How to attract & date a Slavic (Eastern European) woman

single Ukrainian brideHello guys!

My name is Kate and I am the founder of Best-Matchmaking. Today, I want to discuss with you one very sensitive and complicated topic, namely: How to attract and date a Slavic (Eastern European) woman. I know this is all you guys want. But very few really manage to do that. 

Now you are probably surprised because lots of you think that any western guy can easily conquer a Slavic (Eastern European) woman just because he is a foreigner. But this is far from being the truth and you will need to put certain efforts to attract and to date a bride from Ukraine, Russia, or any other Slavic country. Intrigued to know what exactly?

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Stay with us and find out what are the secrets of attracting Slavic (Eastern European) brides.

1. Be an alpha-male while dating a Slavic woman

Ukrainian woman for marriageYou probably have heard lots of stories from Slavic (Eastern European) women or have read online that they are so tired of their local men who are rude and disrespectful to women?

I bet you have heard such stories but my main tip is not to believe everything you read or watch online while even 50% of it may not be the truth! 

Yes, there are rude and disrespectful Slavic men, and I am sure there are men of that type in every country, but there are still good men.

And, no matter what you hear on every corner, Slavic women adore alpha-males!!! But it doesn’t mean you have to be rude and impolite with her. Not at all, this will be the biggest mistake.

Being an alpha-male means being a confident and leading man. A man always dominates in Slavic culture, so he should feel confident and be able to make all the decisions himself. I know you used to the thought that men and women all over the world want to be equal, but now please get used to the fact that you are the one for her to make decisions for you both!

2. Be polite and well-mannered

As I told you already, being a strong and confident man doesn’t mean being rude or impolite. You should show her you are able to make decisions and are confident enough, but at the same time, show her your good education and manners. Always be a gentleman no matter what.

Ukrainian womenShoe her that you are exactly the man she needs and will never be embarrassed by your behavior in society. Very often, after getting a refusal from a woman or hearing something they don’t like, men start telling all the most offensive things they can imagine. This is the expression of your weakness and not strength! And once she feels you are weak, you fail! 

Even if a lady said something you don’t like, show her your respect and tell her something polite. A wise man will always make a Russian bride or any other Slavic lady regret her decision to remain friends with him and she will want relationships with such a man the soonest. Her refusal or doubts don’t always mean you failed. This may be a test and you should be wise enough to pass it!

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Don’t procrastinate with your personal meeting

Ukrainian womenYes, you may think this has nothing to do with attracting a woman but you are wrong. Very often, women are really attracted to some men at the very beginning of their correspondence. 

They see everything they need from a man – a handsome, with good taste, well-mannered, and confident man and already imagine they can devote all their life to that man and want to meet him the soonest.

But when those guys start creating different excuses and put their visit on the shelf, women simply lose their hope and interest.

Believe me; it happened so many times right in front of me and my team! A couple that could be one of the happiest in the world was simply broken because of men’s excuses and procrastinating. Yes, I know you may have no paid leave for a long time or your visit may be too expensive and you wait for the price of the tickets to fall. But please understand, guys, any Slavic woman (Belarussian brides, Bulgarian brides, or Polish brides) doesn’t believe your promises; she wants to see your actions only! 

And if she hears tons of excuses all the time, she is simply disappointed and her hope for you is lost. She will immediately start switching to someone faster than you. So my dear friends, if you found a lady you like and want to build a future with her, you should act instead of speaking!

A man of action is exactly what attracts Slavic women. Now recall point #1 – being an alpha-male and making prompt decisions! See the connection? Then go ahead and don’t disappoint your Slavic (Eastern European) mail order bride!

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Attracting and dating Slavic (Eastern European) women is not that difficult; you just need to follow our dating tips and advice. And once you find her, you can be sure to become the happiest man on Earth.

Still have questions concerning Slavic (Eastern European) dating? Don’t hesitate to ask Kate, a matchmaker and dating blogger. She will consult you for free and help you choose a great dating membership plan or matchmaking package according to your needs and requirements.

Good luck in your search!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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