Dating Estonian women: What is it like? [2021 Tips]

Estonian bridesHello guys!

Finally, we from Best-Matchmaking made it back to Baltic ladies. And this time, we would like to tell you about women from Estonia, one of the most beautiful and amazing women in Europe.

Estonian women make wonderful brides and wives for western men, while they are more European and western-oriented, so you will face no cultural differences when dating them.

Today, you will find out the peculiarities of girls from Estonia, how to approach and date them. Also, we would like you to know what kind of brides and wives Estonian women are in comparison with Latvian brides. Who of the Baltic brides is the best for a western man?

If you are curious to know all this and much more, let’s start! 

Estonia has the largest number of models per capita

Estonia  modelsYes, this is an official statistics and it is true. And if the fact that Estonia produces the largest number of models per capita doesn’t make you wish to fly to Tallinn, then maybe other facts will. However, don’t hurry to fly to Estonia to date local girls.

Dating Estonian women can be a bit tricky for foreign guys. Why?

The culture in Estonia is very different from all others in the world. You cannot compare local women to Slavic women, including Russian or Ukrainian brides. They are not like Belarussian brides and are even different from Latvian ladies. Very often, western guys face awkward situations when trying to get to know women in Estonia. 

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So if you would like to avoid the same situations and have luck with Estonian women, let’s find out more about these girls right now.

Estonian brides are very traditional

Estonian womenDespite having so many models in the country, Estonia unites everyone with its traditions. Estonian women respect traditions and customs. They follow all the rules created in their families. Their upbringing doesn’t allow them to open themselves too early. And women from Estonia prefer a man to explore them step by step.

Needless to say they are all marriage-oriented, but marriage is a sacred ritual for these girls. They will not rush to have physical relationships with you, so if you believe these European girls will be more open than Ukrainian mail order brides, you are very wrong.

You will have to spend enough time to learn more about them, as well as they will have to get to know you well and make sure you are a good man for them. They also do not like being pushed or forced to something.

Estonian women are introverts

Estonia  modelsIn comparison to Latvian women, they are even more discreet. We have told you already that women in Latvia are very warm but still cautious to foreign guys due to a large percent of sex tourism in the country. Women in Estonia are especially quiet and reserved. If you are a talker, you’d better slow down, while they do not like it and prefer being silent more than talk a lot.

If you date your first Estonian woman, you may feel really awkward while such moments of silence are very inconvenient for you.  But step by step, you will get used to it. Babbling is not for women in Estonia, so don’t think she is bored with you, this is her national peculiarity.

 And please do not think your date failed if you spent it just sipping your coffee in silence, it is absolutely normal for Estonians.

We know from our experience that western guys prefer vivid communication, so they may find it really weird to spend their dates this way. 

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Family comes first

estonian womenSo if you wonder how Western-Estonian dating works, you should be aware of certain things. To all Estonians, including local girls, family comes first but family life is not disclosed to strangers. 

For example, if a Russian bride can share her family details and photos with you, invite you to meet her friends, family members, parents, etc., an Estonian woman will not do it for a long time.

Daughters here take care of their parents when they get older. This way, they show their respect to parents and this shows their upbringing. Their families are very strong and they prefer extended families. It means that they take care of their nephews, nieces, brothers, and sisters, as well as they do of their own children. 

Such upbringing is very appealing to western guys. An Estonian woman would bring lots of good traditions and respect to your family. But do not just forget that she will not let you into her family until you become really close. 

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You should be good with your hands

Despite the fact that Estonian women live in a well-developed European country, they still appreciate when men can do everything at home.

They really will be impressed if you can create some things or know how to fix things. No, don’t worry, girls in Estonia are not feministic and they expect a man to be a leader in their family.

You got us right, they are not obsessed with their independence, just like Slavic women / brides, they appreciate chivalry, and expect you to lead! You have to be a leader in everything – from your conversations and plans to setting the pace of your relationships. She will not pick the place when you are out, you are supposed to do that.

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Remember that even if you are in her country for the first time, it is a red flag for her if you ask her for a date and have no idea where to go and what to do. So better think beforehand where you want to take your Estonian girlfriend. 

Estonian women enjoy good laughs

estonian womenIf you expect an Estonian girl to joke around, forget about it. Just like with their conversations, they do not joke.

Well, if they don’t talk much, it is obvious they will not tell many jokes. But still, girls in that country adore laughing. It will be very easy to conquer her heart if you make her laugh. 

Estonian women are also very easy-going and adore everything simple. So if you plan a romantic date, you’d better take her somewhere to nature, they adore nature.

A bouquet of wildflowers is considered very romantic in Estonia, so you do not have to spend much on Estonian dates. But once again, think well beforehand where you will take her.

If you want to impress her with something she would adore, choose a beautiful landscape in advance, so you could know where you can get all those wild flowers. By the way, they also adore various homemade things – just a small hint.

They love honest and genuine men

estonian women

Even though they are so silent, they still appreciate when men are honest and genuine. So if you want to impress an Estonian woman, you should be yourself without any pretense. Don’t try to show her you are another person, be yourself always. These girls have the dog’s nose when it comes to liars. You should not even talk much for them to detect your unnatural behavior.

So if you have somehow offended your Estonian woman, you’d better try to fix it by being sincere and genuine, without lying more and creating different excuses while it will not help. They also hate when men have poor social skills, so think of your manners before starting to search for your Estonian bride. 


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Estonian mail order are perfectionists

estonian women

Hygiene and comfort are one of the most important things for Estonian women. Everything should be perfect in their home, family, life, and career.

The houses of Estonian women are always tidy. If you prefer a mess in your house, forget about an Estonian lady, while she will require you to keep your home tidy as well.

The tidy environment is their priority. They cannot live in a different way. For that reason, Estonian women have all the qualities to be the best housewives. Probably just like Latvian women, while comfort and house chores are extremely important for them. Without it, they do not feel themselves real ladies. 

It doesn’t mean their man has to be perfect. It is good when he is genuine, tidy, and can make her laugh. So if you are a western guy like that, they will appreciate meeting, dating, and marrying you. Just remember not to talk too much when spending time with them; it is considered bad taste in Estonia. 

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Conclusion: Dating Estonian brides is different but amazing

As you can see, dating Estonian women is very different from dating Russian or Ukrainian girls. But it is pretty similar to Latvian dating.

These women may seem a bit cold to you at first sight, but they will be the best wives and mothers, bringing traditional values to your country and family. 

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? What is your experience of dating Estonian lady?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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