Dating Albanian Women: Your Full Albanian Bride Guide

Dating Albanian womenHello gentlemen!

We keep making you acquainted with different women of the world. And today, we have chosen to tell you more about Albanian brides.

We bet some of you have never even heard of such a country as Albania. And thus, you have never even thought of dating or marrying a woman from that country.

And it can be a great loss if you don’t consider searching for Albanian mail order brides while dating them has a range of benefits for men. You want to know why? Then make yourself comfortable and keep reading till the end. This article will tell you lots of interesting things about dating Albanian women and all the benefits you may get from it.

Where is Albania?

AlbaniaWhen we start talking about Albania, lots of you imagine a communist country having poor infrastructure and situated “who knows” where.

And you may recall how this country is depicted in western movies – full of Albanian criminals. Yes, the image of this country is not the best and it can hardly evoke a wish to visit that country.

But just look at the map – this country is situated just near Greece and Italy. It is very beautiful and picturesque. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it is not a popular destination for tourists. It is a Balkan country that has lots of natural wonders in it, can be proud of its amazing crystal water and beautiful beaches. 

Albanian women are probably the best thing western guys want to see in that country. So if you have never been to Albania before, our recommendation is to visit it, enjoy its nature and watch amazing Albanian women.

How do Albanian brides look like?

Beautiful Albanian WomenIf you have used to see Slavic women all over the Internet, you will notice the difference of Albanian women at once. Their Mediterranean appearance is influenced by Turkic features. As a rule, they have dark hair and olive skin. 

However, it is possible to meet some blonde girls here, too. If we compare them to Serbian women who are their neighbors, we will see that Albanian girls are a bit shorter.

They usually have very mysterious brown eyes and pretty curvy bodies. If you are a lover of hips, you may become the fan not only of Colombian girls but Albanian women as well.

You will not meet fat ladies in that country. Usually, all of the Albanian girls are skinny and have medium-sized breasts. When comparing Albanian women to Macedonian brides (see also Dating Macedonian Women - Find Macedonian Brides), you will notice that women in Albania are taller and darker. 

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The mentality of Albanian mail order brides

The mentality of Albanian girls is very different from one city to another. If you choose to visit one of the cities, you will notice pretty westernized ladies there. Girls in villages are more traditional and conservative. You may even find some of their rules very weird.

For example, in some villages, a woman is not allowed to go out without a man. You can imagine how strict the rules in the country are if we recall an old tradition when the father of a man who died was entitled to take his wife. Of course, this tradition is now in the past but people in villages still stick to lots of strict traditions and rules.

Since Albania became a communist country, everything there has changed a lot. And now, women in Albania (at least in the cities) love foreigners a lot, especially those from the United States. It means that modern Albanian brides are more open to a marriage with a foreigner.

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The language of Albanian women

If you dream to meet an English-speaking lady in Albania, we have to disappoint you. Just young girls in big cities can speak good English. And even those women experience difficulties with speaking English. If you come to Tirana, the capital of Albania, you will see that this city is full of English-speaking women.

If we take into account older Albanian women, we can tell you that some of them speak very good Italian. Moreover, lots of women have relatives in such countries as Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, and they speak Italian or German very well. Of course, all of the women speak their native Albanian language.

So if you want to have no difficulties with a common language, you should choose a woman from Tirana while most of them speak English. But village girls will most likely not speak your language. However, if you are from Europe and speak Italian or German, go ahead and find an Albanian bride. 

The religion of Albanian women

Albanian womenWe from Best-Matchmaking have so many men who search for a Muslim lady and unfortunately, we do not have many of them on the site while we mostly post profiles of Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, and Belarussian mail order brides.

But if your goal is a Muslim lady, you can search your woman among Albanian brides. The majority of women in the country are Muslims.

But most of them are not that religious as, for example, Macedonian women. In the stores of Albania, you can easily buy alcohol and when you visit the country, it is difficult to say up to 80% of their population is Muslim. But still, women in the country, especially in the villages are more traditional and have strong beliefs and family values. 

How to meet Albanian brides

Dating websites for single seniorsMeeting Albanian women may become your goal if you are too afraid of a Slavic mail order bride with her strong character and are too tired of your local ladies.

In this case, an Albanian woman would be a breath of fresh air in your life while she is very different from both mentioned. You can just come to Albania if you have a wish to see a totally new country and meet one of the ladies there.

In this case, you should not come to villages where people are too traditional and do not speak English while you may be perceived as a sex tourist there. So better go right to Tirana and try to get acquainted with ladies there. They are more westernized, speak English, and love foreign guys, especially those from the USA. But before you do that, you should know the following information.

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Night game in Albania

If you are one of those who prefer meeting girls in night clubs, you will be very disappointed with the Albanian night game while it is awful. Going to nightclubs in this country is pretty confusing. People have their own social circles and usually sit in groups. It means that you will hardly meet a single lady in a nightclub waiting for you to get her a drink.

Albanians do not approach each other in night clubs as you imagined it. In that country, you need to ask your friend to introduce you to his girlfriends. It is very different than in the rest of the South-European countries. That’s why you’d better leave that idea and go and try a day scene in Albania. 

Meeting Albanian mail order brides online

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesIt is very easy to find your Albanian bride online. There are plenty of online dating sites offering you to meet Albanian women for dating and marriage. And all of them offer different services.

Of course, if you do not wish to come across a scam site, be careful and use our tips from previous posts on how to choose a reliable dating site.

If you want to use a free dating app to meet them, you can also follow our tips on it and check the efficiency of such dating apps. We would better recommend choosing a matchmaking service that would select some good Albanian matches for you according to your needs and desires. Besides, if you decide to meet your woman in person, such a dating site will always support you and guarantee your safety.

The pros of dating Albanian women

Albanian dating can be very beneficial for you while Albanians are obsessed with virginity and girls follow the traditions of getting married only a virgin. So you have a big chance of meeting a pure and innocent lady in this country. In big cities, as you already know that girls are more westernized.  

But if you want a modest lady for whom marriage is really important, you can go to a smaller city and choose your bride. The rules of their families are very strict and modern Albanian girls try to overcome them nowadays. Of course, their parents do not necessarily have to know about it.

There are some more qualities Albanian women possess and for that reason they are very good for marriage. Find out about their main advantages below.

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  • Yuliya

    38 y.o, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Albanian women are very loyal

We are often asked a question from you about the loyalty of Slavic women. Of course, Slavic women are loyal to their men. But now we are talking about Albanian women for whom loyalty is one of the main characteristics of a real woman. Most of you desire their wife to be loyal and nothing else is important.

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So you may not even doubt in the fidelity of an Albanian girl. This is their main difference from western girls. Women in Albania will stick to their men no matter what and regardless of his financial difficulties at the moment. Another peculiarity of Albanian women is that they are always on the side of their husband even knowing he is not right.

That is just a part of their education. They are raised to respect their husband no matter what and have very strong family values. They appreciate everything you do for them and never ask for more.

Conclusion: Getting an Albanian bride is easy

best Ukrainian dating siteEven though Albanian women are so traditional, they are open to western men and you can easily find a bride in that country.

They never marry for money; they are not gold-diggers, although you should always pay attention to the red flags. They appreciate everything their man does for them and never take it for granted. 

Yes, we can conclude that women from that small country called Albania make very good wives. But if Albanian woman is too exotic for you and you want to find a Slavic woman, welcome to our mail order bride gallery. On our site, you can have a top-quality real-time video-chat with any foreign lady, take a Romantic and marriage tour to meet her, and even make a special event to impress her.

And Kate, your dating blogger and matchmaker is ready to answer all of your questions and give you free consultations on International matchmaking and online dating membership plans at reasonable prices. Your happiness is in your hands and the hands of professional matchmakers!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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