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By Victor from USA

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Patrick from Ireland has left a review about Matchmaking_services our agency has provided in 2021 for him

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João from Brazil, June 2021 tells about our professional matchmaking service

Alex Knox

AlexMy friends have always told me that I will never marry because I was very selective of the women that surrounded me. If I noticed anything that contradicted my principles in any woman, I soon began to ignore her. I am a believer and was looking for a pure lady of the same principles who would believe and trust God. I wanted to find a perfect match, so I registered on this dating site. In my profile, I mentioned that I am a Christian who is looking for a godly woman. I specified all my criteria for a perfect match and pushed a search button. To tell the truth, I was looking for a woman from Belarus because these girls are very beautiful as I knew. So I was introduced to a few profiles there. Mila was the most beautiful girl among all of them and her profile was fascinating and engaging to read. Note, that I was looking not only for a person to have sex within marriage but for a true friend who will always support me and be on my side. I found out that Mila was exactly the ideal person for me because she was a believer too and such an interesting person to communicate with. I prayed to God, so she did after I sent a message to her. I asked God to give me a sign that she is from Him. I was reading my Bible and get a revelation from it: “For this cause will a man go away from his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh?” (Matthew 19:5) that claimed that God is blessing me with a wife. Now we are very happy that we listened to the Word of God and married. We are so grateful to this website to help us find each other!

Dan, USA, 2020

danI have been single for a long time. My ex-wife has passed away more than ten years ago. I almost lost any hope to find the charming lady to make my life better. As long as I really love the way Slavic women look, I decided to marry a woman from Ukraine. So I registered on a few dating websites and began to send messages to various ladies. I managed to find my perfect match on this site, however. We texted each other every day and decided to meet. Lisa was from Ukraine, so I traveled there. I thought that even if it does not work, at least, I would see the beautiful country and get acquainted with its culture and traditions. However, when I first saw Lisa, my jaw literary dropped. She was just stunning despite the fact she was in her fifties like me.  We went to a restaurant and spent together a lot of time until the restaurant was closed. I noticed that I felt the chemistry between us, so she did. I flew back to my native city with the idea to marry Lisa. We waited for a few months and messaged each other every day. Then, I traveled to Ukraine one more time and proposed to her. She cried when she heard these words. She said “Yes” to me so we planned to celebrate our wedding both in Ukraine and in America. Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity to find each other! We are very happy and now live in the USA together.

Mark Spasovski, UK 2020

Mark Spasovski I am so excited to tell you my story...I have never dreamed about such success. I guess it would be better to start from the very beginning. I grew up with the idea that I will never fall in love and get married because I was so upset about the fact my parents divorced when I was a little kid. However, one friend of mine told me that their story is not my story, and I have many chances to create healthy relationships that will transform into a great family. His name was Jack. Jack strongly advised me to register on this dating site. I just did not want to frustrate him because he was my best friend and registered there. To my great surprise, Angelina sent me the first message. She was so beautiful that I had no other way than to proceed chatting with her. It was such a great time for both of us! Later on, she told me that she was a bit confused about whether to send a message to me first because in her country (She is from Ukraine) it is unusual for women to send the message to a man first. But she risked, and that was one of the features that I love in her the most. I visited Ukraine and met with her for a few weeks and then, I found out that we match perfectly with her. Moreover, we like the same food, same movies, same books...Now, I cannot imagine my life without her. Thanks to her, I am the happiest man in the world! Therefore, I always say that the power of friendship is very strong because my best friend has given me such a priceless piece of advice! Count on your friends because they are our blessing

David Grover, USA. 2020

My love story is a bit different from anyone else. I was in a deep depression after a divorce from my ex-wife. She really got me thinking that I was the worse husband in the world. I thought I would never fall in love again. However, I was mistaken...I have always heard that women in Belarus are very pretty. I was a little curious whether they would like to communicate and build relationships with me. So I registered on this dating site and decided to send a message to a few ladies I liked. Ann was the third girl I sent a message to. She was so nice and polite that I made up my mind to move on with her. After a few months of online dating, we decided to meet in real life. I took a plane to get to Minsk and we saw each other. I was shocked about the fact that she is more beautiful in real life if compared to her Internet photos on the website. Now, we live together because we married, and are raising up a baby. Thanks to God, our baby-girl looks like her, but not me!) I am so proud we did it!

Jose Villa, USA, 2020

Thank-you Bestmatch-Making for helping me choose the woman of my dream to form and raise a happy family with.
Jose V. -


Dean and Natasha’s marriage in the USA

Dean And Natasha have met each other with the help of our agency in 2016. Recently we were happy to receive their photos as announcement of their marriage have been done recently in the United States.

Best-Matchmaking's team is very happy for  and wishes them love and prosperity!


Yoon from S.Korea, May 2020

To all searching men, After to be scammed by other sites and agencies many years ago. I lost all hope until I found this website thanks to reviews on forums. From the beginning it was not easy, I read other reviews of men who were matched, but my personal experience is that I just got a list of ladies who are interested in me, not really matching ladies. It wasn't a success and had quite some frustrations and many discussions. I think some men are very lucky to find a lady. Now time to time I am asking the agency about a lady if she could be "good" for me. The reason why I would recommend this site to other men is their site manager (Zlata) is good and the translators (Irina and others) as well. Their ladies on the site are real and not fake. If you ask about a lady, they will tell you if she is a good lady for you or not. If you have some complaint about a lady, they will verify with her. The site manager replies very quickly if you chat with her and not waiting 24hours like some other sites. Kates team has real people around her and honest! Eventually match making or not, on the end it is all about connection between a lady and a man. We can be matched, but this doesn't mean you will be happy with her or she will stay with you. It is all about trials and errors and luck I presume. I don't regret to be client of Kate. Until now they are the most correct service. Some other agencies are asking only money without results. Just stay positive and be patient. For myself I know I will find my lady in the near future :).

Tobias, April 2020

Sehr geholfen, Vielen Dank

Vielen Dank an best-matchmaking für den exzellenten Service. Ich habe meine Liebe gefunden. Bevor ich Svetlana traf, habe ich einige Mädchen von anderen Seiten getroffen, aber leider waren sie alle nicht ernst und wollten keine seriose Beziehungen. Jetzt ist Svetlana bei mir in Deutschland und wir bereiten uns auf die Hochzeit vor, wenn sich die Situation etwas stabilisiert. Danke für alles!! Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg und Wohlstand.

Kai, USA. met his bride back in 2017 via our web site

kaiI used to be proactive looking for the woman of my dreams. Everybody thought that I am very successful, but I was so lonely inside. I tried more and more to find a girl among my friends with no or very little success. Then, I heard about this website that helps people from different countries to find each other fast. I became a user of this site and started texting various girls. In the first few months, I received almost no replies. It seemed like I was miserable as for these ladies. So I decided to ask a professional matchmaker from this website how to improve my profile for ladies to like it and communicate with me. They told me to never use standard phrases in the About me section and add something interesting there to hook a potential bride. I listened to their recommendation and succeeded. Elena was one of the first women that answered my letter. To tell the truth, she was very beautiful in the photo. We began to message each other every day and finally concluded that we are more than just friends to each other and understand each other without words. After a few months of testing and texting, we met in a cafe in her native country (She was from Ukraine). It seemed like a sparkle was between us. Now, we are married and are expecting a baby.   

LG aus Österreich April, 2020

Sehr gute Agentur. Einer der wenigen, der ehrlich funktioniert. Mit ihrer Hilfe fand ich meine Lebenspartnerin. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass die Agentur mir nicht nur dabei half, sie kennenzulernen, sondern auch alles zu organisieren, was wir für unsere Treffen und Verlobung brauchten. Auf jeden Fall empfehlen ich Best-Matchmaking jedem, der echte Liebe sucht.

Simon Lee ( Hong Kong) Feb 2020

Kate, thanks a lot for your great service as well for an effort to help me finding my match! I really appreshiate all your team’s help, although it wasn’t so easy from the very start as I’m too demanding lol

Wish you good luck in your business.

Mike Fedoruk, Canada, Jan 2020

Hi Kate! I will send you message in Canada when I return! I am torn between 2 ladies and we both cry when saying goodbye! We need to discuss marriage and future relationship with lady. I am very happy but we need time to process feelings! Time will tell! Thank you!


Paul from Australia, 2019

Paul from Australia shares his experience from visiting Ukraine and using our matchmaking program ( 2019)

Ray’s from the South Korea shares his experience

Onno, South Africa, ( March 2019)


Dear Kate!
Everything went really well with the visit and I would like to thank you and Zlata for organising everything for me and I would especially like to thank Victoria for making the initial communication between Nadya and I effortless and lots of fun although I think that Nadya and I embarrassed Victoria a few times with what she needed to translate.
Chemistry did happen and we are both very happy and I am sure that Nadya will become my bride but we will take the steps needed to ensure everything is right for her and she is comfortable with the new situation.

Michael Kaplan, USA (April 2019)


“ Hi Dear Kate,I hope you are well. I Have been working with Zlata for several months and she is WONDERFUL. I am so impressed with her kindness and professionalism and hard-work ethic. At times I have been a bit frustrated and she was understanding and insightful. May I offer my highest recommendation for Zlata. MichaelI have met a very nice lady Olga through Best Matchmaking and it is going well. We have had many conversations and I think we both feel comfortable with each other. I offered to meet her in Odessa (her home town) of in Western Europe if she prefers. We decided to meet in Amsterdam in early June (I am often a professor there so I know the City very well and I will play 'tour guide' for 4 days). She will also bring her mother and I am fine with that as I want Olga to feel comfortable. I am a little bit nervous as I want them to have a good time, but i guess that is normal. I'll let you know how it goes. Best wishes, -Michael, USA

William G. USA, January 2018

3aa28641ba86a90d3bfd10441013586f-600x600Dear Best-Matchmaking!I have to say that I was very happy in coming to Ukraine. I have been talking to Asia for a couple of months and we got along very well. And on January I decided to meet her in person. So, I ordered my ticket to fly to Ukraine and for me it was the best decision I made. I arrived safe with someone to pick me up from the airport. I got along very well with the people of Ukraine, and the ladies of course. I recommend to any gentlemen who is looking to fly to Ukraine to have a translator helping them.I have to say it is worth it, and I would recommend at least practicing Ukraine language the basics. And from my experience it made a big difference since Asia didn’t speak a lot, and with the help of my interpreter she felt comfortable with me. See showed me a side of her that you don’t get through letters and skype. And after a few days we got along very well and had the most memorable moments together. I knew now that I found a great agency who I can trust, and with come to Ukraine again. I felt cared that someone wanted to help me find a Ukraine bride, and on other sites you keep on paying for letters and camera.And from my experience that ladies are interested in seeing you in person. Letter and skype are an introduction. So, if any gentlemen are reading this testimonial and is thinking about flying to Ukraine. I would say invest in flying to Ukraine. I know the ladies will be very happy to see you in person, and this give you the chance to see her world. I also recommend also watching Kates the founder of best-matching and former psychologist YouTube channel.She gives you some extra tips, and advice. I recommend watching these videos before heading to Ukraine. For me I have to say that this agency is one the best that I have encountered. They service is the best and looking forward in seeing what the future holds.Thank you so much Katrina, And best-matchmaking team you!

Richard and Elena, June, 2018

Elena and Richard-main

June of 2018 gifted our marriage agency one more beautiful couple! Richard and Elena met each other with help of best-matchmaking team. These 2 lonely hearts were on the different parts of the planet! Richard overcame the distance more than 10 thousand kilometers to meet his love! These smiles, these happiness inspire our team! We are very glad that they found each other! We wish them happiness and endless love!

Aharon, Israel, 24 of September, 2018

My good experience about Best-Matchmaking marriage agency!

I corresponded with Alina about a month before I arrived in Kharkov. I met a woman before her and it did not fit. The next day I met Mother Alina. We had a perfect connection. We met every day. We corresponded in messages. I would bring her flowers every day. Amazing woman. The agency helped me a lot before I arrived and if I needed help I had someone to turn to. I was very pleased with the agency. Thank you very much.Aharon ( Israel) Due to Aharon's wish we had to hide his face.

Rick and Tanya. USA, Seattle ( November, 2018)

The team at Best Matchmaking are simply great! They lived up to all my expectations of how a professional matchmaking service should operate. They carefully analyzed what I was looking for in a life partner, and so they found such person individually for me! And they organized all contact and meetings really well. The principal of the company, Kate, is also such a lovely person! Now my wife Tanya and I are crazy happily married!! Thank you so much Best-Matchmaking for your time and help! Rick and Tanya Seattle USA

Jarrett Seres, ID 3963, USA Michigan ( December 2018)

170f808ce98dea0c0b7e498e64c14327-600x800There name says it all! They are better than the best out there!” I have been on best matchmaking for a 3-4 months now! From the beganing I was impressed with how they handed me as a client! Kate and her team always made sure if I had any questions concerns that I knew they were available!! I've been on a couple of other sites prior to going to BMM, and never even knew how or who to get a hold for a question or concern! Not the case here! Last point I want to make is at best matchmaking you don't have to worry about getting scammed! They are not going to tolerate that on this site. These women on here have serious intentions of meeting men that are marriage minded and looking for a committed relationship! Listen give them a try, and I pretty sure you will be happy with the results!!

William from the USA shares his experience 2018

Natasha and Robert , June 2018!

Hi Kate, thanks a lot for all your effort and support! I’ve finally met my second half and she is the one I’ve been dreaming about! All your team was very supportive during my constant visits to Ukraine. I wish you and your team success and prosperity!
Cheers, Natasha and Robert

Natasha and Robert-UK3   Natasha and Robert-UK2Natasha and Robert-UK11

Lorenso, October 2018

Dear Kate! Thanks a lot for letting me to meet a woman of my dreams! I’ve been searching a lot not only in Italy among all the women but also in Ukraine among many agencies which appear just to be a scam…
but I was lucky I found your agency which helped me to select Evgenia, your matchmaking program really works well and I didn’t even expect it would be so professional and really individually tailored.
Thank you once again and good luck with your business
Lorenso, Italy

Edward and Svetlana 10.04.2017

Dear Kate,I am writing you express my gratitude for all you did for me and my son while we were in Ukraine. Your services could not be more professional. It is obvious that you have hired the best there is to provide the service. Don't know where to start. The transportation was excellent between the cities.The translators and tour guides were so professional and just made the trip. The accommodations were great. Our 8 days in Ukraine were the highlight of our trip. I will mention some of the people who made our trip so wonderful. There was Kate our translator in Zaporozhye who was so personable and was excellent as a tour guide.There was Irena who was set us for Kharkov and just help out so much. Also, Natasha who was excellent. We felt safe and just enjoyed out trip so much. I hope I conveyed our satisfaction with you professional staff. And of course my meeting with Svetlana was amazing! We are looking forward to our next meeting, hopefully in the USAYours Truly, Edward Aldava and Svetlana, Los Angeles CAimg_1039img_1034 

Jaime G. Id 2033 ( September 2017)


Hello Kate, How are you? I am back home and very happy to have had the opportunity to travel to Ukraine, I was very delighted to meet adorable girls from Kharkov, they are indeed adorable, kind, sincere as you described in your website. Your organization, interpreters are much better that I thought. The girls are real, honest, with genuine intentions to find a husband. Kharkov is a beautiful city, safe and I enjoyed every minute I stayed there. Your agency is the best. Regards. Jaime Garcia

Frieder (Germany) 09.03.2017


Hello Kate, thank you very much! Your service is first class, like your ladies... Best, Frieder

Luke L. and Kristina 03.03.2017

I learned about this agency through a popular YouTube blogger from Ukraine. After some time, I started correspondence with Kristina and we exchanged letters back and forth. The letters were translated quickly which allowed for the momentum to keep going.Quickly after, we scheduled our first Skype session where we continued to get along well and learned about each other in the process. The interpreters for our Skype sessions did a great job and there were never any problems during this process. We eventually agreed to meet in person and I flew into Ukraine for about a week. Having been my first time in Ukraine, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but Kate and her team answered all of my questions and addressed each issue I had.The meeting in person was everything I could have hoped for and once again our interpreter Natasha made it easy for us to communicate--she was a great help during our outings and also when I had various questions about Ukraine. As a side note, Ukraine and specifically the city of Kharkov was amazing. The food was excellent, the people were nice and everything just worked.The trip was a good way to build that foundation for a relationship so I of course would recommend it to others that go into it with a realistic and appropriate mindset. Kate and her team were very supportive and helpful during each step of this process.

Tim and Marina, November 2017!

I chose Best Matchmaking because I could see scammers and other issues on some sites. I had decided to go quality. This means the people I met were real and verified. I found this to be worth the money. All arrangements were made and carried out as promised. This helped me a lot being in a foreign country and having my trip managed and an interpreter provided. My communication, letter writing and Skype time, went very well and interpretations were done accurately. All plans went flawlessly and I believe I have found someone to spend my life with. Thank you so much.
Best Regards, Tim Eubanks

Due to lady’s wish we had to hide her face.

november-testimonial-best-matchmaking november-testimonial-best-matchmaking 2IMG_1533

Rudy Rodriguez, October 2017

Dear Best-Matchmaking Team!  Oksana and me have been talking since around July and we got along quite well, so after a few  letters and skype chats I ask her if she would like to meet in person and she agreed and we decided to meet on the 28th of October and stay until November 5th. So I took advantage of an offer this site has for a price they arrange everything and all I had to do was buy plane tickets and that left me plenty of time for me to get to know Oksana and also I do recommend getting an interpreter it is well worth the money unless you speak Ukrainian from my experience it made a difference Oksana spoke a little English and with the help of the interpreter she felt comfortable with me and  we had the chance to express out thoughts and how we view our values and our goals and by doing it this way we made a lot of progress with our time together  and after a few days we making each other laugh and having a good time and now I know the difference between a dating site and a marriage site especially best-matching. I felt they cared about me reaching my goals to find an Ukrainian bride as much as I do with other sites they only want to keep you paying money on letters and camera time and is it not important to them  if you meet in person or not and also what helped me with this was watching best-matchmaking videos on youtube and I used her advice when I met Oksana and along with common sense and it works. Thanks for a great job, Kate
Rudy Rodriguez, USA

Mansur 27.05.2016

Hi would like to thank Katrina and her staff) I have been on the site for short time but I have found Katrina very helpful she brings a person touch always ready to answer queries) very genuine agency from all others who just want your money but katesmodel agency try there best to find you a serious lady) i done did lots of research and came across Kate's agency after positive reviews and a personal recommendation from Krystyna a online blogger, in the interest of finding your soulmate you can't take chances with scam companies who are not really interested in your happiness!So thanks again Kate and katesmodel staff for your help and hopefully find my other half with your assistance I have been in correspondence with some charming ladies) fingers crossed everything works out and I will post my results in the near future!

Mansur and Oksana 11.11.2016


Hi) i would like this opportunity to thank katesmodel agency and Kate personally and write about my experience as a member of the agency) I joined the agency sometime in the beginning of the year after adding my profile and information about myself I started to receive letters from ladies)I found all the ladies charming but I was looking for someone out of my comfort zone and i think i found her)) I started to correspond with Oksana we found we had similar interests and had a lot in common lifestyles hobbies))I must say it was not easy at times somethings got lost in translation misunderstandings we come from different cultures Ukraine and Britain so there was differences that needed to be understood better! But luckily Kate was on hand to guide me through such issues at times i thought it was not going to work!! But with Kate's help on hints and tips we made better progress in moving forward and after writing to each other for a while we decided to meet and in summer i flew to Ukraine to meet Oksana and let fate decide!!))I spend a just less than a week in Ukraine and had a amazing time with Oksana she showed me around her city and went on road trips together learned more about each other and this was only possible with katesmodel agency and Kates personal touch to me Kate is Cupid in real life))Kate wanted me to succeed in finding my soulmate and I think she has succeeded) Okasna and I are planning a holiday together in the new year)) and hopefully see where this leads us)) so a big thank you to the agency and all the staff and especially Cupid Kate xxx regards Mansur.

An Minkuy and Karina 03.02.2016

Dear Katarinaan-and-karinathanks a lot for helping to meet Karina.I wasn’t successful in My first visit to Ukraine last yearbut this time ( December 2015) I”ve met exactly a lady I expected for.Now she is preparing the documents for visiting South Korea in May.You are invited at our weddingKind regardsAn Minkuy

Yasuhiro and Viktoria 04.01.2015

Thank you, Kate for performed work! We met this winter. And I'm going to invite Vika to Japan in April 2015. Hopefully we will marry after we meet 2 time. Kind regards, Yasuhiro ( Japan)PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAPENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAPENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA

Kim and Katerina 10.10.2015

There is another created couple at our agecy! Our congratulations! They have met on September 2015. Kim is from South Korea and Katerina is from Zaporozhye are happy together now and preparing the documents for Katerina to go to Korea. Hopefully marriage will take place soon! We wish them love and prosperity!katekim2 dscn2318

Yasuhiro and Viktoria 04.01.2015

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAWe met this winter.and I'm going to invite Vika to Japan in April 2015.Hopefully we will marry after we meet 2 time. Kind regards, Yasuhiro ( Japan) 

Masanori and Alexandra 03.01.2015

sashaHI KATRINA. I WAS HAPPY TO MEET SASHA She is the one i've been looking for.have a great success in your businessMasanori

George and Alina 06.12.2015

Two years ago we met thanking to your web site, Kate. this year we have finally had our wedding.Thank you so much for your kind assistance in everything and especially in documents preparation for Austria. God bless and Good luck!2james-and-alina

Masha and Min 05.09.2015

There is a bright spot at our Marriage agency! A Happy couple Masha and Min ( South Korea) got married on 5th September 2015 We wish them lots or bright moments and everlasting love! Their video will be published a little bit later! Join us FREE  If you are looking for happiness 1-aaaa 2-bbbb

Paul and Yulia July, 2017

New Happy couple Paul and Yulia has been created with the help of Best-Matchmaking team in July, 2017 ! We wish them love and prosperity, hoping to celebrate their marriage soon this or the next year!



Ettore and Alexandra, August 2017

Ettore ( from Italy) and Alexandra from Kherson , Ukraine, are a couple that met each other about 2 years ago with the help of our agency!  They had a spark for each other from the very first moment they met! It is really cute and amazing story!
Since then they have always been in contact with each other, visiting each other quite often, and making each other’s life happier with every single day….! And finally in August 2017 Ettoree came back to Ukraine with a proposal to Alexandra.  A wedding date has been set up for November 2017!
A video of this incredible story is coming soon.

2-best-matchmaking-happy-couple 3-best-matchmaking-happy-couple4-best-matchmaking-happy-coupleIMG_0653

Carlos & Nadya, June 2017

Dear Kate! Thank you so much for an excellent job that you and your great team has done for me and Nadya! We had a great chance to finally meet so from now one I’m expecting for the next SERIOUS step to be made in our relations. Cheers, Nadya and Carlos. IMG_1851IMG_1951IMG_1867

Rolando & Inna, May 2017

Dear Kate,I am writing you to thank you all you did for me while I was in Ukraine, your team is excellent, Natasha, Katya, Julia, Kristina and your manager Julia in Kiev, thanks all, I never felt a barrier between your interpreters and my Lady and it was my impression since my first Skype session. I felt really comfortable and enjoyed my trip so much. Kharkov is a wonderful city, I visited many places and learned a lot about its history, I would like to recommend you and your agency to others than they are not sure if there is a serious, trustworthy and professional agency in Ukraine. Again, thank you and my best wishes.  Rolando!w3wwwq  32q

Dean аnd Natasha May 2017

I want to thank you Kate for introducing me to the most lovely woman I have ever met.  I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me through phone or email to answer all my questions and your dedication to finding me my Natasha. I will be returning to Ukraine in July to ask her for her hand in marriage. This is like a dream come true and I will be forever grateful to you for all you have done for Natasha and I. Take care, your friend always.  Dean  image-0-02-05-1e1bb918fc8f087b2c45b4e0d1de65158a4b2b72c72c9b3f3d8358e22498d1ff-Vimage-0-02-01-6843de53452dd12512362a0b3d83cc1f28779a2e646ce108b26320735639af4e-Vimage-0-02-01-6f1163685fc9752a8a26a6c5603215acac5fc60f4e6bb4697e73e691fb6d0edc-V

Sveta & Edward 12.04.2017

Dear Kate,I am writing you to express my gratitude for all you did for me and my son while we were in Ukraine and for being instrumental in bringing Svetlana and I together. We met in Zaporozhye and as my son observed there was instant chemistry. We have decided to take the next step. We want a life together. Your services could not have been more professional. It is obvious that you have hired the best there is to provide the service. I am excited about my future. We still have a ways to go but it all looks positive.Yours Truly/ Edward/ Los Angeles CAsvetlana-edward-11-04-2017  IMG_1034

Frank and Yulia 16.02.2017

Frank and Yulia 16.02.2017

Hello dear Kate, I can thank you and your staff for the last 5 months . To be honest, I did not expect when I contacted your agency, that I will make a positive experience ! But I was mistaken, of course!!

Your competent partner selection and the professional organization of my two visits to Ukraine have finally led me to my dream woman.

I have found Julia and now so happy about it!

As you know, soon ‘m going to visit Julia again and after that she comes to Germany as we already planned.

Through you I look positively into the future, I thank you for it. Since I know it is your from your heart, You sincerely try to help to evey customer!Thanks Kate!
Frank ( Germany)

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Kim & Katerina 10.10.2015

There is another created couple at our agency! Our congratulations! They have met on September 2015 Kim is from South Korea and Katerina is from Zaporozhye are happy together now and preparing the documents for Katerina to go to Korea. Hopefully marriage will take place soon!  We wish them love and prosperity! katekim2 dscn2325

James and Alina 06.12.2015

Two years ago we met thanking to your web site, Kate. this year we have finally had our wedding.Thank you so much for your kind assistance in everything and especially in documents preparation for Austria. God bless and Good luck  

Markus Salvatores from Spain 09.02.2014

Kate, thanks for your feedback and help I likes my trip in general, although there was some issue with Anna's parents but it's ok now. I hope to be back this summer, I hope for serious relations with her. Thanks Again Markus.

Stiven and Tatyana 23.08.2014

227056_123686624462629_1546883389_n hi from z usa we are highly appreshiate your service, you are very flexible and when i lost the last hope you helped me to meet my lady! thank you Kate. stay wellfrom Stiven and Tatyana

Hiromu Hasegava 27.06.2014

Привет, Катерина!Я очень благодарен вам за уделенное внимание и за добросовестную работу вашей компании. Были хорошие условия проживания, также было аж два прекрасных переводчика японского, которые во всем мне помогали.Переводчики, учились в Японии, в Цукубе и Наре, говорили на кансайком и токийском диалектах. Переводчик, который говорит на кансайском диалекте, Валерия переводила меня уже второй раз, мы с не очень подружились. Очень большой выбор девушек, мне 67 лет, и не смотря на мой возраст, все относились ко мне с заботой и добротой.Удачи вам во всем! С уважением, Хирому Хасегава

Anastasiya & Alexander 25.03.2014

Dear Kate, thanks a lot is your assistance. We had so many lovely moments with Anastasiya, including trip to Dominican Republic this year. We sincerely with  success to your business! Anastasiya & Alexanderdscn2073_asc3646

Kazuo and Irina 03.09.2014

20140827_122643Kate, thanks for arranging our meeting.

Irina is the best for me! with you success in your business.Kazuo from Japan

Miguel 13.12.2013

Hi all you have a nice web site. No scam. Me and Maria are very happy now. we are in process of preparing our documents. Nice web site and good team. thank you all, yours, Miguel S.

Leonel Hernandez 12.05.2013

Hello Everybody!! I would like to do a Public congratulations to KATE, i met her in Ukraine last year while i was there, she gave me a very good atention, introduced me with a couple of girls, thanks to her, i started a relation with a nice girl we were couple for a while then some circustancial reasons ruined our relationship...... Just i want to give thanks to kate because for the help that she gave to me, i lived a very nice stage in my life.......... :)Now we started all over, she has become in a good friend for me; Months ago i met a girl: smart, nice, beutiful, friendly, exemplar, great, worthy, important, High, magnificent, majestic, noble, splendid, state, wonderful, mother, friend, partner, sublime.........Woman....That i accept as she is. Soon we are going to have our meeting we are working in the details....I will let you know the rest....Leonel ID 333335873

Leonel Hernandez and Lilia 27.07.2013

Hi Kate So we've met again this summer in New Maxico, Puerto Vallarta, my home city. Me and Lilia are so happy together. Hope to see you as a vip guest at our marriage! hugs, Leo ID 333335873 and Lilia

Sami 10.10.2012

Hello Kate and thank you so much!! I'm back with the second part of our History....We met in person and offcoarse that after months to be talking just by internet we did a fast click in person. We spend a very nice moments together smiling, laughing... Now we need to feed this love more and more, we have contact 24 hrs :) ...we are going to be together soon, while she finishes university plus other issues then we will decide where is more convienent to star Our life and where to start planning weddings.. :) i love this real girl, very much.... :)

Mathias 25.07.2012

Kate, thanks for your work!i'm happy you introduced me with Alexandra! she is a great girl and I ecpect her to come to Germany this Autumn.thanks for your helpBest wishes in your businessMathias

Ronald from Italy 19.10.2012

Kate, how are you? thanks for your efforts. I'll take our pict. with Marina to send you when she comes over here. I'm happy I met her, you were right recommending me this girl. thank you once again. Chao

George Maury 05.11.2012

Kate!!!! how do I send you a testimonial? well, I wasn't that optimistic from the very beginning but when I had came to Kiev and met the ladies you recommender I was quite satisfied with everything thank you!!! George Maury

Masahiro Mitsueda 29.02.2012

4Dear KateI met Svetlana last autumn in Zaporozhye. I'm very happy about it.After our second meeting in Kiev this winter we've decided to marry.I hope she will come to Japan soon. She promised in couple of month.Thank you!

William Scorick 03.09.2012

Kate, I'm very happy about my last trip to Odessa, I thank you so much for your assistance.i hope to be back again in October. Best, William

Edgar 12.08.2012

Hello Katesmodels and staffs. it was nice to meet Ukrainian ladies, I liked Natalya most of all and I hope she is the one. I wanted to thank for your services, all was as I planed. thanks. Edgar from Germany

Dan 17.05.2011

After just a week on the site I was sent an email from a lady and I replied, from that moment we clicked and exchanged phone numbers and text each other every day and phone a couple of times a day. We met 2 weeks ago and we got on so well that we are so in love now. I could never have imagined that I could meet someone so special to come into my life its brilliant. I can never thank the site enough for bringing me this amazing woman into my life that has given me so much love and happiness. Thanks a million.

Elena and John 15.04.2011

37Мы очень с Джоном очень благодарим сайт за возможность найти друг друга. С самых первых писем и при первой же встрече мы почувствовали, что что мы искали именно друг друга - я-его, а он-меня. Со течением времени мы лишь продолжаем убеждаться в этом.Наши встречи всегда романтичны и полны любви и эмоций, Джон очень любит и заботиться обо мне, я является интеллигентным и сильным мужчиной, который меня восхищает. Спасибо сайту за те возможности встретить свою половинку, человека, настроенного строить серьезные отношения, основанные на любви, уважении, семейных ценностях.Отдельное спасибо сотрудникам, которые всегда помогает, всегда вежливы и дружелюбны, особенно по отношению к мужчинам-иностранцам, которые часто приезжают первый раз и всего не знают, такое прекрасное отношение располагает и к Украине, и к нашим людям.

Joey 06.02.2011

I met all kinds of people on this site and just before, I have to say good-bye to the dating site an honest special person knocking on my inbox and change my life in total. Danie thanks for walking in to my life and except me the way I am. Life is in three phases a reason, a season and a lifetime and you are my lifetime. You asked and I except and from now on it will be the lifetime for us. To all the people still searching, go on with it and you will find exactly what you want. I ask, believe and receive and on this note I say good-bye.

Declan 05.10.2010

I have to thank this site for bringing to a much happer place. I had subcribed and was on holidays when I heard from her. We e-mailed each other for about a week and then we meet.This was it for me I have never seen a woman like this before and I think that she felt the same about me. We have been dating every second day since then and we both come from similar backrounds. We are happy now and don't know how we would cope if we were parted. Once again thank you.

Mo and Elena 26.11.2010


Hello Katesmodels stuffs. I did not expect to meet my bride really via such kind of service. But to my surprice it happened and I am very happy now. I want to thank you for your great assistance. you have done a very good job bringing me and Elena together. Wish you all the best in your development. Warm regards, Mo and Elena P.S our picture was taken in that nice romantic cafe of Kiev .

Michael 23.07.2010

Dear Kate and stuffs. Thank you for your letter. i correspond with Julia 5 month we like each other , we met once and soon will meet again I want to marry with her. Thank you. Michael

Sami and John 20.12.2009

hello, our trip to Ukraine was nice, even we got some dificulties with translation but thanx, we love Ukraine and will be back this summer

Azhar 17.09.2009

Hi Katerina !I am good thank you for sending flowers.I am very happy from your service and Thank you very much for providing such a facility to world wide. I will help and support you in promotion of your web services.Its really good to use Katesmodels service.TTank you again,Wishes for success and Very Happy New Year,Azhar from Pakistan

Mark 03.07.2009

hi Kate i 've just came back home couple of days ago from my amazing trip to Odessa. well, just wanted to tell you thanks for the good service and by the way, i guess i've met the right woman . thanx again take care Mark S

Tim, R. 22.05.2008

I had a great time in Kherson last yesr and met many ladies. I hit it off right from the start with one lady in particular. It went so well that I think we are meant to be together and we are applying for a fiancee visa. Thank you for your help! I'll sugest your site to my friends. Tim, R. May 2008

Louise 13.05.2008

Being someone who loves to see people happy together, I just have to share my friend's success story with everyone and hope it will serve as encouragement/inspiration for those of us still looking. My friend joined the site about a month ago and began chatting to a guy living about an hour away. They decided to meet for a drink but he got cold feet last minute and cancelled.They remained in contact but she continued chatting to other men, even arranging a date with one of them. Unfortunately, this date was really disappointing but on her way home she received a text from the man who had originally stood her up suggesting they meet for a coffee as she just happened to be passing through his area. They immediately clicked on meeting and have now started dating! She hasn't stopped smiling and from all accounts, neither has he!Both are perfectly normal, genuine people who probably wouldn't have met if not for this site, which would be a pity since they're so well suited. I wish them the best of luck together and hope I can find the happiness they have.

Meir 28.06.2008

hi, Katesmodels, thanks for your help in finding my true love, i'm happy with a lady i've met through your agency. good luck

Roger 15.07.2008

This site has led me to the most amazing individual. I had been on the site quite awhile, and was a little disenchanted with matters of the heart, when I decided to contact Diane. She didn't meet some of my criteria, but there was something about her smile that caused me to throw caution to the wind. We chatted, emailed and phoned each for awhile and then finally met. From the first meeting the conversation flowed easily, and everything just felt right. We are now crazy about each other and the time we spend together is just amazing, and feels so right. Our thanks go out to the team, because without this site we would never have had the opportunity to meet.
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