The Six Most Crucial Stages Of Dating

Stages Of DatingGood day, gentlemen!

We keep discussing one of the most important topics – dating. Since best-matchmaking is an exclusive online dating and matchmaking agency, we know everything about dating and have lots of things to tell you to be successful at least in that area of your life.

What are the stages of dating? Have you ever thought of it?

If not, then today, let’s try to find it out together.

You will find out everything about dating and when you should start relationships.


Then keep reading till the end and don’t hesitate to make notes, it will be an exciting lesson!

All stages of dating development

All stages of dating developmentWe may not even realize this but dating is full of different stages. And almost every couple goes through each of them. Why almost? Because some people start with a bed at once, for example.

It doesn’t sound romantic but we are all adults and we know it happens no matter what we think of it.

Some people start from casual dating and going to intimacy only in a couple of months, others start with intimacy and only then start dating, and there is an endless number of variations.

But today, we would like to consider a more or less “standard” dating scheme.

We bet that each of you has come through such stages at least once in your life. Each of them is connected to certain emotions of both people. 

Let’s try to consider each of the steps separately right now! 

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Dating Stage 1. The first date

dating developmentNormally, people go on their very first date to talk, get to know each other, etc. Your first doesn’t mean that you will have the second one or that it will lead to a relationship but it is the very first stage of everyone’s dating.

No matter whether you will have the next stages with the same person, you will definitely have your first date.

A psychologist and relationship expert, Niloo Dartashti, Psy.D., said that the success of your first date depends on how nervous you are and what the date means for you.

It means that once you make your first date a bigger deal than it is, your mind will make you nervous at once. So you will feel happy and succeed only if you both do not give too much value to your first date. 

But your first date is finished and you think what’s next? Let’s try to figure out what is the next stage of your dating process. 

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Dating Stage 2. The first kiss

first kissOf course, it depends on the couple, but as a rule, the first kiss comes on the first date. However, some people may have it before it.

But no matter when it happens, it is an essential part of the dating process. And if you feel nothing during it, it is a bad sign.

And we believe if you didn’t feel anything when kissing her for the first sign, run away because this is a red flag.

The attraction is very important and if you don’t feel any chemistry, there is no need to keep dating this person. Kissing is important and it is an integral part of dating.

If you are dating someone and have not kissed yet, this may mean you are in a friend zone already. Or maybe you are not very confident to do the first step and your girlfriend is waiting for it. So do not neglect that important stage.

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Dating Stage 3. The first intimacy

Seducing a Russian womanThe next step of dating (but it is not mandatory for casual dating though) is your first sex.

When a couple goes for intimacy, they go to the very next stage and it is already more important for them both. However, that stage is pretty individual and some people may have it on the first date even.

Others may wait for exclusive dating and only then get closer. But no matter when you decided this important thing to happen, you will have it anyways.

Of course, if you both want to progress in your relationship. For some people, it is normal to have their first sexual contact on their first date or even before it.

Other couples need more time and you should not worry if this doesn’t happen after your first kiss or first date. It means that your girlfriend (or you) needs more time for this to happen. 

Dating Stage 4. Seeing each other constantly

Seeing each other constantlyWe have already discussed the topic of casual and exclusive dating in our previous article called Exclusive dating: Its definition & the difference to casual dating. And depending on what dating you choose, your relationship will develop. If it is casual dating, it means that you will still be seeing other women.

But in that article, we are intending to discuss exclusive dating. And it will mean that you will just have more and more constant and frequent dates. You are supposed to spend more time together, see each other’s friends, go to parties, and even travel together.

Yes, traveling is good leisure time and when you are dating someone exclusively, you can do it together. It helps to get to know each other a lot and find out more and more details about each other. So we believe that constant and frequent dates are the next step of the dating process. 

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How long should you date before being in a relationship?

How long should you date before being in a relationshipThere is a really fine line between dating and relationships. And sometimes, people struggle with defining when exactly they should go for a relationship and decide they are a real couple and finish dating.

There is nothing to struggle with, actually.

You should only listen to your heart and follow your inner feelings. After all, you both can decide that important topic. If you feel pressured by your girlfriend, try not to avoid that talk but discuss it with her and you both will realize what you need and want.

There is nothing wrong with having doubts and we are all human beings and it is natural for us to doubt everything, including such an important aspect of our life as a relationship. But as well as the rest of the most important stages of relationships, it is very individual and only you should decide when it’s time to move on!

Dating Stage 5. Meeting each other’s parents

Dating Stage 5. Meeting each other’s parentsWhen you became an exclusive couple and decided that you are not looking for anyone else or decided to move in, for example, it is time to see the families of each other. We can say this step already means you have relationships and consider a mutual future together. How many women did you introduce to your parents?

Well, we bet not many. We always introduce only special people to our families, don’t we? So we believe this stage is also one of the main steps in dating. Your family is as important to you as your future bride, so you want to know their opinion. 

And her parents also are eager to see who she is spending all her time with, so after you have been dating for a while, it is necessary to get to that important step. You also need to see her attitude to your parents, it is important to you. 

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Dating Stage 6. Saying “I love you”

When you are dating someone for a while, we believe you like that person and feel attracted to her. And most likely, you both are in love. This step of dating is really one of the most important and crucial for you both.

Quite often, people are not ready to say these words or simply are afraid of them. But you shouldn’t be afraid.

Yes, we all have a subconscious fear that once we say it, our partner will not say the same in return. But we from best-matchmaking believe that there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you feel in love, you should let your partner know about it. However, it doesn’t concern online dating and Ukrainian and Russian women. Tell these words only after you had all the previous stages while for them, these words mean nothing if they don’t know you well enough. 

The most important stages of a relationship

Now as you are at the peak of your dating process and told about your love for each other, you can consider yourself to have real relationships. Needless to say, you see each other exclusively and do not consider anyone else at that stage. You might live together already as a wife and a husband and have a sort of civil marriage.

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In Ukraine and Russia, for example, people in a civil marriage have the same rights as those officially married. So the most important parts of such relationships are engagement and marriage (Russian engagement & wedding traditions). When you decide to build your life together, you propose and engage, and after that, you get married. Unfortunately, some couples break up after engagement.

Yes, engagement doesn’t always lead to marriage but you should not be afraid of it. Any relationship is a challenge and hard work, so put some efforts and everything will finish the best for you both. 

Conclusion: Follow your inner feelings

Follow your inner feelingsNow you know what the main stages of dating and relationships are. But as we already mentioned, everything is very individual and some people may simply skip some stages, others may have them in a different order. Everything depends only on you, your personal feelings, and habits.

When it comes to online dating, the stages are a bit different but still, after the personal meeting, you will have all the described stages.

Once you take a romantic and marriage tour, you start dating your lady and getting to know her in reality. And a video-chat can substitute you a couple of real-life dates.

We from best-matchmaking hope that our Slavic matchmaking programs and dating membership plans  at reasonable prices will help you find your life partner the soonest!

Good luck in your search!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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