How to find the best Russian dating sites in 2019

best Russian dating sitesHello guys!

Are you planning to search for a lovely Russian woman to make her your wife and become a devoted life partner to her? Our congratulations!

But for that purpose, you should find a great way to meet your future wife. And there is no secret that most western men choose Russian and Ukrainian dating services to find their life partner.

The internet is teeming with beautiful advertisements and promises of the best Slavic bride within the shortest time frames! But why meeting your Russian wife is still not that easy? The reason is the poor quality of a vast number of modern dating sites. Men spend lots of time, money, and yes, emotions to find “the one” but get only disappointment and an empty wallet.

So today, we decided to give you a couple of very helpful tips on how to find the best Russian dating sites this year. We want your dating experience to be successful this year, so let’s start! :)

Best Russian dating sites – do they exist?

Latvian dating serviceDon’t worry, of course, they do exist. There are so many Russian and Ukrainian dating sites, both free and paid ones that it is really easy for you to get lost on the web and choose not the one that would be perfect for you.

Unfortunately, the majority of them is not even worth a minute of your valuable time. You might be surprised but lots of you search for the easiest path when it comes to online dating.  

And that is not the best and even failing strategy. Sometimes, it is necessary to spend just a bit of your time to learn something about the dating site and make your own investigation to make sure if it is worth joining or not.

Unfortunately, since western men are more and more interested in finding a Ukrainian or Russian bride, the number of scammers is also extremely growing. But don’t worry, with our tips, you will find your best dating site in a heartbeat!

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Best Russian dating sites for free – myth or reality?

Well, free Russian and Ukrainian dating sites do exist!

We have written a lot about their pros and cons before. We will state once again that free dating sites are real but their quality is absolutely another issue to discuss. Of course, they are free and that is their undeniable benefit. But we are sad to inform you that this is their only benefit!

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First of all, they are not totally free, as a rule, they suppose you to purchase some subscription which is relatively cheap. For that subscription, you are free to use their site days and nights in the hope to meet your future wife or at least a girlfriend. Unfortunately, if you are lucky enough, you will meet a good pen pal, and if you are not lucky at all, you risk meeting a professional scammer. Why? Find out below.

The risks of choosing a free Russian dating site

Eastern European Dating Sites For FreeYou do not have to verify your identity when joining such a dating site. Women don’t have to do it either. So ask yourself, whether people behind those wonderful, amazing, beautiful profiles pictures are real?

They could be. And they could be not. Very often, scammers use such attractive profiles (the pictures may be stolen from some other dating sites) to catch you into their trap.

Such a scammer is going to make you burst into tears with her sad “true” life stories. She may be so poor that has no money to pay for the internet and communicate with you. You will very kindly offer her your help and send some money. She may have a granny in a hospital that needs urgent surgery and will kindly ask you for some financial help while life in Ukraine or Russia is so tough. 

Such stories are endless and so many of you help those girls but never meet them in real. You don’t meet them just because they simply don’t exist. 

Free Russian dating sites 2019 vs Paid ones

We suppose everything mentioned above is enough to convince you that a free Russian dating site doesn’t give you any warranties and it is very easy to meet a scammer. It is not of your safety, too. But we are sure our tips will help you make the right choice.

Lots of you complain that they spend thousands of dollars on various dating sites but never get the desired result. They never meet ladies in real and no one returns their money back. We are not surprised that after that, lots of you can’t trust any other dating site. Still, there are sites worth your attention and meeting your demands; you just have to choose them according to certain criteria. 

How to talk to real women?

Polish dating tipsThe first question lots of you pose is “Are your women real?” At first, we couldn’t understand how women may not be real.

But after more and more stories from you, we can share this experience with all of you so you could avoid the same mistakes and choose only reliable dating services. Talking to real women online is easy if you can follow some simple steps.

Below, you will find the list of “signs” of the best Russian dating sites which will help you make the right choice. We hope that after that, you will never face a problem a bad dating site in your life. Finding the best Ukrainian or Russian dating site is very easy, just pay attention to the following.

Women’s gallery has to be free to browse

This is the golden rule of any reputable dating site. Maybe you should sign up first, it is normal, but you should have free access to Russian and Ukrainian women’s profiles and pictures. Once you are required to pay for watching the picture of a lady, run away. Why should you pay for a pig in a poke? So our first recommendation is to check the gallery of Russian women.

Once you found the site where you should pay to see the profile or certain picture of a lady, we recommend you to reconsider your decision to join it and start searching for another service. There may be even no woman who would meet your wishes and requirements but you will already waste some money to check it. 

The profiles of women have to be different

European girls for dating and marriageDon’t trust those wonderful profiles of women who look like models. Just ask yourself – if the country is full of such beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women and all of them are models at their 20s, why would all of them be single?

We have no doubts so many models could find a rich and handsome husband in their own country with no problems.  So remember, you should find the profiles of ladies in different age categories and of different age groups. 

All single ladies in Russia or Ukraine cannot look like fancy models; there are pretty casual women among them, too. Single ladies at their 40’s and 50’s also exist and search for western men.  So if you want to make sure the site is not to rip you off, check their gallery and find out whether there are not only model-like ladies at their 20’s but also women of other looks and age. 

Video chat will tell a lot

The dating site you are going to choose should have a video chat option. But be careful with it, too. It can say a lot about a woman. We recommend asking a lady to have a video chat the soonest. Writing letters is great but seeing each other is always better. Your first impression through letters may be very wrong, but once you see and hear each other, everything may change to the better or to worse.

Video chat allows making sure the lady you talk to is real. After all, you can make sure she looks exactly like in her profile pictures (or different). But be careful with a video chat in which you have to pay every second to see her webcam or just to type your messages.

Someone may be talking to you instead of a lady and you pay for it. And the webcam videos are often pre-recorded and used to make money. So better choose a site where you can order a Skype call. 

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Conclusion: Tricky, but doable!

Now you can see that finding your best Russian dating site is pretty difficult but still possible! All you have to do is to be attentive in your search and pay attention to the details. Please use our tips and tricks, and don’t hesitate to make them yours! And then, we are sure you will find your best dating site 2019! 

Online dating sitesBy the way, Best-Matchmaking offers you some affordable and reasonable membership plans. And you are welcome to our gallery of Ukrainian women, as well as to the gallery of Latvian women to check if there is someone matching your criteria. And once you’ve met your only one, don’t wait too long and meet her in real in one of our Romantic tours to Ukraine!

And if you have any doubts, questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, your practicing psychologist, matchmaker, and dating blogger.

Her consultations are absolutely free! If you have been unlucky in love, don’t doubt that Kate will offer a matchmaking package at a reasonable price for you to find your only one the soonest!

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