Exclusive dating: Its definition & the difference to casual dating

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One of the many ways to approach relationships is exclusivity. And if you are serious about dating, relationships, and marriage, you should be exclusive by all means.

If you present yourself to the world as a couple, you should be monogamous.  Based on our extensive matchmaking experience, we will help you understand what exclusive relationships mean.

So we devoted this post to that important topic and want to let you know what it means to date someone exclusively.

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What is an exclusive relationship?

Casual dating VS exclusive dating

In one of our posts, we have talked about the difference between dating and relationships. And we mentioned that relationship means that you are not in your search anymore.

It means that both of you have made a commitment and decided to be in romantic relationships with each other. Not necessarily you should be called a boyfriend and a girlfriend. You might not be comfortable with it yet. But it’s really important to be honest with each other.

You should clearly realize what this person means to you, respect her, and be ready to commit to her.

If you are ready to start this commitment, this is a sort of a trial period before real serious relationships.


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When you break the boundaries…

We all know that, unfortunately, not all people are monogamous in that world. And even if some people are in a relationship, they do not mind seeing other people as well. Your partner may not even suspect that you have such thoughts and start any sort of romantic relationship with someone else. 

So remember that once you step outside the exclusivity, your couple is no longer exclusive. Some people consider it normal to have an exclusive partner and start romantic affairs with other people. We will not teach you it is wrong but you should not start an exclusive partnership in that case. 

When your partner is sure you are exclusively dating her, you should at least discuss your wish to start dating other people with her. It would be at least honest. Exclusive relationship supposes you both to enjoy each other and not even thinking of dating other people. 

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Does an exclusive relationship exist online?

It sounds strange maybe but yes, it does. At first, people join online dating sites to communicate with people and it is normal they try to communicate with lots of them. You never know who you are talking to and how everything turns out, so you should try and meet as many people as possible. 

By the way, our romantic tour helps you meet at least five ladies during your visit and all the dates are arranged according to your time and opportunities, so it is a good way to get to know the ladies. But some people are so lucky to meet their potential match at the very beginning that after starting their communication, they do not want to talk to someone else.

We had such cases in our work when men and women started to communicate with each other exclusively, talked in a video-chat only to each other, and met in person also exclusively. So everything is possible. 

Casual dating VS exclusive dating

What is an exclusive relationshipCasual dating is a sort of dating that gives you the most freedom and it is what it is. Casual dating supposes you to see whoever you wish and as many people as you wish. You can have as many dates as you wish and do not even care about what these people will think of you.

This is a way of meeting new people and while you are not committed to anyone, it is a great way to enjoy life and be single but still have dates. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But when you date someone exclusively, you cannot have any dates with other people.

You can meet friends of the opposite sex, of course, but not in the aspect of a romantic date. There are both pros and cons in both types of dating but the most important thing is to be honest with each other. 

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Sorry, but you can’t date anybody else

This can be both the pros and cons of exclusive dating, depending on what your goals are. When someone wants to find commitment and long-term relationships, he or she will be happy to date someone exclusively. But when you love your freedom too much, this could be a burden.

Just make sure you both want the same thing. If you have never discussed this with your partner and have concerns – then just do it. Try to talk about your goals. Make sure that when you want to date her exclusively, she is not going to consider other people and vice a versa.

It often happens that one of the partners considers everything to be very serious and doesn’t see anyone else while another one has an opposite opinion and automatically grants himself the right to see other people. So to avoid this, just discuss what you both want – casual dating or exclusive dating. 

Exclusively dating someone VS being in a relationship

Now we started the topic of relationship again. Why? Isn’t dating someone exclusively the same as being in relationships with someone? Well, not really. You now know the difference between casual and exclusive dating.

You may consider exclusive dating as the middle period between your casual dating and being in a relationship with someone. For example, you both decided to have dates with each other and agreed not to see other people. Ok, but you do not live together and are not an official couple yet.

It means that you date each other exclusively but do not have a relationship yet. You may not have any intimacy yet at that stage and that is normal while you are getting to know each other.

Just make sure to pause your activity on a dating site if you agree about dating someone exclusively! Otherwise, she will consider it cheating and we must say she will be right.

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How to start a relationship when you are exclusively dating someone?

How to start a relationship when you are exclusively dating someoneWe from Best-Matchmaking always say that everything in this life has to run in its natural flow. When you like someone more than others, you stop your casual dating and start dating her exclusively. It is normal when you like someone and want to get to know her, you will want to see her more and more.

And when you both enjoy each other’s company, love your dates and time spent together, spend more and more time together and with each other’s friends, why not start relationship officially? It all doesn’t mean you should act differently now because you are an official couple.

Nothing actually changed. You keep seeing each other only and enjoy your relationship. But now you just have the next stage of your life when your relationship may turn into something stronger and more serious. And there is no special procedure on how to do it, just follow your feelings. 

How to find out that your partner wants to progress to an exclusive relationship?

Exclusively dating someoneAs we mentioned above, follow your feelings and intuition. If you are dating for a long time, you should know this person already. But if you are still not sure, you can do the easiest thing ever and not guess – just ask your partner. You may not necessarily ask about it directly but just ask some leading questions.

You will definitely notice that your partner has changed her behavior, gestures, words towards you, and if they became more romantic, she is probably ready to progress to the next stage. When it comes to Slavic women, the signs are the same. But keep in mind Slavic women are not very open.

They do not show their emotions easily, especially in public, so they will need to see your attitude first. If it is serious enough, they will make the next step. So, never be afraid to talk and discuss things like that with your woman.

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Conclusion: It doesn’t put a label on you!

We hope now you realize what exclusive dating really means. There is a very fine line between exclusive dating and relationship, and we bet if you both like each other a lot, it doesn’t really matter when you switch to relationships.

Do you still have any questions about dating and relationships?

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

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