How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you

Ukraine girls datingHello guys!

We face so many weird and sometimes ridiculous situations in our work almost every day. We hear so many statements and different questions from our customers.

Very often, after a couple of letters, some of you decide that a lady is in love with you and it’s time to propose. And in such situations, we ask not to hurry up and apply to your common sense.

Ukrainian women are not one of those who fall in love with letters and express their feelings so quickly, especially without even having seen you in real life.

So today, we would like to make it clear how to understand if a Ukrainian girl likes you and how to learn to “read” hear at all. This post is the key to your success and one of the ways to understand a woman from Ukraine. Tip: check also our latest article: Are Ukrainian women the most beautiful in the world?

So put all other things off and keep reading till the very end! 

1. She is flirting with you

Young Ukraine womenGirls are usually likely to flirt. But when it comes to Ukrainian or Russian women, this is not always true. Ukrainian and Russian girls are very reserved when it comes to communication with men, especially with foreigners while they are pretty cautious about them. So if a Ukrainian girl starts flirting strong, it means she is into you. You will surely notice her flirting at once. 

Even during your video chats when a lady likes you, she is smiling a lot, laughing, and flirting. And since it doesn’t happen too often with a Ukrainian woman, you will feel it right away.

Very often, a lady may treat you well but perceive you as a friend at the same time. In that case, women smile and talk to you very kindly, but they never go flirting. So if you feel like you are in a “friend” zone, you’d better search for another lady. 

2. She is teasing you

Very often, when being a kid, boys often tease girls they like. But boosting your self-confidence the same way when you are an adult, is not the best way. However, it often works with adults still. A woman who is teasing you is most likely interested in you. Don’t get too upset if she is laughing at your tastes in music or clothes you wear, she might just be looking for your attention.

In general, Ukrainian women don’t tease men; it is very uncommon for them. So if you notice her tease you and show her sense of humor, it means she is into you. Frequently, when our women like western guys, they start teasing and joking around right in their letters or video chats. So if you noticed that, be sure she is really interested in you.

3. She wants to video-chat with you

You know, not many girls like writing letters, moreover, they often have no time for that. Very often, men prefer writing really long letters and require the same from ladies. But you should realize that all people have different writing skills, first of all, and not all of them can and want to write so much.

Secondly, Ukrainian women prefer to have a “live” talk instead of writing letters. And that’s a right decision while only when you see a person face-to-face and can hear his or her voice, you can get a full impression. So if a Ukrainian girl wants to have a video chat with you all the time, it means she is really interested.

 Of course, here we are not talking about those sites where hundreds of women in lingerie are online asking you for a chat where you pay for every minute. We mean a real Skype call (check all the service details: Video Chat with Ukrainian & Slavic girls) where you can see and hear each other in real life. 

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4. She is trying to touch you

Ukrainian girls for datingOf course, a lady cannot touch you when you correspond with her in letters or video chats. So in that case, you should only pay attention to if she is smiling, flirting, and teasing you.

And if you meet her in person, pay attention to all those things we mentioned already and to some others.  If a Ukrainian or even a Russian girl is trying to touch you, she is surely interested (s. also Young Ukraine women – are they different?).

As we mentioned already, Slavic brides are very cautious, especially during your first meeting and they are not likely to express their emotions and feelings from the very beginning.

But if you see she is trying to touch your hand or hug you, you can be sure this indicates about her strong sympathy. Not many girls will do that due to their mentality but if she does, this is a very good sign.

5. She asks to help her out

Ukrainian brides are very strong people; they refuse of any type of help usually and used to cope with every trouble on their own. But when a girl likes someone, she will want to seem weak and want your “masculine” help. Any lady wants to feel protected by her man, so if she has a wish to show her weakness, you can be sure of her very good attitude towards you.

Playing a “lady in need” is one of the best women’s tricks when she wants to have your attention. So pay attention to what your woman says. If she complains she is cold, she may want you to hug her or offer your jacket to her. But if she refuses your help, it means she is really cold but doesn’t need that chivalry. 

You should learn to read a Ukrainian girl, if she has a broken bike or curtain rail, she may need your help. But not necessarily, she may be just looking for your attention. 

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6. She is trying to help you!

European girls for dating and marriageWomen not necessarily search for men’s help but also may offer some help to you as well. This will be a clear sign she is interested and wants to spend more time with you.

She may want to show some attention to you as well, for example, bring you a bottle of water or help you with some task. 

When a girl is not indifferent and tries to help you when you need it or simply be attentive to a man who is in her country for the first time, it means she is very interested in you and wants to spend more time with you and show you her care.

So don’t refuse her help if she offers it because you are a strong man who doesn’t need a woman’s help, it means she just wants to spend as much time with you as possible. 

What do the dating experts say?

When it comes to such thing as sympathy and signs that a Ukrainian girl likes you, experts say that there are some clear signs, apart from those mentioned above, showing that the girl really has a strong interest in you. First of all, all experts are unanimous in their statement that when a woman likes a man, she licks her lips. Yes, you didn’t misunderstand us, when you see a woman liking her lips, you can be sure she is into you.

But make sure there are no other men around; otherwise, this sign may be addressed to someone else.  And the second really good sign that a Ukrainian woman likes you is that she has dilated pupils. The eyes are the mirror of the soul as they say in Russia and Ukraine, so her eyes can tell you a lot of things about her. When her eyes are cold and calm, she has no interest.

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How to make a Ukrainian girl like you

This is a rhetoric question, while there are no universal ways to make every girl like you. We have already provided so many tips on how to conquer the heart of a Russian or Ukrainian girl, so you can find them in our YouTube videos or previous posts. Of course, to make her like you, you should be a gentleman, have good manners, and show her your good attitude.

But also, you should remember that every camper should get a feather. It means that if you meet your lady, you will conquer her heart no matter what if you follow just our basic tips on how to date Ukrainian and Russian women. You should simply be attentive to red flags and understand her hints whether they are positive or negative.

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Conclusion: Ukrainian girls are easy to find but not easy to retain

Beautiful Russian womanThere are so many girls in our online gallery looking for western men that you will surely have no issues with finding a Russian or Ukrainian girl to communicate with.

We even have Latvian brides and Belarussian mail order brides on our site who are waiting for you to show your interest in them. But keeping the attention of a Slavic lady is not that easy and requires you to put some effort and really impress her and conquer her heart.

If you have questions concerning the search of a Ukrainian woman, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a psychologist, dating blogger, and professional matchmaker.

Her consultations are free. If your intentions are pure and serious, she will help you choose your dating membership plan or even Slavic matchmaking package at reasonable prices! And nothing will prevent you from finding your future Slavic bride!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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