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If you are interested in a Polish bride, get in touch with us. We offer a free consultation for a Polish matchmaking package. We offer individual matchmaking services and you will meet single Polish brides through our program. Please note that Polish brides are only visible to our matchmaking customers. The brides’ profiles are not shared in our gallery.

Hundreds of exclusive and successful singles have found a match at We work flexibly and individually, also for demanding and sensitive customers! In our gallery you will find a large selection of Ukrainian and Slavic women looking for a serious relationship. The wish for commitment is growing – traditional values are gaining importance again!   Our International matchmaking services are as individual as you yourself. Get in touch with us and convince yourself of the value of our marriage services! We will find you the foreign bride who really suits you. Your happiness is our success! Benefit from 12 years of our International dating and matchmaking experience and expertise. 
Learn more about our matchmaking process and how you can find your love with in the video below. Register for a free matchmaking consultation and start today.  

Attention! Our services are not available in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and all African countries


Looking for reliable matchmaking to find a Slavic woman?

How many Ukrainian dating sites have you tried?...

3, 5, 10?

How many ladies have you tried communicating with?

Aren’t you tired ?

You’re an adult, a successful man. You’ve got a job, a business and plenty of things to do…

Is it really worth spending time on meaningless correspondence on the internet? Is that really what you want to do?


This is the final dating site you need to visit…

Just imagine…You’ve come back home after work and you are met by a loving and faithful wife.

You no longer return to an empty house, where you find yesterday’s lunch in the microwave and a lonely, cold bed in the bedroom.

Your Ukrainian wife has prepared a delicious dinner for you, and has listened to you talk about your day. In the evening you go for a walk, or order pizza and go to bed to watch a film together…

Warmth spreads over the body when you know that you are desired, loved and appreciated.

Perhaps you are not sure how to get acquainted with a woman, let alone how to build a relationship. Now imagine you have FINALLY found a wonderful person - your wife!

Your wife and you share common interests and goals. She inspires you to become better, earn more and live a brighter and more interesting life

Take advantage of our Slavic matchmaking service

We will turn this beautiful dream into reality!

Greetings to a future married and happy man! My name is Kate, and I'm the founder of the marriage agency Best-Matchmaking. Since our agency was found more than 10 years ago, we have helped men from all over the world to find their true love in Ukraine! Including Japan, South Korea, USA, all European countries, Australia, and Canada!

I know exactly how to help you! Together with my dedicated assistants, I will select your perfect match. We will help you through the Ukrainian dating process, and when a relationship is formed with a lady, we will help you build a strong lasting relationship with her.

Sign up for a FREE consultation with a BM matchmaker to get specific recommendations on how to find a perfect match for you in the upcoming month!

In addition to my personal support, my fine assistants will help you

Personal selection
of the girl

While others spend time and money on meaningless correspondence, we will pick up the ideal girl ( according to your character and temperament), whose interests will coincide with yours


You are always in touch with our expert, who helps to communicate with the girls, organizes meetings with them and simply supports

Organization of
personal meetings

We will arrange for you to meet your girls in Skype and in real live in Ukraine. You will know each other better and create a strong family

Why is Best Matchmaking service better than just communicating on the site

The individually tailored matchmaking program may include:

  • Professional matchmaker support and coaching ( over skype )
  • Unlimited matches selection
  • Dating coach and psychologist guidance ( coaching over skype)
  • Personal assistant support (every day during working hours)
  • Building up an archetype of the sort of Slavic woman who might be a great fit for you at this point in your life by a dating coach and psychologyst
  • All letters introductions from ladies are free to read!
  • 4 free letters to try to get acquainted with any lady
  • Your profile will be personally recommended to ladies from our database (sent to each lady) which will give you a higher chance of finding your lady faster.
  • Your profile will be added inside the agency office and actively on the office books
  • Your profile additionally will be posted and recommended to ladies from our partner’s database from Belarus (sent to each lady) which will give you more higher chance of selecting the right match
  • Letters credits according to the customer’s need
  • Skype sessions according to the customer’s need
  • Videos of selected ladies to watch
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for a girl to visit your country (discount up to 10%)
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for registration of marriage (discount up to 10%)
  • Possibility of getting up to 40% cut of the price for an Individual tour to Ukraine
  • Personal contacts exchange with selected ladies
  • The possibility to have unlimited selection of the ladies
  • Unlimited duration of matchmaking program
  • Coaching before the dates

If you try to handle the Ukrainian dating process on your own:

  • The response ratio is only 10-20%; this means that you get only 1 or 2 answers from 10 sent letters
  • Your profile is at the end of the search and girls are not able to find it and get in touch with you
  • Every day you spend 2-3 hours searching and waiting for answers from Ukrainian brides
  • You spend money on correspondence, the result of which is unclear

Why a Slavic lady will inspire you and become a faithful wife?


From early childhood Slavic ladies learn to respect their man and be faithful


The beauty and charm of Slavic ladies is recognized beyond most of Europe


A Slavic woman is always first and foremost a woman and never doubts the authority of her man

Family values

Our ladies will not shout at or direct you. They will just love you and your family. They will not try to dominate or constantly make demands on you

12 years

We successfully unite foreign men and Ukrainian girls

356 men

From 37 countries of the world have found the right girl with our help

Every 2nd

Meeting of a man and our girl ends with a wedding


Of the pairs created by us live together 5 and more years

What do you get by ordering our matchmaking service?

  • Professional guidance from our matchmaker, relationship coach and psychologist (a Personal Life and Relationship Coach and psychologist will help you overcome your fears and concerns, so you can date with confidence and find your ideal match. They will help you identify the perfect lady who might be a great fit for you at this point in your life.)
  • Personal support (every day during working hours) 35 Letter credits 1 credit to receive or open a letter 5 Skype sessions (30 minutes each)
  • Your profile will be personally recommended to ladies from our database (sent to each lady) which will give you a higher chance of finding your lady faster).
  • 5 videos to watch Assistance in the preparation of documents for a girl to visit your country (up to 20% off)
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for registration of marriage (discount up to 20%)
  • Up to 15% off the price of an individual visit to the Ukraine or Belorussia
To give our customers more ability to get the services that suit them the best, we now offer three Matchmaking Service Contract options! Do not hesitate to email for more details and we will tailor an individual strategy according to your needs!


My name is Кaterina, I am the founder of Best Matchmaking marriage agency. We cannot guarantee that you will get married, even though we are always happy to provide advice on how to maintain your relationship.

But we guarantee that:

  • We are a scam free Slavic marriage agency
  • We will represent you only to serious and family-oriented ladies
  • The ladies you will get in touch with will definitely meet you on your arrival in the Ukraine
  • All the current ladies' photos you can see on the website are genuine and have been recently approved

The rest is up to you! To get started, please send us detailed information about yourself, some high-resolution photos as well as describing all your requirements for your wife-to-be! Our advisors are always available online!

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