How to find legitimate Russian dating sites & get 100% result

How to find legitimate Russian dating sitesHave  you decided to search for your Russian wife online? Meeting your Russian bride is easy when you know where to look for her... Here is where legitimate Russian dating sites come in. It is very important to find a really good, reliable and helpful agency but HOW?.....

In a current article you will learn about:

Legitimate Russian dating sites VS Social media networks... what might be better?
➢Why legitimate Russian dating sites are not free?
➢ Red flags to be aware of when choosing a Russian dating site
➢How to understand the Russian dating site is what you need

Unfortunately, many men come to us from various dating sites with a zero result and start asking what we can do for them. Of course, we do our best to help them in their search. But all we can do now to prevent you from the poor outcome is to give you a detailed guide on how to find a proper and real dating service.

Regardless of whether you choose your Russian or Ukrainian bride on our site or elsewhere, the following information will help you avoid scam and find your partner for sure.

So, let’s start!

Legitimate Russian dating sites VS Social media networks

European girls for dating and marriageYou may wonder why to choose a dating service where you have to pay to meet someone if you can use one of the free ones or what is even better, meet your bride in one of the social media networks.

Sure, why not, it is up to you. If you are one of those people who use social networks all the time, and easily make new friends and acquaintances, you can try your luck and sign up one of the free dating sites or start communicating with girls in social media.

But first, ask yourself – what your goal is. If you want to meet a pen pal or a friend for chatting online, then go ahead and talk to people in social media. You will have a nice chat and spend a good time but will you find a Russian woman for dating and marriage? We have lots of doubts. Why?

Here are the reasons:

1.) Social media is a great free platform for communicating and making friends. But it is not a dating site.
2.) You never know who is behind the profile. Yes, unfortunately, you do not have to provide your ID card or confirm your identity when using social media (only in some cases), as well as on the free dating site, so you never know who you communicate with and whether that person is real or not.
3.) Scammers never sleep. It is common to think there are lots of scammers on legitimate Russian dating sites, but the truth is there are lots of them on free dating sites and in social media. People used to trust each other when they don’t have to pay for their communication, and scammers abuse that a lot.
4.) No guarantees. People join such platforms to talk and share some information, but not to find their love. There are very few cases when people found their love in social media (we personally know such cases too), but they are rather exceptions. People are there to chat and find friends. So no one is going to guarantee you that the person will not play with your feelings.

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СONCLUSION:  Any free dating site or any social media network can be a great place to meet a friend for chatting and communication but if you want to find your real partner for sure, it is not the best choice. A good legitimate dating site is the best choice for that purpose.

Why legitimate Russian dating sites are not free?

Free dating sites are great. It is very convenient because you can communicate with as many people as you wish at no cost. Even if it doesn’t work out, you do not lose anything. Well, almost anything...)))

As we mentioned above, free dating sites have no fees and offer no warranties. If you sign up, you bear all the responsibility. And this is one of the best places for scammers who are waiting for such people as you to earn some profit and simply use you. Just imagine, no one will punish them. If you faced a scammer, you remain with your problems on your own.

Russian dating & matchmakingWhy legitimate Russian dating sites are different?

When you pay, you have a warranty that all the women you communicate with are real.

No scammers behind the beautiful profile pictures. The site should give you a guarantee that the lady really exists, that she is single and seriously looking for her better half abroad.

It’s no secret that most Russian ladies don’t speak good English, so there are professional translators who will help you and her translate your correspondence, video chats, and conversations during your personal meetings. The translators don’t work for free, right? But they help a lot to establish proper communication.

Every reputable dating service should have a representative in various Russian and Ukrainian cities, this is the work of a whole huge team. And no good services can be free, right? When we come to the shop or to the salon, we can’t ask for good service or goods for free. We pay for them. So any dating site can’t also be free when providing top-quality services.

⬇However, not every paid dating site is really good and legitimate. Find out why below⬇

Red flags to be aware of when choosing a Russian dating site

When you choose a paid dating or matchmaking service, it doesn’t mean you have found a legitimate Russian dating site. Lots of such sites are a scam and it is really sad.

But we hope these red flags will help you avoid scam services and choose only legitimate Russian dating sites when searching for your love online:

The ladies are always online using online chats

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeWe can guarantee you that Slavic women also have their life, work, study, children, etc. And this makes them busy as well as you are. They are live people and simply can’t spend nights in online chats.

None of the Best-Matchmaking women is going to come late at night and sit in front of the camera till the morning. It is not acceptable for them.

So, if you see a large number of Polish, Bulgarian or Latvian women sitting on a dating site at night (their local time), we are afraid they are all scammers. Their goal is to trap you and make you spend money on chatting with them. Very often, behind the profile of a lady, there is an absolutely different person chatting with you.

Some of our clients complained that the video of a lady’s webcam was nothing more but a record. It means that the more you watch it, the more you pay. But if you are attentive enough, you will notice the video is recorded and it means you are chatting to someone else watching a recorded video of a lady from the profile pictures. Unfortunately, the goal of that site is just to make money, but not to give you the choice of eligible brides.

When you have a video chat with foreign girls on Best-Matchmaking, you log in to Skype and talk at least 30 minutes face-to-face to a lady. You have an absolutely natural talk. If she doesn’t speak English, you always have our interpreter who helps you to talk. No camera where you watch a recorded video for money, but a live face-to-face talk. You do not type but talk. Lots of our ladies speak English, so they do not need any translators and can easily lead a good conversation with men.

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Not responsive customer support

legitimate Russian dating sites

We always recommend our readers to check the site’s customer support whatever service you choose. Just try to find their contacts on the site and check them before spending money. If you never get a reply, then you can imagine what happens if you have any issues or concerns. And what if you have met a scammer? No one is going to care about you and your problems. So you lose your money and trust into online dating at all. For that reason, necessary to check client support always.

 Pay Per Letter System...

Some sites ask you to pay per each letter .. )It means that you get a pig in a poke. We from Best-Matchmaking believe that everyone should have free access to the letters because nowadays none of the Russian, Ukrainian or Belarussian brides will spend hours writing long love letters, it's all gone because ladies are very busy! who's gonna do it for free? Think about it please....

 We from Best-Matchmaking allow our customers to have unlimited letters writing whiting on a basis of monthly membership which additionally includes skype sessions. If you are interested- learn more here.....

How to understand the Russian dating site is what you need

Dating guideThe above-mentioned red flags are the signs which will help you avoid being scammed, make your search not stress but a pleasant process. None of us wants to get scammed or waste time and money. So we hope that following our simple tips will help you understand how to choose the Russian dating site you need.

Remember that getting a free dating and matchmaking consultation is a good sign. If you just want to ask questions about the site, how it works, the rules, etc., you should get a free reply and do not have to pay for such information. If you are asked for the payment just to reply to your questions, run away!

We hope your search will be successful and hassle-free. It is not easy to find your match but it is possible with the help of a reputable and reliable service. And now, you can browse our gallery of Ukrainian and Slavic ladies and make sure all of them are real and who knows, one of them may become your future wife!

If you have any question about Best-Matchmaking services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger. She offers a free consultation for new customers. Best-Matchmaking also offers great and valuable Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking programs and membership plans at a reasonable prices.

Interested to learn more about Russian dating & culture:

Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Have you ever became a victim of dishonest women or unreliable Russian dating site? Or May be you are able to provide even more useful tips for our readers?  Feel free to share it and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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