Dating in Malta: How to find a foreign bride in Malta

Malta datingHello gentlemen!

We from Best-Matchmaking bet you have heard of this popular destination for travelers, this paradise island called Malta. It is a nice place not only to visit or live but also to find women for dating.

Have you ever thought of it? No matter what your answer is, today, we are going to tell you more about Maltese dating.

Yes, guys, we can tell you more not only about Slavic dating but also about dating and, in particular, online dating in other countries. Get ready to learn more about that amazing place and find out what is dating in Malta like from our detailed guide. Now put all your things and errands aside and get ready to find out the truth about Malta dating online. Let’s start!

What you should know about Malta

Malta dating siteMalta consists of three islands between Italy and Tunisia. It is a great destination for any westerner while everyone can speak English in that country.

Local people also speak Maltese. Everything in the country is influenced by both continents, including the architecture, cuisine, and even the look of women. 

Predominantly, Malta is a Christian country and is more a European country than Arabic. The good news is that it is very international. Here you can meet people from not only all over Europe but also from such countries as Argentina, Brazil, USA, Russia, Ukraine, and Colombia. So no matter what woman you are looking for, here you can meet any of them.

The state healthcare system is free for everyone who works and pays social contributions in that country. That country is very convenient while everything is very close to you, from shops and beaches to hospitals. There is no need to drive a car. By the way, that republic is very small, there are just 440000 inhabitants. 

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Interesting facts about Malta

This country deserves to be discussed while it is a sport for many scenes of movies, for example, Popeye, Game of Thrones, American Assassin, etc. In 2017, the most popular Azure Window in Gozo, a great attraction for tourists, collapsed due to a storm. There are lots of honey types in the country and you may be surprised to know that its name comes from the Greek word “Honey”.

For more than 150 years, Malta was a British colony. And that’s why almost everyone speaks English in that country. The country was captured by Napoleon Bonaparte on his way to Egypt. Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world. At the same time, it is one of the most popular ones. 

Can you imagine there are no real forests or rivers there? However, there are 365 churches and you can see them on every corner. Now, let’s find what is dating in Malta like? But first, you probably want to know what Maltese women like.

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Maltese women: what you need to know about them

When we talk about Malta women, we mean not only Maltese girls because this is a multinational country. Here, you will meet women from any corner of the globe – Asian girls, Swedish ladies, Italian beauties, Asian girls, and even Russian and Ukrainian women. And, of course, most of them are very attractive. 

Even after the tourists are gone, Maltese women remain very attractive. As a rule, they have cute curly brown or black hair and olive Mediterranean skin. Their bodies are very fit. But some girls are also overweight, as well as in any other country, probably. There are also different types of girls – both conservative and liberal.

Maltese women are even more liberal than Eastern European girls. And if you are their type, it is not difficult to get one of such girls. And we are sure any guy will find what he is looking for on that island. If you are not into dark-skinned girls and prefer blondes, you will find there Russian bridesUkrainian brides, or Belarussian brides

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What is dating in Malta like? 

Of course, you can always use a Malta dating app or Malta dating agency, for example. However, as you can already guess, it is not difficult to meet someone on that island. Any location is very close no matter where you stay in Malta, so you can go to any bar or restaurant and will meet a lady there, for sure. One of the places is the Black & Gold bar.

Since there are lots of tourists there, girls in Malta are very easy-going and never mind to meet a western guy. You can go to such popular bars as Footloose (this is a popular place for students), Havana (girls who attend this bar prefer black guys), Cube (lots of international students, so you can meet girls from any country here), and Native (if you are into Latina women, welcome to that place).

Dating in Malta: Daytime

Dating in Malta: DaytimeIf you want to meet not a local Maltese girl but a foreign student or traveler, for example, you should know that they usually hang out in small groups of their friends, so you will hardly meet such a lady alone walking in the city. There are lots of women taking language courses or women from the EU who are working in Malta. 

If it is not a traveling season, you can meet a beautiful Maltese woman right in the day, but better to do it after 5 pm while serious women are working during the day. Meeting a woman on the beach outside the tan season is almost impossible. But you can attend Café Del Mar during weekends and meet some girls in their pool.

However, lots of very attractive girls walk with their boyfriends in the daytime, they might spend a vacation together. So you will not meet too many single girls during the day, unfortunately. But you can try to do it in Sliema or at The Point Shopping Mall. 

Malta dating: Nightlife

How to be romanticIf you are a clubber, you can go to the Paceville neighborhood to attend some nightclubs and meet some girls there. In Valletta and Sliema, you will not find nightclubs but lots of bars instead.

In Paceville, there are too many strip and sex bars. Since there are too many sex tourists there, normal women are very difficult to approach because they are afraid you are one of those.

That’s why having luck with a good serious woman in one of the night clubs is really difficult. Women are not open to foreigners at all there.

Of course, if not taking into account those annoying promo girls in the strip bars who try to convince you buying a strip show. We bet meeting one of the strip girls is not your goal, so you can forget about meeting a good Maltese woman at night. 

Malta dating online

Dating websites for single seniorsOutside of the high season, using a Malta dating app is very helpful. If you are not seeking just a holiday romance but a serious long-term international relationship, you should use a good Malta international dating site.

Malta girls also join different dating sites and seek for western men, including men from Europe.

So if you want a beautiful English-speaking lady from Malta, you can easily find her on one of the international dating or matchmaking sites.

We from best-matchmaking have an office in Malta and are always happy to see you there. However, we do not have profiles of Maltese ladies for now. The majority of our women are Ukrainian, Belarussian and Russian ladies. 

Meeting a woman on a dating site has a wide range of advantages. It will prevent you from a blindfold trip to Malta. It gives a chance to meet a woman you already know pretty well and are sure she is interested in you.

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The perks of using dating site in Malta

One of the biggest fears of each of you is the language barrier. You often are afraid to try an international dating or matchmaking site exactly because women do not speak English. But women in Malta speak English, so you may not be afraid to use a Malta international dating site. So there won’t be any language barrier in that case.

By the way, our gallery of beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women also offers lots of profiles of ladies who speak fluent English. Moreover, a reputable Malta dating site can offer you a qualified video-chat with foreign brides where you can see your lady face-to-face or offer a Romantic tour to meet your future wife for you that will make you feel comfortable and secure during your stay in her country. 

Malta dating tips

Now you know that dating in Malta is quite possible and there are various ladies there who would not mind meeting western guys. However, since there are lots of travelers, your dating may just turn into a holiday affair and nothing more. If you want to find a serious lady in that country, you should not go to nightclubs because women there are afraid of sex tourists a lot.

So our recommendation would be to meet girls during the day in the tourist high season when there are lots of women from different countries on the island. But if you are afraid of their seriousness and intentions, you’d better use a Malta dating site and meet a lady in a secure way. If you follow these tips, you will find your Malta dating very interesting and fun.

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Conclusion: Maltese dating is worth your time!

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWell, guys, Malta is a perfect destination and surely is worth your time and seeing it at least once. You will be surprised by the variety of girls who walk in the local streets.

Any western man can find a woman according to his taste, requirements, and needs. But, of course, we would not recommend you hanging out with the night club girls no matter where you are since they will hardly seek serious relationships.

And if you still have any questions concerning Russian or Ukrainian women, International and Slavic matchmaking, or online dating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger who will help you to choose the right dating membership plan for you at a reasonable price. Or if you prefer an individual approach, she will help you to choose the best matchmaking package for you!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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