Good Online Dating Usernames – 15 Dating Profile Names Examples

Good usernames for dating siteHello gentlemen!

We are happy to see you on our dating site and if you check this post, it means you are about to create or change your username on one of the dating sites.

Well, you came to the right place while this post is exactly for you and for those who want to find their love the soonest. Believe it or not but the username plays a huge role in your online dating success.

You may wonder how but it really does. And today, we from Best-Matchmaking will reveal you all the secrets about nicknames and usernames for your online dating profile. Find out how to call yourself for a woman to like you and what usernames are better to be avoided by all means. Let’s start!

Does the online dating username even matter?

Online dating sitesSorry, guys, but yes. A username is a part of your profile and the first thing after your picture (we will talk about it later, too) women pay attention and even are attracted to.

According to the academic study research conducted in 2010, men preferred sexy usernames while women were attracted to the intelligent ones.

Of course, you may say that this study was conducted 9 years ago and lots of things have changed since then. We may disappoint you if we say that nothing has changed and this is true. Women still pay a lot of attention to your username and the wiser you choose it, the better. So, gentlemen, let us find out what kind of usernames you should use to be successful in online dating. 

Your username should be appropriate for an online dating site

Lots of dating sites allow you to register with your social media profile and in that case, the first thing women will see will be your social media name (as a rule, it is your full name but there are variations). We from Best-Matchmaking do not use that approach to registration, we make it as confidential as possible, so you will have to think well of what username to use.

Keep in mind that the username cannot be changed after you created your profile and that is one more reason to choose it wisely from the very beginning. Dating sites are not some sites for gamers or just entertainment; they are used for the search of your spouse and life partner, so women pay much attention to it. That’s why let’s see what kind of username would be appropriate for an online dating site.

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A good dating username should be catchy

Yes, if you have ever been a student you probably have written lots of essays and you know well that the topic of it, as well as its introduction, should be very eye-catching to make a reader want to read further and find out what’s next. Don’t be surprised because the same concerns your online dating profile and the choice of your username.

So be creative and think of something women may like but remember about the results of a survey – women are more attracted to nicknames showing your intelligence. It should be something witty if you have a good sense of humor or something showing your personality. If you have a doctor’s degree, for example, you can show it in your username, too. 

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Avoid using dirty nicknames for your dating profile

How to find legitimate Russian dating sitesNow as we found out that it is necessary to make your nickname pretty eye-catching and attention-grabbing, we should make it clear that not each “catchy” nickname would be good for a dating site. Just think about what your goal on the dating site is! All women here look for husbands and life partners. 

And when a woman sees something like “sexyboy”, “hottie”, or “HarleyDude”, she will hardly believe you are looking for a wife and are serious about dating at all. Such usernames may seem great to you but they only scare women. Such nicknames have to be avoided by all means.

Of course, if your goal is to find not a wife but just to flirt, you can use such a name. But then just choose another site that is not about looking for a match and life partner but about flirting and chatting like that. Serious matchmaking sites are for different purposes.

Your nickname on a dating site should tell about your personality

As we already mentioned above, your nickname is to tell about your personality. You can deliver what you are looking for or what kind of person you are with the help of just one username. Let’s say you are a religious person and you want to find a woman who shares your beliefs. In this case, you should think of a username depicting it.

For example, “FaithFirst” or “TrueChristianMan”, or a “LookingForMuslimLady” would be good usernames. If you are really looking for a woman sharing your beliefs and faith, this would help her to see you at once among all others. Yes, when browsing men’s profiles, a woman who is looking for a religious man will notice your profile at once and will write to you. 

You can use any of your hobbies or passions in your username. For example, “RacingLover”, “BigDogsLover”, “Fisherman”, “Pizzaguy”, etc. These are good usernames showing what you are fond of and they will help women with the same interests pay attention to you at once.

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What about funny online dating usernames?

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeA funny username is great (but remember not to go much into dirty jokes) because if a woman is looking for a man with a perfect sense of humor, she will be happy to see a man with a witty username.

It can be a short but funny nickname, for example, “Marvelous”, “Panda”, “PerfectBoyfriend”, “EligibleBachelor”, “Cupcake”, etc. Anything you think may be funny and light.

But make sure your username is really funny and not too sarcastic. Also, we would recommend feeling that delicate balance between funny and bragging usernames. Avoid bragging by all means. Women do not like men who are doing it. Just remember that golden rule – highlight your confidence and advantages but do not brag – and stick to it when creating your online dating profile.

It should show your confidence

Confidence is one more thing attracting women and yes, you can express it with your username. A confident username is a good sign of a real man. But remember once again – no bragging, only show your confidence. If you check some women’s profiles in our online gallery, you will see that lots of Ukrainian and Russian women know what they are worth and this is shown in their usernames.

Yes, when a woman knows she is beautiful, she can say directly in her username and profile. And you can do the same. Women are looking for confident men and your username can tell them they are on the right path and you may be the one they are looking for. For example, usernames like “Fun_and_fit”, “StrongGuy”, “TallGuy”,  etc. would show your confidence. 

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Have you heard of strategic words?

Yes, you may be surprised but your profile username may contain certain keywords that can play a huge role in your success. Both men and women have the same goals and desires on dating sites and they just want to find a good person who would be loving and caring and whom they could trust. So, if you want to create a catching username, you may use these strategic keywords and add them to your nickname.

These words include such keys as caring, loving, easy, nice, music, laugh, laughter, love, happy, family, kind, etc. Women often include such keywords as honest, caring, happy, kind, fun, friends, family, and love. It means that women are looking for men who possess these qualities and if you add them to your nickname, they will subconsciously think you are the man they need. 

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Music can be helpful too

European girls for dating and marriageIt may sound weird but you can add the words from your favorite song lyrics to your username, too. Such nicknames will catch the women’s eye immediately and will be remarkable and outstanding.

It can be fun because first of all, those words are beautiful, usually about love and feelings, and secondly, because women like to guess where those words are from.

And imagine if some ladies have the same music goods and preferences. Once she recognizes her favorite song, she will immediately want to write to you. Some good examples of such usernames for your dating profile could be “you’remyeverything”, “youseemperfecttome”, etc. They will show you are a romantic and loving man.

Any lady will be excited to see you love that kind of music and will want to send you a message. Women love romantic men, this is not a big secret and that is something they are looking for. 

Avoid negative usernames in your dating profile

Another good recommendation would be to avoid negative wording when you create your profile on a dating site. Women will never want to meet a man who is negative. And these negative words any aspect of life. For example, when you call yourself “NoPetsEver”, “HaterOfEx”, “NoKids”, “WomenNightmare”, and so on, you doom yourself to failure.

Would you like to get in touch with a woman with such a nickname? We have huge doubts you would. When ladies see such a username, even though you have a wonderful profile picture, they will understand something is wrong and they have to skip your profile and move on. It is clear that you were hurt and still didn’t recover or have some other problems in your life.

So, we recommend always remaining positive in your dating profile, no matter whether it is your username or description, or even the first letter. People come to dating sites to get rid of the negative past and meeting another one “angry bird”. 

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Conclusion: As you will name the boat, it will float

Latvian dating serviceSo, guys, we hope that this guide will help you create an outstanding profile and will help you become successful in online dating.

Remember that username is as important as everything else when it comes to searching for a life partner. As you will name the boat, it will float. It means if you are negative in your username, don’t expect any success. 

When you call yourself a “LonelyGuy”, you will seem hopeless to ladies and this is not what they search for. Make sure to always stay positive no matter what! And if you still have questions or suggestions, leave your comments under this post. 

Also, you can ask Kate, your matchmaker and dating blogger for a free consultation. She will help you choose an online dating membership plan or International matchmaking package at reasonable prices. Best-Matchmaking helps not only with helpful tips but also with a successful search!

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