Marrying a Ukrainian woman: Your step by step guide

Young Ukraine womenHello gentlemen! 

Ukrainian women are absolutely stunning and that’s probably the reason for you to read this article. We bet you have already discovered how beautiful, charming, fun, and, of course, sexy, they can be.

And if you still didn’t discover it, then we strongly recommend doing it. But before making any further steps in dating Ukrainian women, you should be aware of all the challenges you may face in that process.

We from Best-Matchmaking keep highlighting all the most important issues and aspects of International dating and today, we would like to tell you everything about marriages with Ukrainian women (also all Slavic mail order brides). We bet this information will be more important and, sometimes, crucial for your relationships. So let’s not waste time and start learning everything about Ukrainian-Western marriages.

Should you marry a Ukrainian woman?

single Ukrainian womanThe first issue we would like to discuss is whether you should or shouldn’t marry a woman from Ukraine. In fact, we have already provided some reasons for which you should not date a Ukrainian woman on our YouTube channel.

We did it not for the reason but because we have so many times seen men from some countries are not ready to commit their life to a Ukrainian woman.

So, guys, if you have just heard a Ukrainian woman is a beautiful lady who is a perfect housewife and loving mother to her kids, and that’s why you want to marry her, you should at least dig a little deeper. Find out their background, talk to men who have Ukrainian girlfriends or wives, and only then think whether you are ready to marry a foreign lady, in particular, a Ukrainian woman.

It often happens that men appear to be not ready for cultural differences and are too disappointed eventually. So to avoid this, weigh the pros and cons first.

Choosing a Ukrainian woman for marriage

Nothing in life comes easy. And finding a woman for marriage is not that easy as well; even if it seems Ukrainian dating sites are teeming with amazing profiles of single ladies. Yes, they are, but again, cultural differences often play dirty jokes with people and then remain single for years. So if you decided to search for your Ukrainian wife online, you should clearly understand that it is necessary to search for a reputable dating site, otherwise, you risk being scammed.

But a dating site is not all yet. If you are in your 50’s or 60’s and dream to find a young and beautiful wife at her 20’s or 30’s, you can forget about it. Yes, there are some good exceptions and one of our managers is also married to a foreign man who is 20 years older. But these are only exceptional marriages and as a rule, if you want to find your wife fast, you should be realistic and look for a lady of your age or maximum 15 years younger.

Having a Ukrainian wife means investments

Ukraine a safe country for datingYes, guys, if you want to have a good wife, you should be ready to invest. Investment means not only your finances, but also your time, and lots of effort. If you want it to be easy, fast, and cheap, get ready to meet a professional scammer the soonest.

So, if you are not ready to have long-distance relationships, come to visit her often, or arrange her trips to see you frequently, you’d better think twice before looking for a marriage with a Ukrainian woman.

As we mentioned, it will not be easy, no relationships are easy, and relationships with a woman from another continent is even more complicated and difficult.

Lots of men think that girls in their countries are too demanding, complicated, and require lots of their time, energy, and money. It will not be different with a Ukrainian woman. Women are women in any country and they are not going to marry the first man they see from another country, they have their requirements and expectations. 

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  • Kseniya

    39 y.o, , Spain

The challenges of marriage with a Ukrainian woman

Don’t worry, we are not intended to scare you, rather make you prepared for your marriage with a foreign lady. Marriage itself is hard work, and international marriage is double work. So when choosing a woman online for marriage, you should realize it will take some time, efforts, and money. You will not be able to have dates every day, so get ready to have online talks and constant trips all the time.

We from best-matchmaking tried to gather all the challenges our couples face most frequently. Everything is based on our professional experience, so we hope the information below will help you realize what you should get prepared for, and how to solve certain problems. So if your goal is to find a Ukrainian wife, let’s move forward and see what issues you may face in the future.

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Challenge # 1. Long-distance relationships

Ukrainian women for marriageThis is one of the worst things and challenges people from both countries face. Both men and women often do not realize that they will not get married after just one meeting (although we had such situations, too), so they will have to get to know each other again and again, and see each other from time to time. This is not what usual dating is, this is something more complicated and challenging.

So once you found out that you definitely want to marry a woman from Ukraine, get ready for long-distance relationships which are not that easy and frankly speaking, not every couple can overcome this issue. Our tip is to prepare yourself for that emotionally, we, in turn, prepare our ladies for that, too. 

So if you decided to marry a Ukrainian woman, get ready to have such a challenge while you will not be able to see each other too often. But the internet helps, and no one canceled online communication and video chats. 

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Challenge # 2. The language barrier

You do not even imagine how many men believe that every Ukrainian woman speaks English. But Ukraine is not one of those countries where people speak wonderful English, even though they start learning it at school. So if you choose a Ukrainian woman, get ready she doesn’t speak English, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Of course, we have lots of ladies who can speak good English and can communicate without our help. But most of them are younger ladies at their 20’s and 30’s. And if you are looking for a woman at her 40’s and 50’s, this percentage is already much lower. We can truly say that a language barrier is not an obstacle and in the process of your communication, you will learn to understand each other.

We from Best-Matchmaking believe that such an issue as a language shouldn’t be an obstacle and none of our happy couples suffered from it. But if you are still afraid of the language barrier, order English classes for your lady or choose a woman who already speaks your language.

Challenge # 3. Visa issues

single Ukrainian brideIf you have found your dream Ukrainian woman for marriage, please accept our congratulations. We believe you both will be very happy together. But now, as you decided to get married, there is one more challenge waiting for you – this is a visa for your woman to your country.

The majority of our male customers are from the United States, so if you are one of them, you should know that it is better to get married in your country than in Ukraine.

A fiancée visa is a bit easier and faster to get than the visa of a wife. So it is better if she comes to your country as your fiancée (this will also give her a chance to adapt to your country, surrounding, cultural differences, etc.)  And then you will have 90 days to marry. Even if something goes wrong for you both, she can easily come back home without paper issues. The same concerns men from other countries 

Challenge #4. Homesickness

Ukraine safe for datingWell, gentlemen, this is one of the most frequent issues you may face when marrying a Ukrainian or also Russian mail order bride. Your dating process and love story may seem a real fairytale and you both are excited about her move to your country.

But here when she already is there and all the problems seem to be behind, there is another one called homesickness.

Yes, each person who moves to a foreign country and leaves her family and friends will have this issue, and this is not your fault. This is a psychological issue and most likely, people face it within their first year abroad. All you can do is to support your wife, surround her with your love, care, and find some things for her to do while she is home alone.

Don’t forget that at once, your wife will not be able to work in your country, so for her not to feel lonely, find something she adores doing, ensure her good leisure, let her enjoy her favorite hobbies – embroidery, gym, swimming, etc. 

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  • Tatyana

    48 y.o, Vinnytsa, Ukraine

Conclusion: Never, ever give up while marrying a Ukrainian woman

Eheschließung in DeutschlandThis brilliant quote depicts your marriage with a foreign woman the best way. No matter what lady you choose, a Ukrainian, Russian, Latvian brides, or Lithuanian woman, she will be a foreigner for you and your country will have to become her second homeland.

As a man, you should help her overcome all the obstacles and remember to never give up. International marriage is a challenging but wonderful thing.

If you still didn’t find your Ukrainian woman to marry, welcome to our gallery of eligible single brides. You can take a Romantic & marriage tour to Ukraine and meet your wonderful Ukrainian woman in person the soonest. And if you still have questions or concerns, please ask Kate, a dating blogger and matchmaker.

She will help you with your choice, while her consultations are free. And the best-matchmaking membership plans and Slavic matchmaking packages at reasonable prices will definitely help you choose the right Ukrainian woman for dating and marriage.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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