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Dating Novosibirsk womenGreetings, guys!

Searching for a Russian woman? Then you are in the right place while here we are going to tell you everything we know about Siberian women – women from Novosibirsk. You have never even heard of that city and never realized where it is situated. We already told you a lot about dating Yakutsk women, and today would like to share some more information about women from Siberia.

We hear lots of different stories about Russian women and some of them are very ridiculous and we understand that such stereotypes don’t let you find one of those great Slavic brides. So we from Best-Matchmaking are here to dispel the myths and give you some helpful tips on dating Russian women. This time, our choice fell on Novosibirsk women as one of the most mysterious and unknown to you. 

Let’s find out who these Siberian beauties are and whether you should pursue them for dating and marriage. Ready? Let’s start – we promise it will be interesting. 

Novosibirsk women – who are they?

Novosibirsk is a region deprived of natural resources. But it also has its treasures. There are lots of scientists, opera singers, snow sculptures, and Chinese chefs. But what is most important, that city is full of beautiful women. Unlike Yakutsk women, they don’t live in the conditions of permafrost.

We bet you have heard of Siberia before. So you know that winters here are severe. So if you ever come to meet one of the ladies in that city in winter, keep in mind they dress warmly even if it looks a bit unfashionable. Yes, women in Novosibirsk are also afraid of cold even you have thought different.

And you probably didn’t know that Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia and it may get the title of the third capital of the country. So now you should feel a bit embarrassed for knowing nothing about girls from that city while they live in a mega city of the largest country in the world. 

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Women in Novosibirsk are too cold – is that true?

Dating Novosibirsk bridesThe fact that Novosibirsk is a really cold Siberian city doesn’t mean people there are cold too. Yes, you will not see here women in swimsuits if you come here in October as you may see in Odessa, for example.

But it is not their fault while October here is a cold month already and sorry, the girls will not wear their swimsuits in almost winter just because you are going to come and evaluate how they look like. 

In Novosibirsk, the temperature in winter may go below 45 degrees Celsius. Pretty cold, huh? But now imagine that the temperature in Yakutsk may reach 55 degrees. So if you are going to choose between Yakutsk women and those from Novosibirsk, just consider your trip there in winter. But don’t get desperate at once while in Moscow, it is usually minus 20 degrees and because of high humidity, it feels much colder than in Siberia. 

How do Novosibirsk women look like?

Women in Novosibirsk are typical Russian women. Here you will not meet such a diversity of nationalities or representatives of different tribes, as in Yakutsk, for example. We may disappoint you but girls from that city look absolutely as all Russian or Ukrainian women. They are typical Slavic mail order brides, with mostly light hair and fair skin.

There are lots of models in Novosibirsk and those girls who won various local and international beauty contests, so you can imagine how many wonderful flowers they grow up in that severe Siberian city. If you ever browse Google in search of beautiful Novosibirsk women, you will see the pictures of different cute Russian girls online and will make sure this city is worth going there and meeting these wonderful ladies.

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How to date Novosibirsk women?

Dating appsSure, you can come to Novosibirsk and try to meet ladies right in the city. The city has an impressive number of sightseeing places where hundreds of girls come every day and spend their time.

But if you live in a warm country, don’t come in winter while it may seem too cold for you here. Besides, you won’t be able to just walk in the streets and enjoy watching hundreds of beautiful women. 

By the way, in that city, you will find the longest metropolitan railway bridge in the world, the longest straight avenue in the world, the biggest theatrical stage in Russia after the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. It was built in the 19th century so there is definitely a lot to see but the question is whether a Novosibirsk woman will gladly meet a foreigner? 

Meet beautiful women online

Novosibirsk women can be easily found online. You can try and choose a free dating site or just a social network to meet them. But don’t forget being aware of scam case which we already described many times. Russian women who seek serious relationships do not use free dating sites (s. our article Eastern European Dating Sites For Free – A Good Choice?) or Russian dating apps and don’t meet foreign guys in social media.

So in such places, you can meet only a scammer and nothing more. If you want to find a serious lady, you should join a matchmaking service or an online dating site. But make sure to choose a reputable service using our tips from the article called Do best Ukraine dating sites really exist? The tips described in that and many other posts will help you choose the right dating service and avoid any possible types of scam.

What to do in Novosibirsk?

NovosibirskNow as you know that Novosibirsk is the third largest country of Russia, you probably have a wish to visit it. But if you are not used to cold weather, try to travel there in a warm time of the year.

Here you can have a walk from Novosibirsk Main railway station to Lenin Square and Red Avenue. You will be surprised by the acoustics in that city. 

In the arches of Novosibirsk, you will be able to hear music very often, including violin concerts or the singing of the church choirs. The romantic atmosphere of the city is perfect to have a date with one of the local women. The opera theater with its top performers will amaze you and your girlfriend. 

Why these Siberian girls are special?

Yakutsk womenFrankly speaking, Novosibirsk is full of beautiful women. All of them are tall shapely blondes. They have a bit narrow eyes and no one can truly say where they inherited it. People from neighboring cities notice that peculiarity at once. 

This is a wonderful compensation while this severe cold city welcomes you with crowds of beautiful ladies to look at and choose from.

Women in Novosibirsk are grown in the severe cold so they are used to troubles and difficulties. They are not spoiled Southern girls at all, while they know how to cope with severe weather conditions no matter what. 

These ladies are not afraid of challenges for sure. So any man would be happy to get a beautiful tall blonde Novosibirsk woman and marry her. But do they want to marry foreign men?

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Do Novosibirsk women search for western men?

The fact that these ladies are not afraid of difficulties doesn’t mean that they are going to marry the first western guy they meet online or in their city. Don’t think that they want to marry a western man to leave their country the soonest. Novosibirsk is a very large and developed mega city and if a lady has a good education she can count on a very good and well-paid job there. So looking for a better life is not the case if girls from that Siberian city. 

So if you plan to come to Russia and get one of them the soonest, don’t count on that. You will have to put some good efforts to conquer one of the Siberian beauties. You should prove to her that you can provide for her financially and offer her some safety. These ladies are high-quality ladies and they search for a good man who can meet their expectations. 

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The bottom line

St Petersburg Women for DatingWe from Best-matchmaking hope that you understand now that women from Novosibirsk are not a mystery but they are absolutely real ladies who may also be searching for a western hubby.

Moreover, they can make any western man very happy. When choosing one of them, you will have a loving and caring wife with good Slavic family values. So you are welcome to choose one of the Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarussian women from our gallery of foreign brides.

We offer Slavic marriage tours for your convenience and safety if you finally want to meet your dream lady in person. And if you want to surprise her, use our gift delivery service. English classes will help your lady understand you sooner.

If you need free advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, who is a practicing psychologist, dating blogger, and a matchmaker. We hope on our site you will find your dating membership plan at reasonable prices or even become one of our Slavic matchmaking members and find your wife with our personalized approach!

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