TOP5 unexpected things you can do to turn (Slavic) women on

Sex with Russian womenHello guys!

You know that we from Best-Matchmaking do not only connect people from different corners of the globe but also help you with pieces of advice that would be useful for your Slavic dating.

Quite often, we are asked different intimate questions and things like “whether a Ukrainian woman is affectionate” or “will she like if I take her hand”. 

Today, we decided to go beyond our horizons and tell you about some more things women like in men. It concerns not only Ukrainian brides but all women on the planet Earth. So, it is going to be interesting, take your pencil and make notes. Find out about five weirdest things that turn women on! 

We bet you have never even thought of it, so are you sure you know women well?

No worries, we will help you get to know them better! Let’s start right now! :)

Turning girls on is not as difficult as you think

single Ukrainian womanGuys, we often hear complaints from you that you don’t understand women. That our women are too demanding and they don’t know what they want, etc. But just think – if you don’t understand what she wants and what can make her interested in you, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants. 

Some things are as simple as a piece of cake. You just need to think deeper and realize that there are things that will make any woman happy and excited about you.

Of course, all women are different, especially in different countries of the globe. But all women are very similar creations and they strive to one and the same things.

Some things that you can do to turn a woman on are the simplest ever and you just need to know about them. You know that Slavic brides are pretty closed and do not share their emotions much, so you will need to guess. And now, we will help you with it.

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Turn-on #1. 10-day-old stubble

In April 2015, the Evolution and Human Behavior journal published a study that straight women are more attracted to men having beards, especially men with 10-day stubble. Yes, guys, we know what you think now – I am shaving my beard every day to make her like me?! And not all women love when you shave your beard as you can see.

A research conducted by the University of New South Wales rated the attractiveness of different facial hair growth both by men and women (clean-shaven, five-day stubble, 10-day stubble, and full beards). All men gave higher ratings for the clean-shaven look while women rated your clean-shaven faces as less attractive!

Are you surprised now? Brutal guys who love wearing their stubble every day are happy now probably and they can be for a good reason because women adore that stubble and it really turns them on!

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    35 y.o, Kharkov, Ukraine

Turn-on #2. A man washing dishes

We all know that house chores are up to women and you all search for a Slavic bride (Russian brides, Belarussian brides, Bulgarian brides) because they are very good and beautiful housewives. Well, women adore good house husbands, too. Lori Bizzoco, a writer and stay-at-home mom from Brooklyn, N.Y., says that she is turned on by her husband when he comes back from the store and unloads the bags.

He also helps her with their 2-year-old daughter and all household chores. Her husband often helps her washing dishes and this makes her see him as an extremely hot man. But the most, she is turned on by the fact that he just does it because he believes a man should help his wife. So, guys, women adore when you help them with the household.

There is nothing sexier for us than a man who is doing something at home – washing dishes, going to stores, cleaning, hammering, or chopping wood. Help your women doing something from time to time and you will be her sex idol forever!

Turn-on #3. You make her laugh

Beautiful Ukrainian womanGuys, women adore laughing, and who doesn’t? And when a man can make us laugh, we will do everything to spend more and more time with this guy. Especially, when you make us feel embarrassed by your jokes. A man becomes 100 times more attractive to a woman when he makes her laugh.

You will get even more bonuses when you can laugh at yourself, too. So, we always tell you that a man should have a good sense of humor and there is one good reason for that.

This turns women on! :)

Could you ever think that you can turn a woman on with your joke? We bet, no. 

But now you should think of it while it will make your life much easier. A woman who is laughing at your jokes non-stop is your woman. Isn’t that easy? So instead of asking a woman on a date about some serious or sad things, better tell her a joke and see what happens.

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Turn-on #4. You smell incredibly

Of course, that’s a matter of tastes and all people love different fragrances. But there are expensive fragrances that any elegant woman can recognize. They make you smell like a real man. In fact, you probably have heard that women love with their ears.

But we believe that is an old saying, and no one canceled falling in love at first sight. You may be surprised but women also love with their eyes. They want their man to look good but his smell… His smell is really important to any woman.

Once you can light up her senses, she will be drawn to you closer and closer in some magnetic manner. So when you go on a date, especially with a Ukrainian or Russian woman, do not neglect thinking of a good fragrance. You will notice the result of it at once!

Turn-on #5. An old-school gentleman

Meeting with a Ukrainian womanAnd the most unexpected turn-on for any Slavic woman is a real gentleman! We get back to it again and again not just to let you know you should be a gentleman.

But to remind you that this really turns women on when a man still believes in chivalry. When a woman can feel like a real lady with you, she is yours forever.

Just open the door for her, hold her hand when she is crossing the road, pull the chair out for her at dinner and she is in your hands! Women consider it to be as sexy as hell.

You know, when one of our customers asked us before the meeting what do Ukrainian women like him to do, we replied and told him to be a gentleman.

This guy said “What? Behaving as if we are in a movie? No way!”And that’s a pity because this is what our women not only expect but when you don’t do that, it is the biggest turn-off for them. 

Is it difficult to turn a (Slavic) woman on?

Now please tell us, guys, are those 5 things so difficult to do? Of course, not.

But once you do it, your woman will not only appreciate that, she will consider you to be the hottest and best man ever. And now you probably are very surprised because you can turn a woman on even before you go intimate with her.

And now think about how important it is to think of it beforehand, even on the stage of getting to know each other only, even when there is no hint even for you to get intimate with her. Such small things really matter and she pays attention to them even when you first see each other. And if you use your chance and do those easiest things, you will be able to conquer not only her body but her heart as well.

The biggest turn-offs for women

How to seduce a Russian womanAnd now, let’s think of those things that may turn your woman off you forever. The first thing that doesn’t only turn women on but turns them off terribly is low volume facial hair!

Girls hate when guys have a beard that reminds a ridiculous goatee. So if your beard is not dense enough, better do not scare her off. This looks terrible.

Another thing that women hate in men is greasy hair. Women notice it at once and they hate it. So, if you want to look hot and attractive, always wash your head before going on a date. And if you smell like a gym bag, forget about looking sexy even if you think you do. 

Again, we get back to hygiene and look, women pay a lot of attention to how you look and smell. Yellow teeth and dirty nails are one of the biggest turn-offs for women, so take care of it too if you want to turn her on! 

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Be confident in what you do

We are not tired to repeat that women love confident guys. If you want to turn her on – be witty, be fun, and be confident in what you do. Yes, some girls consider shy and embarrassed guys to be cute and nice, but you will hardly turn her on with that. A confident, sometimes brutal man is a benchmark for sexuality.

So don’t be afraid when you communicate with women. Don’t be afraid not to shave your face today or to make her laugh. Don’t be afraid to give her hand when she gets out of the car. Don’t be afraid to bring her flowers for a date or buy her a gift to surprise her. These things will never turn a woman off, and vice versa. 

Such small things make a woman think you are so sexy. These things attract women a lot. So if you are always afraid of doing some steps towards her, you will never turn her on, no matter how great you think you are.

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Conclusion: The simplicity of genius

best dating sitesWe hope we have convinced you now that women are not some mysterious creatures who have no idea what they want. Women in all countries have wanted the same things at all times! They just want men to be men – helpful, loving, confident, and, of course, sometimes not shaved. 

There is no magic secret of how to seduce a woman and turn her on – just follow these simple tips and you will see that your life will change soon. We hope these tips were helpful.

You may say these things do not work with western women. We will not argue with you, but we know for sure they work with Slavic women!

Isn’t a Slavic woman the reason for you to be on our site? Then welcome to our gallery and choose your Ukrainian or Latvian bride the soonest. If you have any questions, ask Kate and choose your membership plan or matchmaking offer at a reasonable price! Good luck with your search!

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