have exchanged personal contacts, you bear the responsibility. And no one will help you already.

Tip # 4. She “loves” you from the first letter – don’t be a fool

Latvian dating serviceOne of the most common scenarios of scammers is their love letters. They write from the first letter how much they love you and that they can’t live without you.

We hope you are smart enough to realize this can’t be true. Once again, we work with our Russian, Ukrainian, and Latvian women precisely and know for sure how cautious they are.

They are even cautious to men who start talking about love in their letters. They think it is not serious. So none of our ladies will express her strong feelings to you in her first letters. Yes, she may write how excited she is to meet you or how she likes your communication, but she will never talk about her love or her fantasies in her letters. Not even in your first personal meeting. 

So the aim of the scammer is to catch your attention the soonest, make you send her endless letters and fall in love with her. We beg you not believe such kind of letters because this is one of the biggest red flags and signs of a Russian dating site scam.

Tip # 5. She never replies your questions directly – think well if this person is real

Another great way to check if the lady is a scammer or real is to ask her some specific questions. You may ask about her parents, her pets, some details from her childhood, about her job, grandparents, etc. You may not verify if her answers are true. But we recommend you asking the same questions in some time again.

Just ask her one and the same questions from time to time and check if the answers coincide. A scammer will not remember such details if they are not true. She will mix up the answers eventually. Of course, if there is a translator between you and her, some errors are possible, but at least you can suspect her.

It is great to ask her such specific questions in a video chat too. If she is lost or tries to switch the topic, she may not be the one she pretends to be. So just make your conclusions out of every conversation.

Tip # 6. Your woman refuses to meet in person – ask yourself why

European girls for dating and marriageMeeting in person is a great way to see each other and decide if you keep communicating or just move on. Your lady may not be available for the dates you offer her but you can choose some other dates together, it is not a big problem.

But when a woman has all the reasons not to meet you in person, it is a big red flag.

Why doesn’t she want to meet a man with whom she was going to create a common future?

It means that this lady: 

  • Isn’t interested in you.
  • Has someone in real life.

Both these variants mean your woman was a scammer. But it is much better to understand it in the process of just communication than meet her in reality and get into a bigger trap. 


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    36 y.o, Poltava, Ukraine

Conclusion: Fate is what you make of it!

We are sure that scammers can be everywhere but your task is not to be guided by your emotions only but by your common sense. As they say – fool me once - shame on you; fool me twice – shame on me! The person who doesn’t care about his own safety will be easily scammed. But thanks to our tips, we hope you will be able to spot a scammer and make a wise decision.

If you want to be totally sure that your lady is 100% real and genuine, choose one of our matchmaking packages. If you want to just check how our site works, you are welcome to browse our gallery and choose one of the membership plans. Don’t worry; our video chat option is great to check that our ladies are real. We wish you to have only safe online dating experience!

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