Dating & relationship definition: Casual fling or relationship?

Dating & relationship definitionHello gentlemen!

We all live in different corners of the globe and have a different mentality, customs, traditions, and even different understandings of relationships.

Sometimes, you perceive relationships absolutely differently than our Slavic brides do. So today, we from Best-Matchmaking decided to find out what is the dating and relationship definition.

Best-Matchmaking is a leading matchmaking company dealing with our customers face-to-face and taking into account all their needs and wishes. And we know for sure how unevenly people sometimes perceive the meaning of relationships.

So, now, we are going to let you know everything about dating and relationships, their meaning, and whether there is any difference between them! So, here we go!

Is there a difference between dating and being in a relationship?

Dating websites for single seniorsYes, definitely! The main difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with someone is that people in relationships are committed to each other.

They have an exclusive partnership and are not looking for anyone else anymore. They both have agreed no matter officially or unofficially, to see each other only.

However, sometimes, there is a very fine line between dating and relationships. And it can be especially noticed in online dating. When people date online, they just get to know each other. But when they meet in person and their sympathy grows into something more, they decide to stay committed to each other and start their relationships. 

We from Best-Matchmaking believe that when people are dating, they might not have any intimate relationships yet. They just go for dates, see each other often but do not have any relationships yet. However, being in relationships probably should suppose intimate life between both people when they stay loyal to each other. 

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Casual fling or relationship?

Here are some signs that may not your casual fling turns into relationships and they are quite easy. You were dating around but met someone special and all the rest fell off, it means that you are already on the territory of relationships. When you plan to do something and the first person you call to do it together is that girl, you are in relationships. 

You don’t plan anything together but instead just spend weekends sitting on the couch or cuddling, it means you have relationships. When you let this person in your casual life, you stepped into the relationship territory with her. If you are not afraid to rely on that person and can easily ask her to do a favor, you are also starting a relationship.

When you are not afraid to show your “ugly” side, for example, when you don’t shave for a day or two or cry when watching a drama. Whatever it can be, it means you are not dating anymore if you are not shy or embarrassed about it. 

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What is dating & relationship?

Dating is not really opposite to relationship but it still has some limitations for both. When you date someone, you try to get to know this person and, moreover, impress her as much as possible. It means that you always try to show your best sides and perks and are shy to show her some drawbacks. 

People do not always involve each other in their social life when they are dating. It means that after a date, you can easily go to a party with your friends on your own. But when you are in relationships, you will hardly do it; you will most likely do it together. When dating, you most likely have regular dates but do not travel together or stay at someone’s together.

It means that you are not that much involved in each other’s life when dating. But when you are in relationships, you share everything and at the same time, have more responsibility in regards to each other.

How Slavic women understand dating

Women of SiberiaYou know that Russian brides, Ukrainian brides, or Belarussian brides are not that open as those in the West. It is quite difficult to approach them and they hardly believe your words.

Slavic ladies prefer to see your actions rather than read or hear your words. So she will never say that she has relationships with you while you communicate online.

Our women need to meet you in person at least once to understand who you are and see your manners, attitude, and even see your habits. Dating is also very serious for them and they cannot say you are dating after just one meeting. 

And you owe her nothing as well. Dating someone is a very serious step for them and they can confirm it only at least after one meeting with you. As a rule, they need to see you more to find out whether they feel something to you. 

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Online dating meaning

How to use the Mamba dating appQuite often, western guys on our site mix online dating, dating, and relationships, in particular. Once a lady saw his profile and replied positively to get to know this man, some of you think that from now on, this lady doesn’t have to communicate or see someone else, as well as refuse to meet him. And this is one of the biggest mistakes.

They do not owe you anything after seeing your profile and replying positively to you. As well as you do not owe them anything at that stage.

You both are free people and join an online dating site to find someone to meet in person at least. And if on any stage, there will be something you don’t like about that lady, you can just go on and find another one.

So, gentlemen, online dating cannot mean or suppose any relationship, it is only for communicating with someone you like, get to know each other, and meet in real to see whether something will work out or not. 

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Do dating and relationships mean the same?

Of course, yes. The first thing that is common for both is that you both are involved in it. And dating is also a sort of relationship but has some lower level of responsibility and limitations for you both. And not necessarily dating will lead to real serious relationships by the way. 

It may finish right on the stage of dating if you both realize there is no sense to move on. But there are lots of similarities in these two processes, for example, romance. You can be quite romantic both at the stage of dating and in your relationships, can’t you? Intimacy is usually present at both stages as well although some couples do not have it when starting to date. 

Both when dating and having relationships, you do some things together, for example, visiting cinemas, theaters, concerts, parties, etc. Of course, both processes involve some attraction and admiration between two people. 

Dating and relationships in various countries: The difference explained

We believe that yes. We work with people from lots of countries and can see they all have their own understanding of dating, relationships, and even commitment. We even have found out that for some men, it was normal to date someone around in his country while having serious communication with women on our site.

Moreover, some guys were married when they started their search online. It was quite frustrating to us and of course, we didn’t accept such customers. It means that not everyone accepts online dating as something serious and dating in their country, as well. But, most likely, it is not the mentality of a particular nation but depends on every particular person.

So, as you can see, for some people dating someone doesn’t mean any commitment at all and they don’t see anything wrong in combining dating and online dating. However, both dating and relationships require a certain level of responsibility and respect towards another person.

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How to understand you should move from dating to relationships?

It is pretty easy and you can recall everything mentioned above and understand quickly when you want to do the next step. When you cannot live without that person already and want to spend more and more time together, you probably need to move forward and start the relationship phase. You can define whether you want commitment in dating and relationships.

If you really do, then you definitely need to stop just dating and have to start a new stage of your relationships. But relationships can also be different. Some people live separately and meet more often with each other. Others move in and live together before they decide to get married, for example. 

But it is easy - when dating is not enough for you to enjoy the company of that person, you need to move to relationships with her. But if you feel like you are OK with what you have and don’t need anything more, you probably are not ready for a committed relationship yet. 

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Conclusion: It can be tough but it is easy!

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesIt can be tough for some people to decide what stage they are having yet. But is that really important to know how to define your relationships if you both enjoy the company of each other and feel comfortable?

No matter what you have – dating or relationships, you should enjoy, respect, and understand each other.

Of course, if you have other questions concerning dating and relationships, or maybe Slavic women, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have more than 10 years of International matchmaking experience and will help you choose a good matchmaking plan at a reasonable price. Or, if you feel confident enough, you can just choose a dating membership plan and start dating your dream woman right now! 

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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