Why are Russian ladies looking for a husband abroad?

Dating a Russian womanHello gentlemen,

We hope you are in a good mood and ready to find your foreign bride right now. But before, we from Best-Matchmaking, as always want you to learn as much as possible about your future wife – one of the beautiful Russian women.

Lots of you ask us why these beautiful ladies seek for a man elsewhere if they can easily find a husband in their country.

And this is a very wise question, so today we would like to make it clear for you. No, there is nothing wrong with Russian women who search for a man abroad and they really can easily find a man in their country. But they have their reasons for being single and searching elsewhere. So let us find out what those reasons are.

Some general reasons why Russian ladies are looking for a husband abroad

Dating Belarussian womenNowadays, Russian women have a great opportunity not only to travel to foreign countries but also live and work there. And this resulted in a large number of international marriages.

Now more and more western guys want to marry Russian and Ukrainian women. All Slavic ladies, including Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian women, are very attractive, feminine, devoted, and friendly.

And it is normal so many of you wonder why so many amazing women can’t find a man in their countries. Well, the rule is very simple, if you expand your horizons, you will have more chances. If they failed to find a good local man, so why not to try their luck and to search for a potential groom from the States or Europe? 

It is considered that at least once in their life, every Russian or Ukrainian woman has thought of a marriage with a foreigner. Household problems, financial insecurity, social vulnerability in their countries often are their reasons for searching western husbands. 

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Let’s apply to statistics

According to a survey conducted by one of the largest dating sites, over thirty thousand Russian women  at the age of 18-50 who are in active search of a man are ready to consider an option of a marriage with a foreign life partner. And what is interesting – only 15% of them want to marry a foreigner to improve their lives and make it more comfortable. And the financial question is not a priority for 42% of ladies who want to marry a western man. 

And 35% of ladies said that money is not important at all if you love a man no matter where he is from. And moreover, 50% of the respondents replied that they saw no difference in financial parameters between foreigners and their local men. So, according to the research, wealth, quality of life, and appearance of men are not the key factors for Russian women when choosing foreign men.

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Why is the choice difficult?

For a Russian woman, it is not easy to find a good partner in her homeland. In Russia, for example, there are 10 million fewer men than women. The situation is almost the same in Ukraine – there are fewer women than men in the country. The duration of life of women in these countries is 13 years longer than that of men.

So as you can see even demographic reasons make Russian women search for a husband elsewhere. By the way, Latvian women have the same problem in their country and exactly for demographic reasons start searching for foreign grooms. But the demographic reasons are not the only reasons for Russian ladies to search for men abroad. 

Russian ladies want to be loved

Russian Mail Order BridesAfter some negative marriage experience, women do not want already to unite their lives with local men. It is normal; don’t you search for a Russian or Ukrainian lady because you are not satisfied with the girls in your home country? So do women. They want to forget their negative experience and start a new life in a new country.

After marrying some men who are not ready to love or provide for their families, these ladies decided to search for their love and respect elsewhere. They do not want to be limited to the household as they often are. And unfortunately, very often they have no chance for personal development in their country.

And when a person is caring and is full of love to share with someone and doesn’t get the same in return, she will naturally want to seek for it in other places. In their case – in the west. There are not so many worthy gentlemen in their countries so they search for them in your country. 

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The expectations of Russian ladies from a relationship with a foreign partner

Russian ladies are often afraid of the different mentality of guys from the west. So lots of them are cautious that it will be difficult to understand each other properly even if there is no language barrier and she speaks English. Still, most of Russia ladies believe that a foreign man can court them properly and show his affection.

They expect you to reach your full potential not only at work and in your career but also in your family and relationships. But women of different age have different expectations. Want to know which ones? We have provided the information below according to their age. 

18-25 years old Russian ladies looking for a foreign husband

Russian video chat onlineGirls at that age dream of their Prince Charming. They are not mature enough and want their dreams to come true. However, lots of them have already been married unsuccessfully.

And for that reason pay attention to overseas grooms. Those who had no experience in family life are not too picky in the choice of the man. 

They still believe in romance and want you to do various crazy things for them. These girls want romantic dates and are not in a hurry to get married the soonest and have kids, they are searching for an eventful life. So if your aim is to have children and get married the soonest and you are at least 15 years older, you’d better search for a bit older woman. 

25-36-year old Russian ladies’ expectations

Women at that age are already more mature and willing to settle down. Their aim is marriage and giving birth to babies. When choosing one of such ladies, you can be sure she is willing to have long-term relationships only. Some of them still pursue their career though and may have some difficulties with moving to your country.

Very often, women of that age are divorced and have children already, so they are looking not only for a husband but for a father for their kids, too. Ladies want to give a good education to their children and work hard for it. Marriage with a foreigner from a well-developed country could be a good chance for them to create wonderful life opportunities for their children. 

It is very difficult for a single mom to cope with everything and create good living and educational conditions for her children. After having not an easy life, they realize that a foreign husband would be a food father, romantic partner, and a good husband for them. 

Why do 37-45-year old Russian ladies look for foreign men?

The expectations of ladies at that age category do not differ much from those of the previous one. However, very often, these ladies already have one or two kids and do not plan to have more children. They want to live life to the fullest and find a loyal, respectful, and devoted life partner to enjoy their life together. They gladly accept your children if any.

They are not picky and do not need a man to be too romantic, as ladies at their 20s. But they have their standards, as well. They are experienced and know what kind of man they would like to have by their side. Ladies at that age reach their sexual peak and they expect their foreign husband to be active, as well. 

After reconsidering her life, she often realizes that life in another country would have been more positive and she could have much more if she gets married a foreign guy. So why not to use that chance? 

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Russian ladies over 45 years old are also looking for foreign men

mature Russian womanAs a rule, women at that age have adult children who are busy with their studies, work, and personal life. Once her children start their own life, a lady starts to feel not needed and needs someone to care of, too.

A new relationship is a great way for them to feel themselves women again, give their love, care, and devotion to someone.

Since the duration of men’s life in Russia and Ukraine is shorter than that of women, it is difficult for ladies at their late 40s and 50s to find a reliable partner.

So trying to find their partner among single foreign men is their way out. These ladies are mature and wise enough, so they will not try to change your character or habits and are ready to accept you for who you are. They want to agree and find compromises with their potential partners. Women at that age want to live an active life, travel and enjoy life with their partners. 

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Conclusion: Beyond the obvious

best dating sitesRussian ladies often have not an easy life living in their country due to some social and economic standards. Often, their negative experience makes them search for their partners abroad.

However, when they join dating sites, they hope to find a reliable partner who would change their life forever. In our mail order bride gallery, you can find lots of Russian and other Slavic ladies of different age groups.

Feelings are very important for women from Russia and Ukraine, so they will never have relationships with someone they don’t like. We recommend using a video chat option to get to know them better and see who they are in real. And a Romantic tour to Russia and Ukraine will help you meet your Russian dream the soonest.

You can get in touch with Kate to find out more on Eastern European (Slavic) brides and get a free consultation on Best-Matchmaking dating membership plans and Slavic matchmaking offers at reasonable prices. Remember that the only wish of Russian women is to be loved and find care and affection - that is the soul of any Slavic woman.

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