Ukrainian Matchmaking Services

Is it possible to meet “The One” with the help of Ukrainian Matchmaking Services?

We’ve helped thousands of men and women stop struggling with being single and start the path in their relationships with perfect matches

Our high-end Ukrainian matchmaking services have been helping singles stop being singles for over 15 years

We believe that the fallowing proven steps will HELP YOU as they managed to help other singles!

  • We learn who you are & what is your desirable partner
  • We create your winning profile
  • We select for you the matches  and then  arrange real dates with them

See the video ⬇ BELOW⬇ to learn what matchmaking is…

Attention! Our services are not available in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and all African countries

Looking for professional matchmaking services to find a woman?

How many international dating sites have you tried?...

3, 5, 10?

How many ladies have you tried communicating with?

Aren’t you tired ?

You’re an adult, a successful man. You’ve got a job, a business and plenty of things to do…

Is it really worth spending time on meaningless correspondence on the internet? Is that really what you want to do?


This is the final dating site you need to visit…

Step 1

Our Matchmaker learns who you are

✓You have a cozy and confidential phone or Skype conversation with your ✓guide ✓ coach & matchmaker who will accompany you throughout the entire process.

✓The first stage is needed to figure out what your perfect type is so your relationship would work best.

✓Our experts know the way to get to your heart and understand what exactly you are looking for and need for a successful healthy relationship.

✓ Get connected to your personal Matchmaker

Step 2

We create your winning profile

Being attractive is not enough; you need to have an appealing profile. If your profile is completed properly, you can get around 50 new interests daily and meet potential matches every week. If your profile doesn’t stand out, you cannot reach the same result. International Dating agencies often do not do this but we take care of your profile fully.

  • Our experts from top International Dating know what exactly women are attracted to and how to create an appealing profile. Not all photos (even if you think they are great) are appropriate for being posted in your profile.
  • We will help you choose only the most winning photos that will attract potential matches instead of turning them off.
  • We will prepare you for meeting top-notch matches only!
  • Our experts conduct extensive personality tests, scan, and create the profile that will guarantee success on each date.

Step 3

We arrange real dates with your potential matches

You cannot deny that you struggle with finding a really compatible match regardless of being smart and good-looking. The truth is, it is difficult to find high-quality singles in the modern world.

  • Our matchmaking services are provided by a team of top dating experts, coaches, and psychologists who are united by one important mission — to help you find your perfect match!
  • The members of our matchmaking services conduct their thorough research based on their experience, intuition, professionalism, data of both candidates, and compatibility criteria. They are passionate about matchmaking!
  • Each of our matchmaking program included an accurate selection of the matches who meet your criteria of choice.
  • We give you the right to decide which of the selected matches you want to meet first and whether you want to meet them again.

Now a bit more information about Matchmaking Services and how it works...

Don’t think that a matchmaker will do everything instead of you!

Quite often, when someone starts using International Dating, he or she automatically delegates authority to a matchmaker. This is a wrong decision because a matchmaker cannot date for you, communicate with a girl for you, love someone for you, or marry for you.

Even if you hired a matchmaker, you still have to put lots of effort as before. Matchmaking doesn’t pass the buck.

A matchmaker is:

A matchmaker is not:

A person who finds out why you’re single

Your personal friend;

Someone who figures out what you are looking for

A therapist;

Investigates your background, family values, past experience, lifestyle, and habits

Someone who always agrees with you and tells you only what you want to hear;

An empathetic listener;

Responsible for your behavior on a date or in your personal life.
Gives you certain tips on how to improve the situation if you were never lucky in dating;  

Selects some good matches for you




International matchmaking sites cannot be cheap

Matchmaking means quality in everything – approach, services, devoted time, and women. And you should realize that top quality cannot be cheap. Matchmaking cannot cost as much as online dating packages. This is an individual approach, lots of time, and very hard work of your personal coach and assistant. Each work has to be paid. If you are not ready to pay for personalized services and time devoted to you and your search, you shouldn’t consider using matchmaking. But if you prefer quality over quantity of beautiful but fake profiles on a dating site, matchmaking is exactly for you. It is not wasted money but a contribution to your safe and successful search!

Why is Best Matchmaking service better than just communicating on the site

The individually tailored matchmaking service includes:

  • Professional matchmaker's support and coaching ( over skype )
  • Unlimited matches selection
  • Dating coach and psychologist guidance ( coaching over skype)
  • Personal assistant support (every day during working hours)
  • Building up an archetype of the sort of a woman who might be a great fit for you at this point in your life by a dating coach and psychologyst
  • All letters from ladies are free to read!
  • Skype sessions according to the customer’s need
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for a girl to visit your country (discount up to 10%)
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for registration of marriage (discount up to 10%)
  • Possibility of getting up to 40% cut of the price for any of our Individual tour to meet your matches
  • Personal contacts exchange with selected ladies
  • Unlimited duration of matchmaking services
  • Coaching before the dates

If you try to handle Matchmaking Service on your own:

  • The response ratio is only 10-20%; this means that you get only 1 or 2 answers from 10 sent letters
  • Your profile is at the end of the search and girls are not able to find it and get in touch with you
  • Every day you spend 2-3 hours searching and waiting for answers from Ukrainian brides
  • You spend money on correspondence, the result of which is unclear

How to go on a date if a woman is from another country?

Everything is quite clear with local matchmakers. Once they select a couple of good matches for you, you go on a date and communicate without third people’s help already. But what about if a woman is from another country and doesn’t even speak your language? It might be complicated but it is still possible. Such matchmaking services provide online meetings. As a rule, it will be a Skype call or any other video conference allowing to conduct a full-fledged video talk between you and your woman. If a woman doesn’t speak your language, such a service offers a translator’s help. Usually, the translator’s cost is already included in the cost of your video call or matchmaking package. But no worries if you don’t want to face a language barrier. Lots of women from the above-mentioned countries speak at least English or other foreign languages. So such things are to be discussed with your matchmaking agency or matchmaker during your very first interview. To avoid various misunderstandings, find out what kind of questions you should ask your matchmaker before using his or her services.

How to choose a qualified matchmaking service?

It is very easy to get lost in such a pool of matchmaking services presented online. Everyone promises something very attractive and the choice is being so hard. Here are some good tips on how to choose a qualified International Dating or matchmaking services:

  • A professional agency will never guarantee a marriage;
  • A good matchmaker won’t promise you relationships;
  • A qualified service can guarantee only the provision of services described in your package;
  • A good matchmaking agency has tons of reviews and testimonials left by former or current customers – don’t be lazy to check them;
  • This matchmaker won’t disappear after receiving your payment.

Don’t be surprised that an agency cannot guarantee you marriage. If someone promised you to get married in a year, then better run away and search for another agency. The reason is people are different and everyone has his or her flows, temper, last but not least, life situations are unpredictable.

A matchmaker can create your psychological portrait and find out your needs. Based on that, he or she selects the most proper matches for you and makes you acquainted. The rest depends only on you.

What can international marriage website offer?

An International Dating service is aimed at connecting people of different races or from different countries.

The most frequent male customers who use matchmaking services are from: Women who apply to matchmaking services usually come from:
--the USA --Ukraine ( are now living in safe Zones, outside Ukraine)
--Canada --Russia ( are now living in safe Zones, outside Ukraine)
--Australia --Belarus ( are now living in safe Zones, outside Ukraine)
--Europe --Poland
--New Zeland --Lituania
--Some Asian countries --Romania

As you can see, the choice of ladies who can become your potential match is quite wide. It means that you can find a good woman as your wife from one of these countries with the help of international dating sites.

What questions to ask your matchmaker?

In the very first interview, a matchmaker will ask you different questions. They depend on a particular matchmaking agency and can be the following:

 ➔ Why do you think you didn’t meet your partner yet?

 ➔ If you are divorced then what was the reason for your divorce, who do you think was guilty and why?

 ➔ What is the level of your income, your social status, etc.?

 ➔ What kind of woman are you looking for? (Age, appearance, character traits, etc.)

 ➔ Are you ready to accept a woman with children?

 ➔ Do you expect your woman to work or stay at home, etc.?


The range of questions can be very diverse. But you shouldn’t be silent and should ask your matchmaker various questions as well:


➔What exactly is included in the services I pay?
What if I don’t like any of the matches offered?
How long is my membership valid?
What if I want to exchange contacts with a woman?

These are some of the questions you should ask your matchmaker before subscribing to the services. Depending on what kind of services you purchase, you should come up with very important questions.

The Pros and Cons of  Matchmaking Services



Individual approach; They are more expensive than casual online dating sites;
Time-saving process; They do not guarantee marriage.
Guarantee of the services to be provided;  
High-quality matches meeting your requirements and expectations;  
Real meetings;  
Impossible to meet scammers;  
International matchmaking services are much cheaper than those for western men and women.  


To give our customers more ability to get the services that suit them the best, we now offer three Matchmaking Service Contract options! Do not hesitate to email for more details and we will tailor an individual strategy according to your needs!


My name is Кaterina, I am the founder of Best Matchmaking marriage agency. We cannot guarantee that you will get married, even though we are always happy to provide advice on how to maintain your relationship.

But we guarantee that:

  • Almost 100% of ladies profiles are active even due to war condition
  • We are a scam free International Dating & Matchmaking Agency
  • We will represent you only to serious and family-oriented ladies
  • The ladies you will get in touch with will definitely meet you in person
  • All the current ladies' photos you can see on the website are genuine and have been recently approved

The rest is up to you! To get started, please send us detailed information about yourself, some high-resolution photos as well as describing all your requirements for your wife-to-be! Our advisors are always available online!

International matchmaking sites guarantees:

Matchmaking does guarantee:

Matchmaking does guarantee:

–Personalized approach to each customer Marriage or relationships with one of the candidates
–Top results  
–Meetings with real people  
–Excellent services  
–Personal consultations  


As you can see, when choosing matchmaking services, you cannot have a guarantee of marriage or even relationships with one of the offered candidates. You may wonder why but the reply is quite simple – not everything depends on the matchmaker.

A matchmaker does everything to help you succeed – provides personal consultations and coaching, gives you valuable tips, prepares you for your dates, etc. But if you don’t listen to your matchmaker, you may not succeed.

If you pay for such kind of services, you should realize that quite a lot of things depend on you personally, for example:

  • How you communicate with women;
  • How you behave on a date;
  • How you look like or smell, etc.

If your manner of communication with the opposite sex leaves much to be desired, if your matchmaker told you how to improve it but you didn’t listen, then no wonder can happen. If this was a reason why you never succeed before but you still didn’t listen and kept doing the same, none of the matchmakers can help.

When opting for international matchmaking sites, you are protected from scammers

Lots of people are afraid of scams. The scam happens everywhere and all the time in our everyday lives and online dating is one of the favorite areas for scammers. Each international matchmaking agency takes care of its reputation.

Both men and women are usually well-interviewed and verified. Matchmakers know each of the candidates very well and simply cannot allow scams. Moreover, candidates who subscribe to matchmaking do not use simple dating sites, they have no time for that, so the scam isn’t their goal.

You will definitely find someone if you accept that everyone has flows

It is important to remember that no one is perfect. You are not perfect and no one is. Just like you, women who apply to matchmaking agencies are not ideal and have their flows. When applying to a matchmaker, don’t expect to meet a perfect partner.

This is just impossible. You will meet women who match you most of all but they will surely have their flows. So, if you are ready to accept that no one is perfect and are patient about that, you will surely meet your partner.

An international matchmaker is a modern and efficient way to start dating

If you are a busy man who has no time on dating, using the help of an international matchmaker would be the best decision for you. International matchmaking services can be very helpful for those who are not very brave but quite shy to start dating on their own.

Matchmaking isn’t necessarily for people who cannot find a match because of a shy personality. Vice versa, lots of very successful and beautiful people choose an international matchmaking agency to help them find a top-quality match meeting their social and financial status.

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