Do legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist?

legitimate dating site

Nowadays, when people have such great opportunities for communication over the Internet and can meet each other online, the Ukrainian dating business is expanding too quickly, and online dating, unfortunately, becomes too commercial.

Lots of you have shared with us your sad experience with other dating sites or matchmaking services. And we understand that for some of you, it is not easy to recover after a bunch of stresses and disappointments and start searching again.

It’s no wonder you ask yourself whether those legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist or whether they all are nothing more than scammers. Don’t worry, they do exist, so there is a hope you will meet your match without any problems and disappointments. But to do it, you have to know how to choose the right dating site and avoid a trap!

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What does it mean for the online dating site to be legit?

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeAs you can understand, a legitimate site is a site registered officially and having all the necessary licenses to operate and provide their services. If you search for a dating site online, you will see such a variety of sites teeming with profiles of beautiful ladies all willing to marry a foreigner.

But once you do deeper research, you will find out that the site doesn’t have any online support or official registered address. It means that it is “amateur” and is not a legitimate one at all. 

So if you search for a legitimate dating site or even matchmaking service, you should, first of all, rely on you because none of the beautiful advertisements will tell you the truth. In order to find out whether the site is legitimate or not, we recommend devoting at least a couple of minutes and do a little research. It will not take much but will prevent you from being scammed and disappointed in online dating forever.

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How to check a Ukrainian dating service

As we mentioned already, you are the one to check whether the dating site you use is legitimate and reputable enough. So for that purpose, you should not get blind with all the beautiful profiles you see on the site and rush to get in touch with all those women, but take some time and investigate the site before using it for the first time. First of all, you should check whether the site is in your language.

Some sites offer their services only in Russian, so it is a bit weird taking into account their customers are mostly English-speaking men. So if you are going to use a dating site that doesn’t support your language, think twice before doing it. If you have some concerns or issues, how will you solve them if the site cannot even understand you? Pay attention to the following criteria when choosing a dating site.

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Do they have responsive customer support?

Customer SupportThe first thing you should pay attention to is the site’s customer support. But the fact they have it doesn’t mean it will help you solve your issues if any.

So no matter what site you choose, simply find their online chat or any of the communication means and…get in touch! Yes, exactly, send them a message even if you have no questions.

Your task now is to check whether you will be heard in case of having issues with the site. Got a prompt reply?

Then accept our congratulations because now you can be sure you can always apply to the site support in case of having payment issues, being scammed by one of the ladies, profile issues, etc. Even if you have a question about the site – ask it, don’t be afraid of asking such questions, you have a right to know the principles of their work.

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Do they have reviews of real customers?

Testimonials Ukrainian datingYou checked online support, good for you. Now it’s time to check whether the site has some reviews. If the site exists and operates for many years (as it is probably claimed), it should have some reviews of its customers. So now your task is to find those reviews, and please make sure to do it before spending money on that site.

Users who have a positive experience are always willing to share it with others. So do those who have some kind of negative experience.

So we are sure if you browse the Internet, you will find some reviews about that company. The reviews shouldn’t have 100% positive, there are always people who haven’t been satisfied with something, but the majority of reviews still have to be more or less good.

Now attention – if the site claimed it is on the market for 10 years or more and has no reviews at all, think well whether its claims are true. We have huge doubts that there were no customers for 10 years who wanted to leave their feedback.  By the way, Check out OUR TESTIMONIALS !

What kind of brides' profiles are offered?

legitimate dating sitesThis is one of the most important aspects. We always mention to you, guys, that single Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, or Belarussian brides do not have to look like models.

Of course, there are such girls and they are all very beautiful but believe us, there are very many single women in these countries and they have very different appearances. It is impossible that so many beautiful models are single!

There are single moms, more mature women, and women in their 60s who search for a western husband, so you have to see such profiles on every site. Also, look at the pictures, at least some profiles should contain everyday pictures of Slavic mail order brides. Professional pictures are wonderful but we from Best-Matchmaking try to put their casual pictures as well, so you could see “both sides”.

If you don’t see such profiles and see only amazing half-naked models looking at you, run away because you will be scammed! Turn on your common sense and search for another dating site.

What kind of video-chat is available?

A video chat is one of the best ways to meet your woman and see her face-to-face. Unfortunately, lots of men come to us every day and say that “I saw your woman on another site and chatted with her daily, I even got her phone number and talked to her, but then she changed her number and disappeared”. After showing their profiles to those women we get a reply that a lady was really registered on that site but has never seen this guy, unfortunately.

Yes, women also get scammed, guys, and after registering on such dating sites, their profiles are used to earn money and they have no idea about it. So if you see a huge queue of beautiful girls sitting in a video-chat, run away, because women never do that, especially those who have children and serious jobs. Women have their lives and will never spend their time this way inviting guys to chat.

Our tip for you: Better choose a Skype-chat option

Russian video chat onlineNow you know that girls sitting in video-chats online are just a myth to catch you, normal women don’t do it. And if you see a lady in lingerie doing it, think well whether she is looking for a husband, ok? We doubt it very much – most likely, she is just working and getting profit from the site.

We from Best-Matchmaking offer a Skype chat option with Ukrainian women, the duration of which is at least 30 minutes.

A call is arranged beforehand so the time would be convenient for you both. If a lady doesn’t speak English, there is a translator for you. Such a conversation allows you both to see each other clearly and talk normally, hearing each other. 

So no pre-recorded video in a webcam is possible and you can lead a normal, real-time conversation. We recommend choosing legitimate Ukrainian dating sites offering such a video option to avoid a waste of money and all kinds of scams.

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Conclusion: legitimate Ukrainian dating sites do exist!

legitimate dating sitesDon’t worry..., legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist and they provide very good services. Once you find such a site, you can be sure you don’t waste your money or time.

But please remember that good services cannot be cheap. There is a huge team behind a good and reputable dating site to listen to you and provide the best services.

Don’t forget that a Romantic & marriage tour to Ukraine is one of the most important options on every reputable dating site because it allows you to make a safe trip to meet your woman.

Very often, men complain that they agreed about the meeting and after they arrived, the lady simply disappeared and the site bears no responsibility for that. To avoid it, you should rely on the site in the organization of your trip and meetings with all women.

This will guarantee your safety and a 100% result. Still have some questions concerning our services or online dating? Then don’t hesitate to ask Kate, your professional matchmaker and dating blogger who will help you select the right dating membership plan or Slavic matchmaking offer.

Your happiness is in your own and, of course, our hands!

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Do you think you are ready to try finding your match via online dating site?  What ever it is  feel free to leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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