TOP5 Slavic dating expectations vs reality

Estonian women for datingHello gentlemen!

Online dating is a popular way of meeting your better half nowadays. And when joining various dating sites, men often are excited by the number of profiles they see.

Every lady is so beautiful and men get hundreds of wonderful letters, so they believe it will not be a problem to find a model-like wife within a matter of days.

Unfortunately, very often, these expectations do not come true and there are more and more disappointments both among men and women. Yes, unfortunately, big disappointments happen and no one is protected for them. To avoid them, you should be aware of why people get disappointed and exactly what you should expect from dating. 

Let’s try to figure it out together. We from Best-Matchmaking want everyone to be prepared for international dating and do everything for you to avoid any misunderstandings. So let’s start!

Expectation #1. I will marry within a year

Russian weddingYou don’t even imagine how often we hear this statement from you – “I want to marry till the end of the year” or “I want to marry within 6 months”. Lots of people who join dating sites or matchmaking agencies believe that since there are so many people looking for their better halves online, they will marry in a matter of a couple of months.

For that reason, lots of you start setting the terms and dates for their marriages.

We have to admit that this is the expectation of men solely, not of Slavic women. Russian and Ukrainian women never set up these terms but western guys usually do. We can’t understand this hurry frankly speaking. And very often, the reality appears to be different.

Reality: It may take much longer to get married

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t find a woman and don’t get married within six months or one year as you planned. If you ask any of our Slavic women what time does it take to get married, she will not give you any specific frameworks, while it is impossible to know such things in advance. Love never follows a strict plan.

So when you join online dating, you’d better don’t set up any frames or dates, follow your heart and common sense. You should realize that love cannot be solved some algorithms. For different people, it takes different time to find their love, date, and get married. And women from Russia and Ukraine are not in a hurry, they want to get to know you, especially if you are a foreigner and you will not date every day. 

Expectation #2. I am a western guy, so I can get any Slavic woman

Slovakian women characteristicsYes, this is one of the most popular stereotypes among you, guys, that any Russian, Ukrainian, or even Latvian woman will want you and marry you just because you are a foreigner.

This stereotype comes from the times of the Soviet Union. At that time, all women from the post-soviet countries wanted to marry foreign guys just to leave their country and have a better life.

So you, guys, often think that any Ukrainian or Russian model-looking woman will marry you just because you came from a foreign country no matter how you look like, what you do, and what you say.

However, frequently, you become a bit disappointed after being rejected by a Slavic woman. Let’s make it clear why.

Reality: Don’t be surprised if you are rejected

When western men are too confident they are foreigners and any woman in the world will be happy to date and marry them, they often are refused. And they don’t understand why exactly. The reason is very simple, Slavic women also have their requirements to men no matter what country they live in.

Dating culture in Eastern European countries is different from that in the west. So if they do not see those qualities they expect in you, they will never agree to date or marry you. So if you want to be sure a Slavic woman will like you, follow lots of our tips from previous posts and everything will work out the best for you. 

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Expectation #3. If we had a long-time communication, she loves me

Mature Russian womenOne more expectation that doesn’t come true often is when men think after a long communication online a lady already loves him and they will get married right after their personal meeting.

We have even lots of YouTube videos on that topic, so if you want to know more about it, you can watch our videos. Yes, online communication can be very pleasant and long-lasting, and people can like each other very much.

So when coming for the first meeting in real life, men often require women to spend all days long with them. Some guys even want to stay at the lady’s place. Or require to tell how much she loves him and whether she feels like she wants to marry him and spend the rest of her life together. 

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Reality: Online communication cannot guarantee you love forever

Here we should keep in mind that the mentality of Slavic women is a bit different from that of western people. And for them, online communication is important. But this is only the first step in the process of getting to know you. If communication goes well, they will gladly meet you to see how everything will go in reality. 

But please realize marriage or love after one meeting in real life is almost impossible. What about dating, relationships? You both should have time to be together, spend some time, learn the habits of each other, smell, discuss, and hear each other’s voice. And only by meeting in person you can understand if your first impression of communication is right or wrong.

Expectation #4. She should sacrifice her life for our communication

Flirting with Women of UkraineBalance is extremely important for relationships. And if you need some time for yourself, you should realize another person also needs this time.

Foreign guys often believe that once they started to communicate with a lady online, she should spend all her time online writing letters and video chatting with him. We have tons of such examples in our experience.

Men often require women to leave everything and write them. Sometimes, they want a woman to spend her birthday in online chats with them.

Men expect a woman to refuse all her family and friends, change all her plans, and spend her birthday online talking to them. And what happens in reality, actually, and why are they disappointed?

Reality: Don’t expect and don’t require a woman to sacrifice everything

Once you, guys, are rejected, you become mad, you are very offended and think that this woman is not serious. But if you choose online dating, please get ready to face different situations. A woman has her own life, she has friends, family, maybe even children, and all her important dates she wants to spend time with these people. 

Now think, do you really believe she will leave her children and other close people to spend her birthday with a man she has never met in reality? This may sound rude or offensive, but this is true! And if you decided to search for a Slavic woman online, you have to take into account all cultural peculiarities and Slavic mentality. Don’t try to change women and adapt them to your mentality, leave them some space as well and be understanding.

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Expectation #5. You + I = We

Sex with Russian womenYou know, guys, people are often selfish when it comes to relationships. They create a wonderful and beautiful fairy-tale and believe their dating and marriage will be always like that. Once one of them is invited somewhere, they both go. And one of you cannot exist without another. 

This is all about being selfish, however. Very often, people don’t realize their better half has her or his personality and do need some space as well.

Both of you probably have their friends, hobbies, interests, etc. and your interests do not have to coincide at all. And often people do not realize that the person they date goes out somewhere without the other person. 

Reality: Relationships take two

The notion of “we” means that people lose their identities and often personalities. In that case, the relationship can simply collapse. Two people have to bring to the table and relationships works this way. None of you should lose him- or herself in that relationships. So if your girlfriend wants to go and spend some time shopping with her friends, let her do that.

And if you have some mates you want to watch soccer with, go and do it. Do not lose yourself in relationships. Believe us, the time you both spend separately from each other only maintains your relationship and makes it stronger. Let each other breathe some fresh air from time to time. Wise partners do that and they do not have any problems in relationships.

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Conclusion: Do not change yourself but look for compromises

Russian women kissesNow you know approximately what expectations you as a western guy may have and what you should be ready to meet in reality.

Do not try to change another person for dating, do not change yourself, but listen to each other and discuss things. Everything may be much better than you suppose, just do not make any drama of it.

And if you search for your life partner online, welcome to our online gallery of foreign women.

Follow our tips, talk in a video chat, and use our Romantic tour to meet her in person the soonest. Remember that your first meeting is not the reason for marriage; it is the reason to get to know each other better and start your beautiful story.

Still have some questions? Then don’t hesitate to ask Kate, a dating blogger and matchmaker, who will provide you with a free consultation on membership plans and matchmaking offers. Don’t have doubts, move forward and find your destiny the soonest!

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