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You can send special gifts, perfumes, fruit baskets, 3 or more roses, teddy bears or another toys, a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolates, and a postcard to your lady or friend who are in Ukraine, and they will receive it within a couple of days!

The prompt delivery will be proved by sending you some pictures of the lady/friends with the gifts or flowers at the time of delivery.

No Delivery FEE is requested!


We guarantee flowers in fresh and service in good quality. If not, or we are not able to deliver to the recipient’s place, we will return 100% money back.

(For seasonal and area reasons, if we have to change the type of flower(s), we will inform the customer. If we do not get response in time, we will replace with flowers with the same type and price.)

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Distinguishing gifts — free delivery for every city in Ukraine  

  • Image

    Ferrero Collection

    Assorted Chocolates - 24 Pieces

    Regular Price: € 70
    Special Price € 55

  • Image

    Tender present..

    Cute Teddy, composition of 3 red roses, 9camomiles, chocolate candies, a basket and heart shaped decoration

    Regular Price: 125
    Special Price 107

  • Image

    Fruit basket "enjoyment"

    Basket consist of: oranges, grapes, apples, pears, kiwi, bananas, basket, a bottle of red wine" Cabarnet", cherry, melon, Weight: 3,8-4 kg.

    Regular Price: € 135
    Special Price € 115

  • Image

    11 Red roses and Ferreiro

    Red roses can be replaced with roses of any other color

    Regular Price: € 165
    Special Price € 140

  • Image

    9 Beautiful roses

    9 long-stemmed hand-selected beautiful roses

    Regular Price: € 135
    Special Price € 115

  • Image

    Lovely Teddy & 21 roses

    A lovely teddy (medium size) with 21 pink roses to make her feel special

    Regular price: € 265
    Special Price € 225


  • Image

    Fruit basket

    Totally contains 3 kg  of  such fruit: apples, mandarins,  oranges,  kiwi, dried fruit ( dates, apricots, choke pears, ) a basket. (Basket can be replaced with the same type, in the absence of this model in stock. )

    Regular Price: € 125
    Special Price € 108

  • Image

    For candy girl

    11 red roses, 5 sticks of chocolate Ferrero and cute little teddy

    Regular Price: € 165
    Special Price € 145

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