Why are mature Russian women looking for western men?

Mature Russian womenHello gentlemen!

When we ask you what kind of woman would you like to find, you always mention that she should be mature apart from everything else.

And that’s right while everyone would like to have a mature person by his side. Russian women are looking for mature well as well. But who are they, mature Russian women?

Some of you say that they would like to have a 20-year old mature lady. We reply that this is impossible while she would be too young to be mature. Of course, a young girl can be mature in her mind and be quite wise. But today, we are not talking about that.

Today, we would like to talk about really mature Russian women at their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc. Yes, they also search for western husbands. Unfortunately, lots of you are afraid of women at that age, and you shouldn’t be at all, while this category of ladies makes perfect wives for western men. Let’s find out why they really search for a western man! 

Why do mature Russian women join dating sites?

Russian dating & matchmakingIn fact, there is no unambiguous answer to that question. Each of our Russian ladies has her own personal reasons for joining our dating site.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to guess their preconditions, but they do not really matter. The most important is that they start seriously looking for a foreign husband, isn’t it?

But if everything was that easy we would not create this post. So, will try to explain to you in details why our mature and independent women start searching for western husbands. Are they searching for a better life or just want to forget all their problems and move to another place? Let us try to understand what makes mature Russian ladies join our site in the search of happiness.

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American joy?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, lots of Russians were looking for a reliable way out. So it was natural that lots of women started to search for a “civilized” western husband. Almost all girls were guided by a famous song called “American boy, American joy” by a Russian rock band. All the women wanted to find a western man and leave Russia the soonest.

But the times when Russian women were going weak in the knees for anyone from the West are already gone. And nowadays, life in Russia is often much better for women than that in the West. Western men still think that all Russian women want to catch the first foreigner to leave their country the soonest. But this is already not true.

Yes, there are still women who seek a better life but this case is very rare and for sure it is not the case of mature women. Their reasons to search for a western man are totally different.

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Mature Russian women want to love and be loved

mature Russian womanThis reason is more common for mature Russian women. You should realize that women in their late 30s-50s have had some personal experience already.

And very often, their experience wasn’t successful. So it is normal when they are disappointed with men in their country, they start searching for happiness elsewhere.

And you should not be afraid to have relationships with a mature lady. Their rich life experience, wisdom, and maturity will make them perfect wives.

Believe us, if you want to have a wonderful, caring, and understanding wife instead of a fancy demanding lady by your side, then choose one of the mature Slavic brides

Such women do not need your romantic actions, spending all your money on them, etc. They need a quiet and happy life. So here are the benefits of choosing a mature Russian lady as a wife. 

The perks of dating a mature Russian woman

Russian women kissesUnfortunately, lots of you even being not young do not choose mature Russian or Ukrainian women. Instead, you choose a lady in her 20’s or early 30’s in the hope to find happiness.

And this is a huge mistake while an age gap of more than 15-20 years is crucial for your happiness. A young girl simply cannot be wise, mature, and confident due to her age.

So it is normal she communicates with you because of curiosity, she is flattered with your attention but when it comes to something serious, she is not ready for relationships.

Once you meet in person, she realizes that the gap is too huge. Young girls realize they want a young man and a young body. So here is why we recommend you choose a mature Russian woman.


Mature women are full of life experience as we mentioned. And they are full of wisdom. These ladies know well what they want from life. And this is not a fancy restaurant or lots of traveling. They need a good man and nothing more.

And what is even more important, mature women know what you want. They know how to please a man and all the necessary life tricks. They are surely not drama queens and have enough wisdom to solve any situation in a quiet way. With such a lady, you will be always happy and will be able to avoid argues, scandals, and dramas. 

We are sure this is what you are looking for in life and what you want to get from a woman. And we are absolutely sure you will not get it from a young girl. 


How to seduce a Russian womanWe understand well why most of you choose young girls because they want to have a beautiful and young body on their side.

They are simply afraid that an older mature woman will not be able to give them what they need in intimate life. Some of you want to have kids and want to have a 20-year old woman to have common babies with.

But if you think a mature lady cannot give you all this you are very wrong. Women in Russia and Ukraine can have babies easily after 40. Moreover, women in that age are still in their prime! Just browse our gallery of Russian, Ukrainian, or Latvian women and see how beautiful women in their 40’s and 50’s can be. 

One of their biggest advantages is that they are not afraid of anything. They are experienced not only in life but also in their intimate life. So when choosing a mature lady, you surely will be extremely happy in all aspects of life. 


Mature women do not have to study, as the majority of young girls who are still students. They have a good job usually and are ready to move abroad and keep working. Yes, in a foreign country they will need your support but they are strong enough to keep up with everything. Moreover, mature women are more adventurous.

They will easily agree to come to another country for a meeting. Or come to visit you in your country. It is normal for them. They have everything in life and all they need is a good man. Mature Russian women don’t even need a fancy wedding, they understand well that valuable relationship goes far beyond the wedding, so they want to live and enjoy each other.

How do mature Russian women see western men?

Mature Russian women are confident, beautiful, and well-cared. They are amazing and would make a great wife for any western man. They search for western men because they are tired of being “men” in life. Very often, women in Russian and Ukraine earn more than men and have better careers. 

So they do want to be weak in front of men and just be real women. They know that western men can give them what they need. Mature women realize that men from the west are hard-working and responsible, so they will appreciate everything that a lady can give them. 

Western men are a great chance for mature women to feel real women. They know they will be appreciated, respected, and loved. And this is all they need and want. Believe us, they have so much warmth and care to give in return. 

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Conclusion: A mature Russian woman is perfect for a western man

Russian bridesWe hope you understand well the reasons for mature Russian women to search for a western man. And we really hope that you realize how perfect such a woman could be for you.

They will really make a great match. If you doubt what kind of lady to choose, a young girl or a mature woman closer to your age, we recommend choosing the second one. 

We hope that once you meet your mature woman, you will talk to her in our video chat and make sure she is really great and matches you the best. But we recommend not waiting too long before meeting her in person. Use our Romantic tour to come and meet the woman of your dreams the soonest!

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