To have Video Chat you need to create a Skype account, then sign in at to find the ID of your lady and click the ICON VIDEO CHAT on her profile in order to have a live chat via skype at a reference time you both agree upon.

- Your invitation will be forwarded to the lady for confirmation of date and time. If the suggested date and time is convenient for your bride you will receive an order confirmation notification.

-If the proposed time is not convenient for the Lady, you will receive a letter stating a more convenient date and time.

-You may either accept the new suggested time or offer another.

-As soon as you and your woman have agreed upon a suitable date and time for the both of you, then it is a first date.


Ukrainian dating video chat fees

Our Agency’s chat fees are at the lowest spectrum of the marketplace, and are VERY COMPETITIVE compared to the fees charged by most dating sites.

The cost per minute is ONLY € 1.75

Also, if you order more than 1 hour to chat you will automatically get a discount up to 10% and more!

The minimum amount of time that SKYPE CONFERENCE CALL may be allotted for is 30 minutes, but may be prolonged. The Video Chat option is available for both: authorized clients and for free members.  Attention!
A Lady has the right to not partake in Video Chat. You will be refunded.

SKYPE conference calls Policy:

84 min = € 140
59 min = € 95
45 min = € 72
30 min = € 52


  1. Prepayment is not returned if a client does not join Video Chat for more than 20 minutes after its appointed time.
  2. Prepayment is not returned in case a client cancels Video Chat less than 5 hours before the appointed time, because when you order a SKYPE call the lady is invited to the headquarters of her local Agency at a time that is convenient for the both of you.
  3. Connection failures and time spent on their repairing from a mans side are not paid.
  4. In case Video Chat is interrupted because of malfunction from the clients end for more than 5 minutes - the Video Conference is still considered fulfilled and is paid in accordance with established procedure.


A client gets all deposit charge returned if the case meets the following conditions:

1. Connection failure or not repaired from the Lady's end during the first 10 minutes

2. A lady does not join SKYPE conference for more than 10 minutes

3. A customer cancels a SKYPE conference more than 5 hours before the appointed time

4. A Lady refuses to join Video Chat after payment has been accepted

For more details please contact us


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