Can be an alternative to Slavic marriage services?

Mamba.ruHello guys!

We bet each of you has ever tried online dating or at least dating apps. Lots of you have even shared their impressions and experiences after using them. We from Best-Matchmaking personally have never met anyone who met his love through one of such dating apps. But we became very curious about how they work and whether they are so efficient.

So today, we from Best-Matchmaking have chosen mobile and will tell you everything about it, the principles of its work, and if they can substitute casual and traditional marriage services and online dating sites. We bet this information is interesting not only to us but to you as well. Ready to find out what Mamba actually is? Then let’s start right now!

Mamba dating site review

Mamba.ruIf you have ever used the Badoo dating service, you will understand how Mamba works. It has a similar structure and is pretty popular among Russian and Ukrainian women and men.

But the site can be called international while here you will meet singles from different countries of the world. The good thing is (maybe not for you though) that Mamba offers not only serious and long-term relationships but also friendship and even flirting.

Yes, you didn’t misunderstand us, if you are not marriage-oriented, you won’t be refused while people are free to choose any type of relationship they want. You will definitely find someone with the same goals and desires as you. it can be also considered to be a sort of social media where people can just chat and discuss various topics and share their pictures.

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How to use the Mamba dating app

How to use the Mamba dating appThe app has the “Encounters” section where you can browse the members’ profiles. If you have some enhanced criteria, you can use a detailed search engine for women to check who will meet your imagination of an ideal partner.

You can send free messages and browse the profiles for free when using Mamba. However, you cannot call this site totally free. 

It allows purchasing Premium membership that will make your browsing invisible and unlock some additional filters, for example, weight, height, sexual preferences, etc. But that membership is not expensive, it will cost you $50 per year or $5 for 10 days.

Unlocking the premium features on a “per use” basis will also cost you some money. There are some English speaking women on Mamba but you will not meet many of them, so get ready to use Google translation.

The pros and cons of using mobile

When using such a dating app or site, you can be sure to meet some Ukrainian and Russian brides. And taking into account it is not as expensive as other dating sites, it can be considered almost perfect. But probably its price is the only advantage that you can enjoy. Why you may ask?

What can be wrong with a relatively cheap and affordable dating site? Well, let us compare Mamba Russian dating to casual marriage services. You will see whether it has some perks for you and what results you can get when utilizing this site. Let’s see what will be more efficient and less costly. 

Below, you will find the comparison of and marriage services, so you can decide what is better for you personally and what will give you the desired results.

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    35 y.o, Kiev, Ukraine

Prices: How much does cost?

As we have already mentioned, Mamba stopped being a free dating site a long time ago. It has some membership plans and different subscription fees, so using it will cost you some money. But of course, its subscription fees are not that high, so anyone can afford them. If you use a marriage agency or a paid dating site, and especially a matchmaking service, it will be more expensive.

So if taking into account the cost of Mamba and paid marriages, Mamba is a winner while it is one of the cheapest in the market. Using it will cost you almost nothing, so we can give Mamba A+ for its price and affordability. But the most important is the price/quality ratio, so let’s check what else it can offer.

Quality of candidates reviewed

Women of SiberiaYou already know that welcomes everyone, even those people who are not interested in serious relationships.

If you seek for flirting or just chatting, you can find it all here. No one will blame you for not being serious on that site. But what if you look for serious relationships?

We have to admit that serious Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian brides will not search for husband on such dating sites.

They want to be sure to meet a serious and family-oriented man, who will be able to take all responsibility for them in the future. And seeking for such a man on the cheapest dating site is not their option.

Just imagine – serious dating sites check and verify all their candidates thoroughly. So what happens on dating sites where no one checks the members? We are sorry to disappoint you but you have really high chances of meeting a professional scammer and you have no chances to complain.

How does communication on Mamba work?

Once you become a member and got Mamba login, you can get letters. Mamba messages are free. But what about the language? Here on Mamba you do not pay and do not have any professional translators helping you and your woman to communicate. Here you have to be ready not everyone speaks English, maybe even no one.

So get ready to use lots of Google translation if the girls will want to talk to you at all. On all the paid services, your letters are translated and delivered exactly to women. Women’s replies are translated as well. So you can be sure to avoid any type of misunderstanding because of the lack of language knowledge. 

On a marriage service, you will always get a letter that is professionally translated without any mistakes. Moreover, you will get professional customer support always ready to solve your issues if any. You will never get such a service on Mamba or any other cheap dating service.

Are video chats available?

Russian video chat onlineVideo chats are one of the most important options that any dating site has to offer (Russian video chat online: how it works). Communication in letters is great but you have to see the woman you are writing to, right? And she has to see you as well. Unfortunately, doesn’t offer such an option.

And how can you trust someone who you cannot see? Of course, you can exchange contacts with that person for free and then see each other on a webcam through any of the messengers.

But remember what we have told you about scammers. Such people are waiting for you to get into their trap, so think well before exchanging contacts with them. 

Video chats with foreign brides allow you to check whether the person you communicate with is real and whether she looks exactly as you imagined her. So do not neglect such a chance to see who you are talking to on the other end of the site. 

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Mamba dating in Ukraine

Ukraine a safe country for datingMamba is one of the most beloved dating websites in Ukraine, as well as Russia. It is a good opportunity for them to get in touch with each other, since its normal membership is free, unlike premium one.

If you want to have more or less good options, you will need to purchase more features. Registration on that site is very simple and Mamba login can be done via any of your social network accounts.

Most people on that site are not looking for a foreign partner but for their local men and women, so you should not count to find a decent Ukrainian woman here. Mamba has more than 23 million members and just a few Ukrainian girls may look for a foreigner there. Most likely, they seek friendship or just chatting to improve their English. 

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Marriage services VS

Ukraine dating appsOf course, Mamba has one of the biggest advantages – it is relatively cheap compared to professional marriage and Slavic matchmaking services.

Both services allow you to find a Ukrainian or Russian woman for communication, dating, and marriage. However, if you choose a marriage service or a dating site, you will definitely meet someone who is willing to meet a foreign guy and is intended to marry him.

So the best difference between that site and specialized marriage services and dating sites is that the latter are intended to find you a woman for a long-term relationship and marriage, moreover, they seek marriage with a foreigner. And if you join such sites as Mamba, you will have good communication but nothing more. We have huge doubts that you will find a Slavic bride for marriage there.

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Conclusion: More social network than a dating site

After doing our research and analyzing the reviews of our customers, we can conclude that can hardly become an alternative to professional matchmaking and marriage services. It is more a social network where people communicate, chat, exchange photos, and flirt, but it has nothing to do with a serious international dating site. Ukrainian and Russian women search for a local guy there.

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    44 y.o, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

If you want to get top-quality service and find a Slavic woman or if you search for Latvian mail order brides, for example, you should join a professional marriage or matchmaking service. They will arrange a video-chat, and even take all responsibility for your Romantic and marriage tour to Ukraine and Russia and marriage with your woman. If you want to feel safe instead of meeting professional scammers, better choose a professional marriage service.

Still have questions concerning online dating or matchmaking? Get in touch with Kate for a free consultation and choose your matchmaking offer or a dating membership plan at a reasonable price. Make sure to get what you were searching for and paying for.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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