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We all know how popular Slavic women became lately among you. But Baltic online dating is not less popular and it’s no wonder while women from Baltic countries are much desired brides due to their appearance and personality traits.

But finding your Baltic woman is not that easy because these girls are really cautious about westerners. So how can you solve this problem? 

You can find your Baltic dream girl by means of one of the Baltic dating services. So today, we from Best-Matchmaking will tell you everything about Baltic dating sites and how you can choose the right one for you. Your success depends not only on you but also on the service you choose, so do not neglect to learn how to do it to find your bride the soonest and avoid all the possible problems. 

Why choose Baltic online dating

Dating Lithuanian bridesWhy would you use one of the Baltic dating sites if you can easily come to one of the Baltic countries, i.e. Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia, and meet their local women?

You may suppose these girls are easier to approach while they live in European countries and are more open to foreigners. However, it is not really true.

Among Baltic girls, only Estonian women are more or less open and willing to get acquainted with westerners. So if your goal is a Lithuanian or a Latvian woman, then one of the Baltic dating sites is your only option. These ladies are afraid and very cautious of westerners coming to their country and you will immediately be taken as a sex tourist.

Baltic online dating is a great chance to meet your Baltic lady for dating and marriage. We from Best-Matchmaking also have Latvian women in our database willing to connect with western guys, but these girls entrust their destinies to such professional dating services. 

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Free Baltic dating sites

Apart from paid Baltic dating services, you can try your luck and choose a free dating site. There are lots of them currently on the internet. Free dating sites are not actually free because all of them have a certain subscription or membership payment. However, compared to the paid services, they are really cheap.

But we would not recommend trusting them anyways. First of all, because Baltic women are very cautious and do not use such services mostly. Also, because you never know whether you meet a genuine person there or a scammer. As you know, quality is costly. And dating sites cannot be an exception.

Check a FREE gallery of single Baltic women!

We recommend choosing a free Baltic dating site if you just want to check whether a Baltic woman is good for you and have no experience. But if you want to find a really good and family-oriented lady instead of a scammer, better choose paid Baltic online dating (Dating Baltic Brides Online: How to Find a Baltic Woman).

Where to look for Baltic dating sites?

Since you are reading this post, you are probably intended to meet one of the single Baltic ladies. Baltic dating sites, as a rule, unite women from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. If you browse the Internet, you will definitely find some Baltic dating services. But do not hurry to register at once.

First of all, you should realize that not every site you can find online will meet your demands and expectations. Secondly, you have to be sure the site is reputable, so it is necessary to devote some time and find it out. How can you find out whether it is reliable or not? We will tell you about it in detail below, so don’t neglect our tips if you want to find a decent Baltic woman.

Checking out the women gallery

Online Gallery of Ukrainian WomenNaturally, you would like to know who you will be communicating with on a particular dating site. If you pay money, you have to know who is there in their database. So the first thing to check is the female gallery. If it is discreet for male members, we do not recommend using that service. 

Also, pay attention to the pictures. On Best-Matchmaking, we have Latvian women profiles of different age categories, different social status, and they post both professional and everyday life pictures (foreign women gallery). It is very important to check how the woman looks like in her everyday life. So if you can see only attractive, young, and sexy girls inviting you to chat, think twice whether they are real.

Not all Baltic women look like models and it is normal for older women, single moms, and ladies having a casual appearance to be single and look for a western life partner online. Didn’t notice such profiles? This should be a red flag for you. 

Checking the video-chat option

Choosing a pay-per letter service is good but it should also have a video-chat option available, so check it at once. You would like to see and hear your potential Baltic girlfriend, wouldn’t you? So how can you do it through letters only? So to do it and make sure your match is real and looks as beautiful as in her pictures, you should talk in a video-chat with her.

Avoid video-chats where you can only see the girl and cannot hear her. It should be a two-sided video option, as, for example, a Skype call on Best-Matchmaking. Such a call allows you to avoid any type of scam and have a complete talk, see, and hear each other. This way, you both can see if you like each other before a personal meeting. 

Romantic tours and contact exchanges on Baltic dating sites

Customer SupportBoth of these options are extremely important. First of all, you should check whether the dating site allows you to exchange contacts with your woman and on what terms.

If it is not allowed until the meeting in person, it may already be an issue for you. Most Baltic ladies speak English well, so this feature has to be included.

Moreover, if you decide to meet your Baltic girls in person, the dating site should be able to arrange that meeting.

Just think – you go to an absolutely unknown country and someone should be responsible for your safety and the meeting. We from best-matchmaking do not want to frighten you, but you don’t even imagine how many men came to visit their dream girl and she didn’t even appear for the meeting.

So to avoid such a scam and disappointment, you should be sure that a dating site you choose will arrange that meeting and will be responsible for your safety and the woman to be real and be present at the meeting. 

Checking the customer support

When you join the Baltic dating site, you should be sure that you will be heard and your issue (if any) will be solved the soonest. Once you found your Baltic dating site, you should check whether there is customer support, whether their communication channels really work, and whether someone replies at all.

Unfortunately, the majority of Baltic dating sites are not of very good quality and offers nothing but the gallery of women. So spend a couple of minutes to write to their customer support and check whether there is someone who is there to help you just in case. Choosing a dating service which will leave you face-to-face with your problems isn’t the wisest decision, isn’t it? 

The quality of ladies

Latvian mail order bridesThe quality of women on a particular dating site is one of the main criteria for each of you and we know that. For that reason, you should know how the site verifies the ladies, whether they know them in person and get in touch.

You should know that they do not register everyone who wants on their site but only those who are really decent and interested in serious relationships.

So don’t be afraid to ask the representative of the site, the customer support specialist, or your potential matchmaker about how they select the ladies for their site. This is something you should be aware of. By the way, the same criteria should be applied to men, also. Not all men are willing to have serious relationships so a dating site should find it out before recommending your profile to ladies.

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Dating Baltic Russians: What to consider?

Beautiful Russian womanThis may sound weird but you can imagine that there are Russian brides, as well as Ukrainian ladies in almost any country in the world. And Baltic countries are not an exception.

On Baltic dating sites, you can also meet lots of Slavic women who live, study, or work in the Baltic countries. So, you can also join one of them if your goal is to meet a Ukrainian, Russian, or even Belarus woman.

By the way, here on best-matchmaking, we also have Latvian mail order brides profiles, although these women do not have Baltic roots, but are Slavic mail order brides who moved or were born in Latvia due to different circumstances. No need to forget that Baltic countries have been part of the Soviet Union and there are lots of Russian and Ukrainian women living in these countries.

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Baltic dating apps as an option

Apart from free and paid Baltic dating sites, you can try and see whether there are some good ladies using dating apps. For example, such apps as Badoo and Tinder are also popular among Baltic people. So if you prefer dating apps rather than sites, you can try your luck there. 

But don’t get too inspired with that idea, while Baltic girls use such apps not to meet westerners but their local men. So we have too many concerns and doubts you would meet someone decent using such a way of communication. Moreover, lots of people using these apps are more curious than really interested to meet someone. So it can be a good experience but a waste of time if you have serious intentions.

Check a FREE gallery of single Baltic & Slavic women!

Conclusion: It may be difficult to find a good service but it is worthy!

Ukrainian and Russian womenThere is nothing difficult in finding a good Baltic dating site. You just do not have to be lazy and should devote enough time to your search.

Follow our tips described in that post and you will have no problems with finding a good dating site meeting all your demands and needs. 

And if you want to meet Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, or Belarussian mail order brides, don’t hesitate to check our online gallery. You will find not only Baltic brides but also lots of Slavic ladies.

Keep in mind, that our exclusive gallery of Belarus women is available only to matchmaking members. And if you still have questions concerning online dating or matchmaking, get in touch with Kate and get a free consultation.

We are sure that our matchmaking plans and International dating membership plans at reasonable prices will help you find your bride the soonest, no matter where she lives.

Good luck in your search!

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