Dating older women: 7 reasons why younger men love mature women

Dating older womenHello gentlemen!

We from Best-Matchmaking know well that you, western guys, search for a woman who would be at least a bit younger than you. Or even much younger ;) But what about older women?

You might be surprised but we have young customers who are attracted to older ladies. And there should be some reasons for that.

Today, we from Best-Matchmaking, decided to find out why a younger man would be attracted to an older woman. So from that post, you will find out the main reasons for which young men want to date older women. We will also tell you what the perks of dating an older woman are.

Are you ready to learn a lot of new information about women?

Then let’s start right now!

What you should know about cougar love

Mature Polish women for datingAn older woman doesn’t mean an old lady. It means that a woman can be mature, experienced, and even hot.

And such women can bring a lot to a relationship. For some younger men, an older woman would be a perfect match.

And even some guys at their 40s are not mature and wise yet and they behave like boys. For such men, an older woman will play the role of a “mother” and will give them everything they need.

And they need care, love, support, and everything they lack from a younger lady.

 If you are one of those who consider relationships with an older woman, or if you are one of those who are afraid to, check out why you may need an older lady.

Below, you will find all the reasons for which a younger man may want dating an older woman.

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Reason 1. Older women are mature

We are talking about maturity and wisdom here. Quite often, we hear from you, our dear men, that you have chosen a young girl who is 20 years younger than you because she is so mature. But we can truly tell you her maturity is nothing compared to an older lady. 

You should understand, guys, that wisdom comes with age. And even if a young girl at her 20 has a lot of common sense and seems very wise and mature to you, she will never be so understanding and really ready for relationships as an older woman.

And you will feel it when having relationships with her.

Young girls are often quite selfish and want all man’s attention. They will require to spend all your time (and means) among them. They are easy to make a drama out of nothing.

You will never face that with an older lady - they have lots of common sense and are patient enough to make a man happy.

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Reason2. Older women are more experienced

mature Russian womanAnother feature of older women young men are attracted to is their experience. We are talking not only about life experience but also her sexual experience. Young boys quite often find older women more sexual and hotter than younger girls.

You can imagine that their intimate and life experience allows them to easily guess what a man wants, needs, and desires. That experience allows them to please any man.

Of course, young boys who are full of energy may not get the same energy from a young and inexperienced girl. 

This is probably the main reason for which younger men choose older ladies for relationships. They have a higher sex drive and this is perfect for young men who are experiencing new emotions and experience.

Reason 3. An older woman can teach you a lot

Again we are talking about her experience. Older women, of course, know a lot of things and are they are very interesting to younger men. Thanks to their experience and wisdom, they can easily grab and keep the attention of a man.

As well as young girls are attracted to older men, young boys are attracted to older women. When a person is interesting and can teach you many things, you will not want relationships with other people. We all understand that the older we are, the more experience we have.

And for that reason, younger men are so attracted to older ladies, especially those men who are very ambitious and want to develop intellectually. Such men are simply bored with women of their age. A man can develop his own self when there is a wise, experienced, and clever woman by his side who can teach him and share her life experiences with her. 

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Reason 4. An older woman knows what she wants

Mature Russian womenIt is natural that when someone has a rich experience, he or she knows what she wants in life, and, of course, in relationships. And such a lady knows what a man wants in relationships and needs from her. You will never face such difficulties as scandals without any reason with an older woman.

For a young man, it means that he will never face uncertainty or, as many of you complain, immaturity from a woman’s side.

An older woman knows for sure what she wants from you and what you need from her. These ladies do not have time for games or affairs that lead nowhere. 

Choosing a woman who is older than you means never experiencing any dramas or scandals because of misunderstandings because she knows well what she needs to receive from a younger man and what this man needs from her. And she will do everything to have a harmonious relationship. They are more emotionally mature than younger women.

Reason 5. Older women deserve your respect

Older women are usually more independent and successful. At their age, they reach some results in life and build their careers. They are not students anymore who want to entertain and have fun. They are women who know how to work hard and achieve their life goals.

These women know the value of money and do not think a man has to be a millionaire to provide for her. And an older lady will be able to be equal to you and frequently, even more successful than you. Younger men enjoy the idea of being together with such type of lady and take advantage of it. 

As a rule, younger men respect older women for their achievements, independence, and strong will. They enjoy that such a woman will never make his life complicated but, vice versa will make it much easier than a younger lady.

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Reason 6. Younger men do not have to worry about having children

Mature Ukraine brideIt is not a secret that some men, especially young guys, do not want to have children. This problem is solved easily when you date an older woman. Usually, women in their 40s already have children or decided that they do not want to have any.

So younger men can simply enjoy this partnership without all the problems family life may involve.

We all know that women grow up earlier than men. It means that a woman in her 30s will be much wiser and more “adult” than a man of the same age. And younger women usually are eager to get married and start a family, and, of course, to have children.

Older women do not need that anymore; they have experienced all this before, so such a relationship is mutually beneficial for both.

Reason 7. Older women are financially stable

For a young man, it is often difficult to be financially secure while he only starts his career or even is still a student. Moreover, they simply cannot have a successful independent life while they have almost never worked. After all, a younger woman will need dates and lots of gifts which such a man cannot afford.

An older lady doesn’t care about it while usually, she splits the bill or even doesn’t mind to pay for it. She doesn’t rely on a man in a financial aspect. All she needs is his support, love, and care. In that case, you can be sure a woman will never use you for money, she needs only you. Such relationships may sound too selfish and, of course, lots of young men abuse dating older women.

But in most cases, such a relationship is quite beneficial for them both. An older woman is experienced, financially secured, and sexually higher-driven. And a young man has lots of love, time, and energy to devote to his woman. 

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Why an older woman can choose a younger man

Now as you know how great older women are, you may wonder why such a great woman would choose an immature, not independent, and unsuccessful man. But there are some good reasons for that and they are as follows:

  • She likes open-minded guys;
  • She thinks they are more attractive and hotter;
  • She loves his attitude and attention.

Yes, guys, the reasons are very simple. Older men are often thinking with some stereotypes and it is pretty difficult for independent women to deal with them, so a young guy is perfect in that aspect. According to a survey, men reach their sexual peak in their 20s while women do that in their 30s. 

So an older woman and a younger man fit perfectly in intimate life. Besides, young guys often look at such ladies with special attention and have a very tender attitude to them, and this is something every woman would enjoy. 

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Conclusion: They don’t call them cougars for no reason!

Dating websites for single seniorsAs you understood already, a younger man and an older woman fit each other perfectly in their intimate life and complete each other well in their desires and expectations.

So if you need to find an older lady, welcome to our online gallery of beautiful Slavic women and browse their profiles to make sure how great they are.

We from Best-Matchmaking are sure that age is just a number but everyone should not forget about common sense.

No matter what kind of lady you search, remember that you can meet her in our Romantic and mariage tour and even arrange a special event for her to impress her and know her off her feet.

But if you still have some questions, get in touch with Kate – a dating blogger and matchmaker with more than a decade of experience. She will provide you with a free consultation on dating membership and International matchmaking plans to help you choose your bride within the shortest periods of time.

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