Top5 speed dating tips for men: How to succeed at speed dating

Speed dating definitionHello gentlemen!

We from Best-matchmaking often hear from you that you have tried speed dating before joining our site but it didn’t work out!

It is quite interesting and for Russian bridesUkrainian brides, or Belarussian brides, this is a totally new experience while speed dating is not popular in their countries.

But since we want to provide you with helpful tips on different aspects of your life, today we would love to talk about ultimate speed dating tips for men in our post!

Below, you will find out what speed dating is, how it works, and how to succeed in it.

Let’s start!

Speed dating definition: What does speed dating mean?

Have you ever watched “Hitch” movie? If so, you probably saw that speed dating and how it worked. It reminds us of the “musical chairs” game. And again, women in that game are sitting at tables while men should rotate around the room to meet each of them for 5-10 minutes.

After that, you hear the signal that it is time to stop and move further to talk to another lady. But talking is not everything yet. You have a “scorecard” and if you like some of the women, you can mark their names on it to get their contact information. You will get it if those ladies mark you on their card, too.

In the end, the cards will be compared by the organizers and you will get each other’s information if you both marked each other. It means you can arrange a date with her after it. The fee for participation is usually nominal. 

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The perks of speed dating events

Dating sites to find a womanSuch an event looks like nothing more but a fun game and it actually is. You shouldn’t be worried while you have just a couple of minutes to talk to every lady.

If you don’t like her, you should not bother to let her know about it. Your “vote” is confidential.

And if you have marked her name but she didn’t like you, you will not get her contact information. At first, it may sound sad but at least, there is no rejection so nothing to worry about. The cost of such an event is usually pretty affordable so it will cost you nothing to try.

We do not know anyone who would meet their future wife or husband on one of the speed dates but at least, they had some fun experience and this was a good way to spend their spare weekend evening. 

How do you win at speed dating?

Even if you do not take this event too serious, you want to seem a macho to every lady and want them to like you. Even if at least one lady liked you, this is already some success. Actually, speed dating is also dating but a bit accelerated.

Everything is going on not as we used to in real life or online dating but in a speedy way. And here you should not procrastinate if you want to succeed.

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You are obliged to turn all your charm and charisma on and express it within just a couple of minutes.

We realize that for some of you it is difficult to attract a woman’s attention within a year and here you have just a couple of minutes. But don’t worry, below, you will find the most helpful speed dating advice. It will definitely help you win her heart.

Tip 1. Prepare beforehand

Dating websites for single seniorsYes, even in such a speedy event you should get prepared in advance. Your main weapon in that event is your talking skills and if you lack it, you fail. So, before going to speed date, you should think well what you will talk about. 

Your “speech” is your business card here and if you are silent or don’t know what to talk about and make embarrassing pauses, you fail. You have just a couple of minutes to present yourself. And, especially if you like the lady, you have to make her like you, too.

Silence is your enemy here. Getting to know each other as quickly as possible is one of the most difficult challenges, so we recommend make notes beforehand, read them, and present yourself in a fun and positive way. Don’t forget to prepare some interesting questions for her! You should have a dialogue, not a monologue.

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Tip 2. Have fun

Dating makes all of us nervous when we take it too seriously. But speed dating can be really fun so you shouldn’t be too nervous or take it too seriously. Try to take all the advantages from it. Do not think that your life depends on that date!

Because it really doesn’t! If you succeed, good for you. You will have the next date soon if you are lucky enough. If not, let it be, it is not your option. On a speed date, you don’t have much time to think and it is the biggest perk of it.

Don’t think much about what you have told her or what you have been told. Everything is great. Move on as you hear the signals and forget about being nervous at all. You came here to spend a good evening and not to get stressed, so do it! 

Tip 3. Take initiative

Online datingWe all want to see some initiatives from our partners and you already showed one when decided to try speed dating, didn’t you?

But here you should react very quickly, so the best way to show your initiative to a person at the table is to ask for her number. Going through the organizers is not for you.

So if you really liked someone, ask for her number right there and now. Besides, such events do not always suppose having a scorecard so if you don’t manage to get her number till the end of the conversation, you will not feel very comfortable looking for her in the crowd at the end of the event.

You can rely on organizers but you need to show her you are interested and see how much you liked her, so take the initiative and ask for her number. She will have just a couple of seconds to reply!

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Tip 4. Stand out from the crowd

Those women meet too many men so you have to be memorable. The first impression is really important here and the bad news is that you will not have another chance. So, we recommend standing out from the crowd. First of all, think well how you will look like. 

Dress up well and stylish. Make sure to have a great haircut and, of course, look tidy and smell well. You know that women will evaluate you by your look first. But look is not everything yet. You should turn your sense of humor on and tease her a bit. If you make her smile or laugh, this is half success. 

But using the same jokes for every woman is a bad idea. You will sit close to the next woman and it will just spoil everything. Prepare some good jokes in advance and use different jokes for every woman.

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Tip 5. Be witty

This speed dating advice is somehow connected to the first one. Your sense of humor will help a lot! But do not tell jokes all the time. Your speech should be wise. Show her you are an intelligent person and interesting to talk to.

For example, you can shock her in a good way and tell her something she would never expect. For example, if she asked you about your job, don’t just say “I am an accountant” or “I am a builder”. Instead, you can say “I help people get rich” or “I play in the dirt all day long”. 

Lead your conversation naturally; it is not a job interview. Your aim is not to get a job but to make a great impression on a lady. So, avoid formal talks and make it fun and interesting instead. You should talk in an eye-catching way. Don’t forget to listen to what she is saying about herself and comment! 

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Conclusion: Just be yourself at speed dating!

Ukrainian women datingAll the tips above are good to help you feel more convenient and comfortable when talking to an unknown woman.

However, don’t pretend to be someone you are not, women feel such things very well. Instead, just try to prepare and become a better version of yourself. 

And if you have more questions about online dating, Russian or Ukrainian women, or dating culture, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us from Best-Matchmaking. All the contacts can be found on our site.

We will gladly help you choose the right dating membership plans and professional matchmaking packages at reasonable prices!

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We work hard for your convenience and happiness!

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