Dating Kazakhstan girls: What you should know

dating Kazakh girlsGood day, guys!

We from Best-Matchmaking bet that you have never even thought of dating Kazakh girls, haven’t you? Well, you should… Kazakh girls are a great mixture of Slavic women beauty and Asian warmth.

They are representatives of everything best from Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet countries. And at the same time, they have perfect Asian traits and an amazing tan.

If to say shorter, girls from Kazakhstan are a real treasure. They can offer you a totally new experience in life and relationships. So today, our topic concerns these half Asian-half Slavic ladies (check also Russian brides and Belarussian brides) and all the perks you may get when dating them. You will also find out why you may not need to choose a Kazakh girl. 

Ready to hear some absolutely new information? Then make yourself comfortable and let’s start!

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Dating modern girls from Kazakhstan

best dating sitesKazakhstan is an amazing huge country that has lots of nationalities living friendly in it. Here, you can meet such a huge variety of languages, religions, and appearances.

Most people speak Russian while not all people can speak Kazakh, especially those who have Russian origin. However, here you will find many girls speaking English, German, French, and Chinese. 

Kazakhstan nowadays is a well-developed country and women here are not in search of a rich foreigner to leave their country. Women from the former capital of the country Almaty take care of their appearance a lot. They visit beauty salons, make nail designs, and wear expensive clothes and fur coats. They attend different fancy places and travel a lot abroad. 

Character traits of Kazakh girls

In fact, women in Kazakhstan are reversed and are not likely to show their emotions. They are also very patient. They are open to foreigners while they are a multi-nationality country. But once they meet a stranger they keep distance and talk to you very formally. 

So if you count she will agree to have a date with you at once, don’t even hope. These ladies need time to get to know you and make sure they will feel safe. They are not that easy-going as Romanian brides or Polish brides, for example. They are even more reserved than Ukrainian women

But once she starts trusting you, she is more open. Lots of these girls have an excellent sense of humor. By the way, local girls adore beshbarmak – it is a national dish. And these ladies prefer eating dishes with meat. Probably that’s why they are so slim. You can hardly meet an overweight Kazakh girl. 

The appearance of girls in Kazakhstan

Genuinely Kazakh girls are Asians who are born in post-Slavic countries. These women have an absolutely Asian appearance – black or dark hair, brown eyes, and slim figures. But let us not forget that there are not only purely Kazakh girls in Kazakhstan. There are also Russian, Ukrainian, and even Korean ladies there. 

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So it means you can meet an absolute variety of characters, appearances, and bodies in that country. Anyways, modern girls from Kazakhstan take very good care of themselves. They do sports and fitness; they run in the morning and go to the gym regularly. Yoga and dance classes are of high demand in Kazakhstan. 

Women even go biking and hiking in summer and spring, as well as skiing and skating in winter. As you can see, they take care of their bodies and adore a healthy way of life. So if you are a lazy guy, get ready to move now if you plan on dating a Kazakh girl. 

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  • Liudmyla

    35 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

What is special about Kazakh girls?

Now you know that you will not meet a lazy girl in that country. Modern ladies tend to travel 1 or 2 times a year depending on their financial situation. So if you are not going to travel at least once a year, don’t even dream of such a lady. She will not agree to stay in a country forever and not see other cultures and countries. 

But of course, almost all people adore travelling and doing fitness nowadays, it is a modern way of living. So are Kazakh girls that special? Of course, there are some things that make them desired among men and even those from the west. Now let’s try to understand what exactly and see whether these girls are good for you or not.

They are very traditional

Kazakhstan womenGirls in Kazakhstan respect their traditions a lot. They visit their relatives and adore participating in family events and various celebrations. Family means a lot to them.

By the way, lots of these girls are married Korean men. You can find out more about it and the historical background in our post called “What do Russians think of interracial dating?

So they cherish traditions both of their country and nation and of their husbands who come from Korea, Russia, or other countries. A couple of times a week they go out with their friends and it is also important for them. After work or on the weekends, young girls go to the cinema. But they cherish not only their traditions but also are interested in other cultures and customs. 

Kazakh girls are very educated

Women in that Asian country are very educated and smart. Almost all of them have bachelors’ and masters’ degrees. Moreover, they often tend to have several degrees which they get not only in local but also in foreign universities. Their parents consider giving a good future to their children their main duty.

So you will never find a housewife sitting at home all week long and having no interests at all. All of them are very developed personalities and have a broad range of interests. You will always find what to talk about with Kazakh girls. They can be really interesting interlocutors and can even teach you lots of different things you have never even thought about.

As we mentioned already, women in that country are smart and can provide well for themselves even. They do not search for a rich man to leave their country but they strive to build a wonderful career and become successful both in her profession and family.

They make great wives

Kazakhstan girlsThat is an undeniable fact. Remember what we said before – Kazakh girls are very calm and respectful to everyone, no matter if it is their husband or just an unknown person.

They will always treat you with respect. Due to such a variety of nationalities in Kazakhstan, international marriages are very common in that country. It is not a problem for these ladies to marry a Korean, Chinese, German, or American man.

Please keep in mind that Kazakhstan is mostly a Muslim country, so these ladies are very obedient and do everything a Muslim wife should do. Of course, you will not meet a traditional Islamic lady in Kazakhstan, all of them look absolutely different. But still, they stick to those strict family values as all Muslim women. 

In modern Kazakhstan,  women are not wearing burqa or traditional Muslim clothes. However, lots of married ladies wear long dresses and turban. This, of course, concerns only those ladies who are married genuine Kazakhs. 

Kazakhstan girls are not afraid of international marriages

Due to their history, lots of Kazakhs have moved to Europe, and mainly to Germany. Some of them came back to Kazakhstan but most of them still live in Germany and are considered Germans. These girls adapt to foreign culture easily and can blend into any society. Marriage with a foreigner is not a problem for them, while lots of them got married Germans, Koreans, and other men throughout their history.

People in that country are not surprised to see western guys while there are lots of international companies in Kazakhstan. And lots of travelers come there every year. And since that country unites so many people of different blood in it, it is difficult to scare or surprise any Kazakh girl with a foreigner. 

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  • Sabina

    44 y.o, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Conclusion: It is NOT easy to get them as you could think

best Ukrainian dating siteIf you think that Kazakh girls are as easy to get as other Asians – Thailand or Philippines girls – you are very wrong. 

If you are looking for a one-night stand with Asian beauty, you’d better search elsewhere. It may happen maybe but not very likely. That Muslim country is very traditional and family-oriented. 

Although Kazakhstan girls are considered Asian women, they are still more European than Asian. This causes some difficulties while it is not that easy to approach them as other Asian women. You should work hard to prove her your true intentions and invite her for a date with you. 

And if you are not ready to go so far to get one of these Asian girls, check out our online gallery of beautiful women and choose one of the Russian or Ukrainian women for dating and marriage. We are here to arrange a Romantic tour for you to make your dating successful.

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