Dating Baltic Brides Online: How to Find a Baltic Woman

Latvian bridesHello gentlemen!

Thanks to modern latest technologies, it is possible to meet your potential partner from any part of the world. And you can meet online not only Russian and Ukrainian brides, but also Baltic girls, namely women from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Women from all over the world are attracted not only to their appearance but also to their inner qualities. So today, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to tell you more information about Baltic women.

You will find out who Baltic women are and whether they make good brides and wives. Also, we will share with you which of the Baltic countries is the best to search for a wife. Are you ready to find out whether a Baltic bride is exactly for you? Then let’s not waste any single minute and start! 

Who are Baltic women?

Lithuanian women for marriageBaltic brides are those who live I in the Baltic region and we call Latvian brides, Lithuanian, and Estonian women Baltic ladies. These ladies can be truly called northern princesses and often they say they look like Barbies. And it is somewhat true because they are mostly tall skinny blondes with blue eyes. Pretty attractive for any man, isn’t it?

But men from different countries visit the Baltic region in search of their brides not only because of their fairytale appearances, but they are also attracted to their inner beauty and personality. They are unbelievably intelligent and hard-working. We know you have heard the same about Ukrainian, Russian brides and Belarussian women.  And this is true, Baltic brides have a unique combination of some Slavic qualities and some modern European ones. 

Which features of Baltic girls are so appealing to men?

As we said already, these women are not only beautiful but also hard-working and very intelligent. And their time-managing skills are something amazing and worth your admiration. They can combine their successful career and household very well. These girls are not career-oriented, they are very good mothers, wives, girlfriends, who can be independent at the same time.

If you choose one of the Baltic girls as your bride and wife, you may not be afraid of her to be feministic and independent as western women. Yes, she has her job and career and is well-educated, but her family will be a priority and she will always have time for you and your kids. But these qualities possess also Ukrainian, Russian, and many other Slavic mail order brides, so let’s see why Baltic girls are different.

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1. Extremely educated and…not very talkative

As we have already mentioned a couple of times, women from the Baltic region are very hard-working and independent. And education is an integral part of their life. They strive to become great professionals no matter what field they choose. Having a degree is important for these ladies. 

Completing secondary education is a must and the majority of Baltic women have at least one higher education. They are really well-rounded. So you can be sure that you will not meet a brainless Barbie in such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia, they all have always what to talk about.

However, they do not like talking much and this feature is also very appealing to many men. Women from Baltic countries are very shy and reserved. They do not show their emotions much, so don’t be surprised if you cannot read her. But once you become closer to her, she will show you how cheerful and smiling she can be. 

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2. Barbie-looking 

Dating Lithuanian bridesA tall and skinny blonde is a dream of any man. And almost all the women in the Baltic countries are very beautiful and have blonde hair and blue eyes. You can easily notice they resemble the classic image of Barbie. But this is not all yet, just like Slavic ladies, they take very good care of their appearance and invest money in it. 

If you hope to get a housewife who stays at home and is only cooking, washing, and taking care of you and your kids, forget about that idea, while beauty salons and fashion are very important for Baltic girls. Yes, their natural looks are amazing, however, they do everything to work on it and make it even better. 

Such a lady will always attend beauty salons and require time for herself. You have to be ready to the fact that she will spend a lion's share of her income (and maybe yours, too) on her appearance and latest trends to always look the best and be the decoration for her husband.

3. Not talkative but very passionate

Estonian women for datingYes, Baltic women are very reserved, don’t like talking much, and believe in love for life. However, once they realize you are their man, they will surround you with passion and love.

They do not show their emotions until they feel you are really close. But once you become their soulmate, they will dedicate all their life to you. 

They are very loyal and committed when it comes to relationships. If you hesitate about a woman from what country to choose to have a loyal and faithful life partner, you can choose one of the Baltic brides without any doubts.

They never betray their men and have a deep respect for them. Also, you can be sure your Baltic bride will not discuss your family problems with her friends as girls often do. 

They prefer keeping everything that happens in their family within a family. By the way, these girls are great psychologists, so they will always do everything for their marriage to work out successfully. 

Comparing Baltic women

Estonian bridesOf course, we cannot treat all Baltic brides according to one stereotype or rule. And there are definitely differences between women from different Baltic countries.

First of all, Latvian women are the shyest and less open to men. Latvian women will never be open with you, especially if you are a foreigner. 

There are too many sex tourists in Latvia, so women there do not trust foreigners and one has to really deserve their trust.

Lithuanian women are the tallest in Europe and produce more models than any other country in the world. And women in Estonia often have overweight problems, unlike Latvian and Lithuanian girls. 

However, Estonian women are the most easy-going and open to foreign dating. So if your goal is to find an easy Baltic girl, you can choose an Estonian bride without hesitation. Don’t forget that Latvian and Lithuanian women are not that easy to get but they make wonderful wives. 

Where to look for Baltic mail order brides?

Latvian mail order bridesIf you have always wanted to travel to one of the Baltic countries, it’s time to do it while women there are great and you will not regret your decision. You will see thousands of amazing Barbie-looking ladies in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

But keep in mind that only Estonian girls are so eager to meet foreigners just like that. They also speak the best English among all the Baltic brides. 

Most of the Latvian and Lithuanian women will not even talk to you or politely show you that they are in a hurry and have no time to make acquaintances in the street.

So the best way to meet one of them is to do it online. Of course, you should choose a trustful matchmaking service or a reputable dating site to prevent yourself from meeting a Baltic scammer. Yes, unfortunately, scammers don’t sleep and there are lots of them among Baltic brides, too. 

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How to conquer the heart of a cold Baltic bride?

Latvian dating serviceIt is thought that Baltic women are cold, even the coldest in the world. And this is partially true but only before they realize you have sincere intentions, are not a sex tourist, and are serious about her.

Once you show your Baltic girl real you and your pure intentions, she will open herself and her inner world to you totally.

So the main secret of conquering a Baltic woman is to be yourself and have serious and sincere intentions towards her. Don’t forget they are great psychologists and real lie detectors. So better don’t play any games with them. But except for being sincere, you should also be hard-working and well-educated. 

Baltic women do not like men who are not intelligent enough or have no life goals. So you have to be a successful man to be with her. That’s why, if you want to have a beautiful lady with a good degree, you have to be at least not worse. 

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Conclusion: a Baltic woman wants your love and attention

Now you know almost everything you need to conquer a Baltic woman, guys. We don’t know whether a Baltic bride is for you or not, it is up to you and you can now decide it based on the information provided. But no matter whether you choose a Baltic or a Slavic woman, you should realize that nothing comes easy and the search of a good woman requires your efforts.

For that purpose, we have wonderful Slavic & Baltic matchmaking and membership plans at reasonable prices. They make it much easier to find an appropriate lady for dating and marriage. We also have a Romantic tour according to your needs and requirements, so you could meet your only one safe and hassle-free. 

And if you still have no idea a woman from what country to choose, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate from best-matchmaking and get a free consultation. We hope it will help you make the right choice that may change your life forever!

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