What to write about yourself on a dating site: Dating profile examples

Dating profile examplesHello guys!

You’d think there is nothing easier than creating an online dating profile on one of the dating sites. But is that really so?

We from Best-Matchmaking have a very large experience and see hundreds of profiles both of men and women every day. We also hear different reviews of both men and women on different kinds of profiles.

And we can tell you for sure, your dating profile is your business card that makes the very first impression about you on other people. When you get a business card that is not bright, not eye-catching, and too boring, do you have a wish to apply to that person? We bet - no. And the same is with your dating profile.

When you see a bright and well-written dating profile, where every word says the person is here to give love, you want to write this person at once.

So, guys, below, you will find some helpful tips on how to create a good profile and see some good (and bad) examples! :)

A dating profile example based on a true story…

Dating appsThe very first thing we would love to share with you to support our point of view is how we usually face the problem of bad-written profiles.

Sometimes, men have really great pictures and seem to be good candidates for women. But once ladies open their profile and read, they say “No, this guy is not for me”. So believe us, choosing a good picture of you is only half success.

And vice versa, when a man is not very handsome and has nothing special in his appearance but women open and read his profile, they are amazed and excited. They say, “This man is great”. So we can truly say women pay attention to your picture first, it is natural, but if the content doesn’t match with the cover of the “book”, women will never have an interest in you.

TOP5 online dating profile tips that really work

Here are 5 easy internet dating profile tips to help you turn your common dating profile into something great and successful:

Tip 1. The dating profile picture is important

Yes, guys, the first thing you pay attention to is the picture of a lady. Why do you think women are different? They are not, and they also “evaluate” you by your picture, since it is the first thing they see when they get a letter from you or come up with your profile when browsing the gallery. So if you choose to post no picture, don’t expect someone to be interested in you.

But make sure your picture to be relevant and up-to-date. Never post a picture of you taken years ago (or even decades ago). And believe us, it happens often. If you don’t want to disappoint a woman on the very first video chat, always be honest. If you are 60, don’t feel ashamed, a woman has to see your picture today and not 20 years ago.

Also, we recommend avoiding posting pictures in the surrounding of other women or your exes. Women automatically will refuse you. So just put a good smiling and up-to-date picture of yourself. 

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    35 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Tip 2. Be honest in your descriptions

Dating websites for single seniorsOur tip#2 is to always be honest in what you write. If you do not plan to have kids, state it clearly. Women who do not have kids naturally will want to have them after marriage (most of them), so if you do not plan to have any – write it honestly right in your profile. It would be selfish to communicate with a young woman and not to tell her about it at once.

Also, if you have special wishes or expectations, write it clearly. If you have disabilities, you should also write it honestly. However, we do not recommend writing about your illnesses or health issues in your profile. Here is a very bad example of a dating profile description:

I have genital herpes since 1988 and I am looking for a woman with the same issue.

We must admit, this is a real example taken from one of the dating profiles (not on our site though). It is too honest, and such things only scare women off. Even if there is a lady with such an issue, she will be ashamed to confess to it.

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Tip 3. Be witty in your online dating profile

There is no secret that women love men with a good sense of humor. So if you write “I have a great sense of humor” and at the same time, your profile makes her asleep with its description, she will have huge doubts you really have that sense of humor. Instead of telling something about you, show it.

If you want to show your sense of humor, just be witty in your description of yourself. Here is a comparison of two profile descriptions:

  • Bad example: I am very generous, loving, caring, am a good cook, and have a sense of humor. 
  • Good example: My friends say I am generous and caring, and I can believe it since they visit me every weekend just to eat the chicken wings I fry in my backyard. Hope they love me not only for those chicken wings ;) 

If you want to show your sense of humor – just do it, use witty expressions and joke around. But no dirty jokes, please. You should show your intelligence and not a bad education.

Tip 4. Don’t make your descriptions endless

Online dating sitesWhat would you prefer to read? A long and endless boring description of someone or just a short and easy-going one? Believe us, when you write too many words in every description field, women will be simply tired and bored to read it.

You should not write all the facts from your biography, your task is to give a general image of what kind of person you are.

Here is some bad dating profile example: 

I'm looking for someone to share the love in my heart. I'm kind, I am considerate, I am a gentleman. I'm loving and affectionate, I am passionate and a hopeless romantic. I am humorous at times and enjoy laughter and good conversation. I'm respectful and empathetic of others and their feelings. I have deep family values and embrace the thought of a wife and a cozy home. I want to share my love and my life with someone who will appreciate it…

What is wrong here?

At first sight, there is nothing wrong with such a description of this man. But it contains all the mistakes from rule #3. Never say: “I am, I am, I am”… We can tell you when women see that description, they all say the same thing – this guy is boring and a real nerd.


Remember what we said about being humorous? 

Don’t just say it – show that you have some sense of humor. But also, when you talk about yourself so much, you show you are selfish. Women subconsciously think you think only about yourself and will not have a place for anyone else in your life. So, guys, our main tip is even though it is your profile, don’t devote too much space to your person, and leave women some space for imagination.

You should be an open book and ladies should be intrigued to know you. But when you write everything in one single profile, they will not be interested to know more, they will be simply bored. 

5. Don’t write about your past experience in your online dating profile

How to find legitimate Russian dating sitesAnother big no-no for creating a dating site profile is writing about your ex or past relationships. As well as including their pictures to your profile!

Telling about your bad or sad experience is not a good idea. As well as telling about how perfect your ex was and how you regret to break up with her.

You can tell such information in your personal correspondence with a particular lady, so there is no need for everyone to know about it.

Moreover, once you start telling how bad you were hurt by any lady, every woman will think that you are not ready to start new relationships yet. It will be obvious for them you need time to recover, so they will never choose you.

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Some more tips how to make the most of your online dating profile

Your dating profile should show nothing about you but you are a great catch! But we do not recommend bragging about you. It would be good to use a so-called “high warranting/low self-representation” technique to write your dating profile. For example, if you want to tell you are a gentleman, better tell about how you treat women so they could understand you are really a gentleman.

One more tip we want to remind you about is the longer your profile is, the fewer chances you have to find someone. Women hate boring profiles with endless texts, so think well of it when you start creating your profile. Don’t go much into detail and think of those people who will read it, not only about you. 

And please, don't brag. It is much better to surprise your woman later in the process of communication than disappoint her and show everything you wrote in your profile isn’t true and is just blah blah blah. All these tips will help you create an outstanding dating profile.

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Conclusion: A good dating profile is a key to your success!

best Ukrainian dating siteDon’t neglect to pay enough attention to your dating profile. It will be very rewarding.

Yes, Slavic brides pay attention to your picture first, but they also pay a lot of attention to what you write about yourself. So please use our tips to create a good dating profile that will not scare but attract Slavic women.

And if you are looking for a Ukrainian bride, Russian bride, or Belarussian bride, welcome to our online gallery. You will definitely find a decent lady for you among all our decent brides. And if you want to get a free consultation from Kate, don’t hesitate to ask her and find out more about International matchmaking and dating membership plans at reasonable prices!

Your success depends not only on your dating profile but also on your personal matchmaker and quality of the site you choose. So we invite you to check our services and join our team of happy customers!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

Learn more about the matchmaking service by Best-Matchmaking.com.

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