Where to find cute women for dating and marriage?

Women in RigaHello guys!

Some of you join us to find their wife, for others online dating is a new experience and chatting cute Russian girls is a lot of fun for them.

Yes, we from Best-Matchmaking know that each of you wants to find a girl with an amazing inner world and beautiful personality. But the first thing you pay attention to is her appearance.

Let’s be honest – everyone wants to have a beautiful person by his side. It pleases our ego when our better half captures admiring looks of other people, so we pay attention to the appearance first of all. And today, you will find out where you can meet cute Russian girls and how to grab their attention. So if you want to have a cute girl by your side, keep reading till the end and make notes!

Why Russian girls are so cute?

Beautiful Russian womanThis is a pure and very strong stereotype that Russian women are very beautiful. And we are not talking about girls from Russia only, we mean all Slavic brides now. But of course, they are not all born models. Some of them have a very usual appearance, not outstanding at all. 

Russian mail order brides are different. Some of them are very beautiful, others have a pretty average appearance. But what makes them cute is their attitude towards them and their appearance in general.

These ladies don’t even go out to buy some water without makeup. They will not wear their home clothes to throw the garbage even.

They know that they are real women and try to remain women in any situation. They look their best for you always. They should love themselves and like how they look like. And this is what makes Russian girls so special and cute.

How to date the cutest girls

Russian women welcome international dating a lot. Yes, you are lucky because they are really willing to meet and marry western guys. But dating them is not that easy as it may seem. Just because you come from the West doesn’t mean she will date you at once even without thinking. 

Not at all, Russian, as well as Ukrainian women are pretty demanding to relationships and have their standards of a man they want to have in their life. Yes, they want to move abroad but lots of them have a very good life in their country and are not going to sacrifice it if they are not sure you can give them what they need.

So they have to meet a really good man to be willing to move to his country. And here is what you should do it you want to date one of the cutest girls from Russia or Ukraine.

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Be alpha male!

How to seduce a Russian womanYes, you didn’t misunderstand us. Russian, Ukrainian, and even Latvian women are representatives of Slavic brides and in their culture, a man is a leader.

It doesn’t mean you should be a bodybuilder and have no brains. You should be strong but not literally. 

You should have a strong will and a strong mind. Being strong means being able to make decisions! So if you come to meet her, never ask what you will be doing today.

Better offer her something yours. Tell her that I bought two tickets to ride a boat – today we have a boat ride, for example!

Make her such surprises and be confident in what you do. Once a cute Russian girl will see you have doubts about something or hesitate, especially about her, she will lose her hopes towards you and will seek for a man elsewhere. So being a confident alpha-male is a must!

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Be a gentleman!

Dating Moscow girlsBeing an alpha-male doesn’t mean you should be rude. Vice versa, you should know how to please a woman. And they are pleased when you behave like a gentleman. What is it like to behave like a gentleman with a cute Russian girl?

First of all, you should bring some flowers for your date. Flowers are a must when it comes to dating Russian and Ukrainian women.

None of the dates can happen without a beautiful bunch or at least one rose. So once you invited her for a date, don’t forget to go to the flower shop on your way to the restaurant. 

Paying the dating bills is a must too; never offer her to switch the bills. Russian and Ukrainian men always give a lady their hand when they get out of the car or a bus. They help to take off their coats, as well as taking it on. Remember these simple tricks and your date with a cute Russian girl will be a success!

Where to meet cute Russian girls

Where can you meet a cute Russian girl? Of course, in Russia. Or in Ukraine, if we are talking about Ukrainian women.

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For that purpose, you can simply come to Ukraine or Russia and try and meet one of the girls right in the streets or public places. But remember what we wrote above – Slavic women are not that easy to approach.

They will smile at you and maybe even drop a couple of words but they will not date you just because you came to their country. You know what their first thought about you will be – that you came to their city as a western pick-up artist. Yes, they will think your goal is nothing more than just entertainment and flirt, so finding a serious woman this way is almost impossible.

Meeting cutest girls via dating apps

Another option to coming to her country is trying and meeting a cute Russian girl in one of the dating apps. This option is more or less free; at least, it will cost you a certain subscription fee which is not that high.  There are plenty of relatively free Russian dating sites and apps similar to Tinder. But finding a Russian girl via such an app is not that easy.

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The reason for that is that good and serious women don’t register on such sites. Some women who want to chat or what is even worse, scammers, may use such apps. But ladies who are busy with work, studies, and don’t have enough time for such things and are really serious will never be there. 

Ladies want to have a guarantee that a foreign man is serious and family-oriented and is not using such apps for fun, so they will better go to a paid dating site where they can be sure in men’s “quality”. 

How to meet a cute girl online

Dating Ukrainian womenAs you could imagine, a dating site or a reputable matchmaking service are the best places to meet eligible cute Russian girls. Of course, if your goal is to meet a bride and a future wife rather than a scammer or a lady for a one-night-stand.

Why do Russian girls choose international dating sites? Because they want to be sure of their safety and quality of the services provided.

As well as we protect you from a scam, we protect women and guarantee their privacy and safety. They exchange their contact information only with those men they want and feel good about.

If they are not ready, they may wait a bit with the disclosure of their personal contact details. Besides, when meeting a man online, they can be sure our translator is accompanying them on the meeting and they will not stay alone in an awkward situation.

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The perks of meeting cute Russian girls online

If you have chosen the right dating service, you can be sure you will not meet a scammer and will meet a serious lady who will want to marry and move to your country. Of course, there are no perfect women but at least, you can check our Anti-Scam policy and be sure we will prevent you from being scammed or meeting game-players. Moreover, if you decide to use matchmaking services, you will get a selection of women for you individually.

Seeing a lady before a personal meeting is really important, so you can use an online chat to see and talk to her face-to-face. We from best-matchmaking offer a Skype call at least 30 minutes long that will allow you to see your lady and hear her voice, see her facial expressions, and understand whether you have chemistry or not.

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Conclusion: Everything is possible!

Meeting with a Ukrainian womanEven if you are not a young athlete or a millionaire, you still have a good chance to meet a great cute Russian girl. Remember that Russian women don’t believe words but they pay attention only to your actions.

And if you want to get one such cute girls, follow our tips above and you will definitely be successful in your search!

We hope that our Romantic tour will help you meet your only one the soonest in her country. It is a great chance to see each other in real and understand if you want to continue and develop your further relationships. We also have a special event offer in case you want to knock her off her feet during your date.

If you still have questions about dating or matchmaking, you can get a free consultation from Kate – a dating blogger and matchmaker with a psychology degree. Go ahead and choose your dating membership plan at a reasonable price! And if you want to get top-quality service, don’t hesitate to choose one of the affordable Slavic matchmaking offers!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

Learn more about the Ukrainian matchmaking service by Best-Matchmaking.com.

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