Russian Asian girls: A Myth or Truth?

Russian Asian girls➢Best-Matchmaking knows pretty well how popular Russian women are . We know you like their Slavic appearance, character traits, and even slim and hot figures.

➢As well as Ukrainian Brides, Russian girls are very smart and make wonderful wives and mothers. As well as Latvian women, girls from Russia are very elegant and open to meeting foreign men.

Lots of you prefer Asian girls but not many of you know that you can find them in Russia as well. Yes, you didn’t misunderstand us - Asian Russian girl is a reality and not some myth.

So today, we decided to tell you everything we know about Russian Asian girls: ✓ their appearance ✓ personal traits ✓and other qualities. You will also find out whether they search for western husbands and if so, how you can date them.

Why do some Russian girls look Asian?

Let’s not forget how big Russia is. Among 142 million inhabitants of Russia, it counts over 190 ethnic groups. Ethnic Russians form 78% of its population, the rest are other ethnic groups, including the Ket people of Siberia, there are only a bit more than a thousand of them. Most ethnic Russian girls have a European appearance. However, there are lots of women who can be called ethnically Asian.

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Foreign travelers are often surprised by such ethnic diversity of Russia while they can’t imagine there are so many people of different appearance there. And it’s no wonder while although there are over 190 ethnicities in the country; none of the groups is officially defined as Asian.  According to Egor Kitov, a researcher from the Center of Physical Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Asians are three groups of people:

  1. Asians living in the Asian part of the country.
  2. Turkic and Tungusic people.
  3. Different ethnicities that belong to Mongoloids. There are more than 10 of them.  

More about the origin of Russian Asian girls

Yakutsk womenThere are really many ethnicities of the Mongoloid race in Russia; however, it is already almost impossible to identify them while both races Caucasian and Mongoloid on the territory of the country have mixed in various proportions.

Lots of people mislead the term Asian though. Such Asian-looking women as Kazakhs or Tatars have a mixed origin of Mongoloid and Caucasian blood, too. 

Among Asian Russian girls, you can find the representatives of Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Yakuts, Buryats, Uzbeks, Tuvans, Kalmyks, Koreans, Kyrgyz. As you can see, even Korean women live in Russia and are a part of numerous Russian folk. And you can find out more about Yakutsk women in one of our previous posts. 

Lots of Korean communities lived in the Russian Far East during the late 19th century. They left Korea because of poverty and managed to adapt quickly to the Far East and settle on empty farmland. You can see lots of Korean-looking girls having Korean names even in modern Russia.

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Where you can meet an Asian Russian girl?

We realize that very few of you are ready to go to Siberia or the Far East to meet those ethnically Asian Russian girls. It is very far, costly, and not very reasonable to go so far just to see how many women in Russian have an Asian appearance. Lucky for you, lots of modern Asian Russian women are not satisfied with their life in their republics. 

So where do you think they tend to move?  Of course, they are all moving to Moscow and other megacities in search of a better life. Don’t worry, you will not see Asian Russian girls riding deer or wearing fury national clothes in these cities. These girls are becoming big-city girls, with modern ambitions, and willing to find a better and cozier life. 

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The appearance of Russian Asian girls

Yakutsk women for datingWe bet you guessed how Russian Asian girls look like. But don’t think they all look Chinese-like. Their appearance to a large extent depends on their origin. Have you seen how many ethnicities are there in Russia? Now imagine each of them has its own appearance’ peculiarity. 

So despite the fact they are all Asian, they all have a very different appearance. Even Yakutsk women tend to have different appearance although they live in the same republic and even in the same city.

It is all connected to their roots and history. And we will not surprise you how popular international marriages are nowadays.

So in Russia, you can see lots of girls whose parents are half-Korean and half-Russian, for example. Such women are extremely beautiful and unique. They have a very exotic appearance and still look very modern. 

Asian looks – Slavic values

Russia is indeed a unique country. Not only because it has the largest territory among all the world countries but because it allows so many different people, nations, and drops of blood coexist amicably and even create families with each other. Such girls are really amazing while they are more traditional and tend to preserve the values from both their parents. 

If you try to google one of the Russian TV-shows, for example, a dancing show called “The Dances”, you will see how many modern Asian Russian girls come to the contest to become the best dancer of the country from various parts of Russian Federation and even from Kazakhstan. And you will easily see that they look amazing. They are very cute, beautiful, fit, and hard-working. Such women are worth to be the wife of a good western man.

They make perfect wives and mothers

Russian Asian girlsThis statement is absolutely true. We realize that when you search for a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you have a clear picture of a slim blond lady with fair eyes who is ready to be devoted to her husband wherever he is from.

But Russian girls are not only such blondes but as you can see, in Russia, you can find even women having Korean origin. And we don’t even know which of them would become a better wife for you.

Lots of western guys have a weakness for Asian women. And it is fair while they are very obedient and good wives. So, if you are lucky to find one such Russian Asian girlfriends, you will have an exotic lady possessing Asian appearance and a perfect wife with strong family values, both Russian and Asian ones. Don’t forget that Korean women also possess strong family values. 

Do they search for western men?

Of course, if we are talking about women in Siberia who still live in their tribes, we can truly say they don’t search for western men. They live far from civilization; have their values, traditions, and try to preserve all this. So they get married to each other and want to keep their tribe alive as long as possible.

But we talk about those modern girls who live in big cities of Russia, then, of course, they search for western men. And as you know already, they can make a great match to any of you. These ladies have very modern life-views, are very open to any new culture, and are willing to meet guys who represent it. So they will make great Russian wives with Asian values for any man from the west. 

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Some tips on dating a Russian Asian girl

Russian Asian girlsIf you decide to date one of these cool Russian women with Asian blood, accept our congratulations while we have no doubts you have made the right choice. In Moscow and other big Russian cities, you will find plenty of such exotic Russian girls. But it doesn’t mean you should just come and start talking to them right in the streets. We recommend trying to date them online first. On best-matchmaking, for example, you can find lots of Russian, Ukrainian, and even Belarussian women

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Conclusion: They are more real than you think

Russian Asian girlsWe hope we dispelled all your doubts about Russian Asian girls. If you could never imagine that Asian women can be also Russian women, now you know it is not a myth but true. Russia is full of beautiful Asian girls who are willing to meet foreign men as well. Now you don’t even have to go to Japan or Thailand to meet your Asian dream girl, it is possible to do it in Russia.

Meeting them is not difficult. You can easily do it on our dating site and once you make sure she is what you have been looking for, you can go and meet her in person. We would help you arrange a Special event for her to impress on your first meeting. 

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Have you ever dated Slavic or Asian lady?  Feel free to share your experience or opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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