Ukrainian Online Dating and Romance Scams: How to Spot & Avoid

Ukrainian dating scamCan you imagine that 12% of people using online dating sites report to be conned? Unfortunately, the growing popularity of online dating and social media networks also has increased the number of scams. The only aim of scammers is to gain your trust and get money. For that reason, lots of people have fear of joining such sites, especially after they have faced this problem themselves.

When you search for your soulmate online, you, naturally, want to avoid Ukrainian women scams. For that reason, we from Best-Matchmaking will provide you with all the information on online romance scam below. You will find out about red flags on online dating sites and how to identify an scammer.

You will also be aware of lots of example of East European marriage scam schemes and will find out how to avoid facing a scammer. The following information will help you protect yourself from online dating fraud. Lots of men get lost after facing a scammer on an online dating site. That’s why we will tell you what to do after you have been scammed.

Let’s start!

What is Ukrainian online romance scam?

Scammers use people who look for romantic partners, and very often they do it on online dating websites or social media pretending to be proper companions. They are very professional with playing on emotional triggers and play with your feelings in order to get your money, gifts, or personal details.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian women scams became also very frequent recently. Thus, scammers on various dating sites and social networks create their fake profiles to lure you in. They usually use a not real name, or use someone else’s real name after stealing their personal data.

How do scammers manage to get your trust? Romance scammers express their strong feelings for you in a short period of time. Usually, they suggest you to skip a dating site and use a more private channel to communicate and develop your relationship. They might suggest you to communicate via email, phone, or instant messengers, etc.

Women who want to con you, will do everything to gain your trust and interest, they usually shower men with words of love and share their “personal information” (of course, it’s fake). Sometimes it takes lifetime for people to build romance, but it takes just few weeks or months for them to do this. Sometimes, they pretend to book flights to come to see you, but they never do.

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How identify an online dating scammer? Red flags to consider

If you decided to search for your soulmate online because of your specific job, lack of time, or other reasons, you have to be very careful and search only on reputable dating sites that bear responsibility for the profiles they post. Otherwise, you should be ready for facing a scammer sooner or later. If you were not lucky to face a scammer before or you want to find out how not to face Ukrainian women scams at all in your search, here are some red flags you should always pay attention to:

  • Too much of “love” in a very short period of time (as it was stated above, a scammer will shower you with loving words, tell you about her feelings from the very beginning).
  • The need of money. A scammer often pretends she needs money for her personal emergency. For example, for an expensive surgery of her very ill family member or because she was robbed in the street.
  • A scammer will ask you to skip the dating site where you have met and keep communicating somewhere else in more “private” way the soonest. She might ask you to communicate via email or phone, or via some messengers. This way she doesn’t bear any responsibilities as on the dating site. Besides, asking money in correspondence on the reputable dating sites is forbidden, their profile might be deleted from the site after that. So, a scammer will do everything to avoid communicating on a dating site and do it with the help of other means. Remember that an honest Ukrainian woman will always choose a “safe” communication where she is protected, including communication via the dating site.
  • A scammer often sends intimate pictures to a man. Remember that a woman having serious intentions will never do that, especially in the very start of your correspondence and when you not even met in real life. A woman who says you she loves you and wants you, sends you intimate pictures, etc. is hardly looking for marriage, she is more likely a scammer.
  • The information on their profile doesn’t really coincide with what they tell you. A scammer often forgets about the details, doesn’t answer the questions directly, or gives different answers to one and the same question when you ask it in different periods of time.

You should understand that once a scammer gained your trust, she will ask you for money, gifts, etc. both in a direct or discreet way.

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Examples of East European online marriage scam

Online dating scammerSo, you have joined an International online dating site and are happy to see so many beautiful Slavic brides looking for your attention. But do not be desperate and don’t dive right back into your romantic adventure. Before you do that, understand how some of the scams work in order to understand if a woman you have recently met is a scammer or not.

Here is a very popular example of an online marriage scam. You have met a woman on a dating site, everything seems to be very beautiful, you communicate, and she shows lots of affection towards you. You both decide to communicate out of the dating site and exchange personal information. By the way, scammers very often try to communicate only via email, they do not have a great wish to exchange phone numbers or Skype addresses, because they don’t want to speak (there might be even a man behind a profile of a beautiful woman) on the phone or video chat.

So, you communicate via email, you already trust your beautiful bride. And here she tells you her granny or mother is in hospital, she needs a long treatment or an urgent surgery. But she doesn’t have enough money for that. The story seems to be very true. And you, as a gentleman, offer her your financial help. And after that, she keeps telling you the stories and you keep sending money. Of course, when it is time to meet in real a woman finds various reasons not to do this and eventually, disappears. But you have no other contacts other than her email and you will not find any signs of her anymore.

Another scheme is when you communicate and a woman wants to travel to you the soonest, while you are working and have no time for a trip overseas. Of course, a woman has no money for an expensive visa and tickets, she finds a ticket, sends you even the registration form with price and you send her money for that. You are so happy to meet her in some time, and she keeps communicating with you. But when it’s time to come, she never does.

How to avoid a romance scam when using Slavic online dating sites

The first thing you have to understand is that no one is insured from meeting a scammer. They can be anywhere and anyone; even the most skeptical man can be trapped by one of them.

First thing you can do is to choose a good, reputable, and reliable matchmaking service. You have to understand that when you look for your lifetime partner on a free dating site, no one gives you any guarantees or bears responsibilities. So, choosing a reputable and proven dating site is one of the main ways to avoid a romance scam.

The site administration who is interested in a good reputation always checks the documents of a woman and of a man before posting their profiles on their sites, they sign up an agreement with clear terms and conditions, and if members break the rules their profiles will be immediately deleted from the dating site.

Never hurry to avoid the communication on a Slavic dating site and to switch to emails, phones, or other ways of communication, especially if a woman insists on it. Do not be afraid to write to the administration of the site if the woman’s behavior seems suspicious to you, especially if a woman is asking for money or is insisting on exchanging personal contact information. Women who have serious intentions will never behave like that, because their safety is their priority. They never hurry to exchange emails, especially if their English is too poor for that.

Of course, when a woman is talking about love to you or her warm feelings too early, you have to think well whether she is looking for a husband. Most likely, she is simply trying to gain your trust, so it’s better for you to stop correspondence with such a woman not to get trapped.

If you have met a good woman on a dating site and your relationships develop rapidly, we can understand you are happy about that, but do not forget to “think”. You have to pay attention to what a woman writes, says, how she behaves and think whether there are some of the red flags stated above in her behavior. If a woman doesn’t answer questions about her personal life directly or is losing in her answers, names, various details, it should alert you.

How to protect yourself from a Ukrainian and Slavic romance scam

As we have noted previously, no one is secured of meeting a scammer in his search of a life partner online, and even in real life. However, there are some ways of protecting yourself from being scammed when using Slavic dating sites.

  1. Never send money to a person you have never met in person.
  2. Always think that your situation might be a scam and exclude your emotions in order to make the right decision.
  3. Try to make a little investigation. Search for her profile on social networks or check her picture with Google. It might not be her picture at all.
  4. Pay attention to the inconsistencies in her stories or other red flags listed above.
  5. If you are going to meet in person, let your family and friends know about that. They have to know where you go.
  6. Pay attention to her requests for money. Never send it or give credit card details, copies of your documents, etc.
  7. Avoid such arrangements which require you to make a payment in advance via wire transfers, international funds transfer, cryptocurrency, etc. It is impossible to get your money back when you send it this way.
  8. Do not share too much information on your social media. Scammers often use it for their goals.
  9. As it was said many times already, be careful when you join free dating sites or use free dating apps. They are full of scammers. If you decide to search for your wife on International dating sites, choose paid services with a good reputation and many years of experience. Pay attention to reviews and testimonials from its members. It is always better to put your emotions away and analyze the situation carefully if you have faced some of the red flags or suspicious behavior.

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What to do after being scammed by a Ukrainian dating scammer

If you have not managed to avoid a bad situation or protect yourself from a Ukrainian dating scammer, do not be too upset and perceive that situation as an important experience helping you to be more careful in future. However, there are some steps you can undertake if a scammer first approached you.

  1. If you believed you have been scammed by a Ukrainian dating scammer, hurry to report about that to the website where you have met her. Let the administration of the site know her profile ID, name, and other important details. Describe the situation in details. This might not help to penal the scammer, but it might help other people avoid being scammed by the same person.
  2. In case you have provided the scammer with the details of your bank account or credit card, you have to contact your bank to avoid unpleasant situations.
  3. There are lots of black lists online where such online dating scammers are listed. Post their details there for everyone could see this person.
  4. Do not get upset. Anyone can meet a scammer, especially on online dating sites. However, it is not a reason for being upset or disappointed in online dating. After facing a scammer once, you can lose trust for women at all. As we said, choose a reputable dating site in order to protect yourself from scam. You can meet lots of honest single women looking for a good man. And it’s really worth trying!

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