What makes Russian girls so special?

Russian girls so specialHello gentlemen!

We from Best-Matchmaking believe that the reason for you to read this post is your wish to marry one of the Russian women. They are someone who attracts men from all over the world to hundreds of online dating sites for many years now.

Lots of men become the happiest man on earth when dating and marrying these Russian beauties. Others may not be so lucky and say Russian women are one of the worst ladies on this planet after their refusal.

No matter whether they are good or bad, men’s attention has always been paid to Russian women. Regardless of your past or future experience with them, they are really special and are always the center of western discussion. They gained their popularity even in Asia and for that reason, we have so many Asian men looking for a Russian bride on our site currently. So let’s just find out what makes Russian girls so special right now!

Who are Russian girls?

  It is necessary to admit that when we tell Russian women we do not necessarily mean women from Russia. We call almost all Slavic women Russian girls, so you should keep that in mind. The information provided below concerns not only women from Russia but also Ukrainian women and Belarussian women at least. 

Yes, the notion of Slavic women is wider and includes women from many more countries. However, we decided to touch only women from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus because all of them possess more or less the same qualities and personality traits. There are some differences, of course, and we will try to pay your attention to them throughout our post. 

For now, we just want you to understand that when we speak about Russian women, we mean not only women from Russian cities (check also our guides: Dating Moscow girls: Your Comprehensive Guide St Petersburg Women for Dating & Marriage) or villages, but also ladies from all over Ukraine and Belarus. Moreover, these girls make a majority of single brides on our site, so we are absolutely obliged to tell you more about them all.

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A bad reputation for the whole “mail-order-bride business”. Why?

Yes, guys, we from Best-Matchmaking keep hearing more and more that Russian women are bad, they are scamming men and using them for money and expensive gifts and that they are not interested in a marriage or family.

Yes, gentlemen, unfortunately, scam happens and it happens not only among Russian women but also among all other women, and even men of the world.

Such a reputation is one of the things making Russian girls so popular. But please tell us, if all of them are so bad, why do you keep willing to find a Russian wife?

This is a dilemma, isn’t it? And we can shed some light on it. The truth is that not every western can have a Russian wife because of them having their requirements towards men. 

After some fails, some men who didn’t manage to meet the standards of a Russian woman just decided to spread the rumors all Russian women are bad. But if you read lots of our tips on dating Russian girls, you will understand getting one of them is not the easiest thing.

Is their beauty something that makes them so special?

And let’s make it clear, there are very beautiful women in every country of the world. Lithuanian women, for example, make the biggest number of world’s popular models because of their height and beauty.

Colombian, Brazilian, and Slovakian women (Slovakian women characteristics: Your detailed guide on Slovakian dating) are not less beautiful, so why does the whole world say that Russian girls are the most beautiful?

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To tell you the truth, Russian women do not possess any special beauty and don’t stand out much with their natural appearance traits. So why is their beauty well-known to the whole world? The reason for that is only their inner world and spirit. Their ability to no matter what look beautiful and well-cared always. 

Their natural sexuality is something that makes them special. And their understanding of how important it is to look beautiful no matter whether you stay at home or just go shopping is something incredible. Keep in mind that the majority of Russian women won’t even go taking out the garbage looking improperly.

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Russian girls are straightforward

Beautiful Russian womanLots of you complain that western girls have their secrets and never tell you like it is. So when dating a Russian woman, there are almost no secrets while she is very direct and will tell you openly what she wants or what she doesn’t like.

Although some of you tell us that dating a Russian woman is a real riddle and it is very difficult to solve it, women from Slavic countries do not like playing games and prefer not to sugarcoat anything.

We will not say it is very easy when it comes to Western-Russian dating, and we do not say that Russian women are not demanding. They really are and they have their expectations of what a real man should be like. However, she will never require something just because she is in a bad mood. A Russian woman will always have her strong grounds for everything she tells you, even if it may hurt you.

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Russian girls are introverted

Russian women for datingYes, this is one more thing that you may have never thought or heard of, but this is what makes women in Russia special. You probably have used to western people smiling in the streets all the time.

However, if you ever come to one of the post-Soviet countries, you will notice that women in the streets do not smile around. Moreover, starting a conversation with them is a real challenge.

Small talk in Russia is not a popular thing, however, you can meet it in Ukraine sometimes. At first, you may think that Russian women are cold-hearted because of that. But this is not really true. They are not too open with unknown people, and especially men, and even less open with foreign men. 

This is absolutely normal. But once you get to know her closer, you will discover how fun and talkative they can be. These ladies can be really funny and know how to entertain and make everyone around them smile. 

Yes, they are family-oriented, but…

Lots of you start looking for a Russian woman because they are really family-oriented and old-fashioned because they still have all those traditional values and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family. In fact, this is true but not always. Modern Russian women strive to be more educated and have a good career, they want to find their place in life and earn well.

But don’t be scared at once, it doesn’t mean they stopped being feminine and started being feministic and career-oriented. One of the main peculiarities of Russian girls is their ability to find the right balance between their career and family life. They can be strict bosses at work but when they come home, they turn into the most loving and caring wives and mothers. 

Russian girls are good chefs

Russian foodAnother reason for which western men choose Russian women is the ability of the latter to cook well and serve their men.

It is necessary to admit that modern Russian women do not spend all their time in the kitchen surprising you with a new dish every single day. They also prefer going to restaurants from time to time and feel themselves real ladies.

However, even the bossiest woman will never leave her husband hungry. Yes, she will always cook something, even if those are just fried eggs, she will serve them with love and care, as if it is the biggest world’s culinary masterpiece. Russian women also prefer cooking only healthy food for their children, so you may not worry about what they will eat for breakfast or dinner. 

Of course, not all women adore cooking and some of them may even not like it. But absolutely all Russian women are able to cook basic things, so none of your family members will be ever hungry.

Russian women are very intelligent

We from Best-Matchmaking know well that men do not like very smart women. And based on our experience, we can say you often choose slightly silly ladies, because it is difficult to deal with a smart woman who has her strong viewpoints. However, when speaking about Russian girls, necessary to admit that no matter what her IQ is, you will never get bored with her.

Nowadays, most of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarus city girls and even those from villages, strive to get a good education. Lots of them even have a couple of degrees in different fields. But what is most important, these women are not only well-educated, they are taught to read books from the very childhood, so their personalities are very developed.

So if are afraid of boring girls and that you will have nothing to discuss, you may be quiet when choosing a Russian girlfriend. She will never make you bored and will be able to discuss any topic with dignity. This is something that makes them so special.

Russian girls are fiercely loyal

You know, gentlemen, we have often heard the questions about the fidelity of Russian or Ukrainian women. And it seemed that some of you have been really hurt by women in your country and have been cheated on. We have also heard from some of you that Russian women are not loyal. But allow us not to agree with that.

If you have such an opinion, you probably don’t know Russian women or simply were refused by one. You should realize that a man is everything for any Russian girl; he is her love, her partner, her best friend, and her lover. And if a Russian girl is happy, she will never cheat on you. She will do everything for your happiness.

But if you didn’t manage to make her happy as a woman, just recall what we said about her straightforwardness – she will just tell you this directly and will not hide anything or go cheating while being in a relationship with you. So we can make the following conclusion.

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Conclusion: Russian girls prefer remaining single than with someone not decent

Don’t be afraid of her being not loyal to you. For a Russian woman, it is important to be happy and feel loved and desired, and she will never be with a man who cannot give her that feeling. So she prefers just breaking up rather than cheating on someone. These women really do not need much in relationships. 

And when they love, they devoted every inch of them to you. So, guys, if you want to find one of the most special women in the world, welcome to our online gallery of foreign women. Here you will meet not only Russian, but also Belarussian and  Ukrainian Brides , for dating and marriage. You will be able to communicate with them in a video-chat with Russian women and take a Romantic tour to meet them in person.

And if there are still questions, you can ask Kate, your online dating blogger and matchmaker. She will consult you for free on matchmaking offers and membership plans and will help you find your most special Russian woman. Remember that the sooner you start your search, the sooner you find someone.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Were you successful to find your match yet?  Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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