How to attract women online: 7 helpful & easy tips

best dating sitesHello gentlemen!

Continuing to give you different online dating tips, we from best-matchmaking would love to talk about attraction online today.

Attracting people is very important not only in real life but online as well and not everyone can do it.

Unfortunately, we noticed that some guys attract all women automatically and others, no matter how good they are, don’t make any impression on women and leave them indifferent.

And we would love to tell you how to attract women online if it doesn’t work out for you very well.

Let’s start our guide to attraction!

How to attract women on the Internet

Ukraine dating appsWe all know that to attract women in life, you should be an alpha male or at least try to become him. In online dating, everything is almost the same but still, there are its peculiarities.

Yes, women can reply to your messages as often as possible and you will get their letters but will you find a girlfriend?

That’s the problem already. You can communicate with someone and meet them but still have no luck. Attracting women online is quite challenging for men.

By the way, attracting men online is also challenging for women. Some of them are very popular among men and others are not even if they are very beautiful.

Now let’s try to realize what things do attract women online and what you should do to improve the situation if your profile and personality are not so appealing to them. Find our top tips below.

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Learn how to attract a woman online

We all, both men and women choose people by their cover first. Don’t you agree that the first impression matters? And how can you present yourself online? Only create an appealing profile.

You also choose women by their profiles first, don’t you?

Creating an online dating profile within a couple of seconds is a big failure. Women will see that you don’t care about your search, and, thus, you do not care about them. So if you want to attract women on the dating site, you should show all the seriousness towards your profile. 

Of course, the profile is not the major factor influencing women’s choice. But it is the first step and we will tell you in detail about it and the rest of the tricks!

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TOP7 tips how to attract women on online dating sites

Check out the tips below how to attract more women online. 

Tip #1. Select the right picture 

Dating appsAnd the first thing is the picture – women do not pay attention to the profiles of men without pictures no matter what you say. They want to see who is writing to them or whom they are writing to.

We bet that you would not like to reply to a woman with no picture, so why should women want to reply or write to you?

But avoid pictures that would make you look arrogant, unintelligent, or womanizer. We don’t recommend posting a picture in the sunglasses. It makes the impression that you are hiding something.

Women want to see your face and eyes. You want to see attractive pictures of women and they want to see attractive pictures of you.

Tip #2. Think on the content

Now as you know that creating an appealing profile is important and uploading a proper picture of yourself, you can start working on your profile content. Don’t think that it is not important for women. Even if they all are attracted to your picture first, it is just a cover.

After that, they open the profile and hope to see something interesting for them. Lots of guys think women never read their profiles but you are wrong. Women who are serious about their search will open it at once and check what information and how you have written about you.

We recommend not including too long descriptions of yourself not to show how boring you are. Also, avoid bragging about your wealth, appearance, body, car, etc. This is a huge turn-off for any lady, especially for Ukrainian and Russian girls.

Tip #3. Be lighthearted and humorous

We found out already that you should avoid bragging by all means when creating your profile. You should also try not to seem arrogant. It is better to highlight your good qualities and describe your personality instead of bragging about your possessions. 

But again, women adore witty guys and those who can raise their mood and make them laugh. Try to be humorous even in your profile. Don’t write that you have a good sense of humor; they won’t believe it until they see. So better describe yourself in a witty manner and joke around to show how much fun you are.

When a man is too serious about online dating, this scares women because they think you are obsessed about getting married no matter whom. Or that you are too demanding and require too much that they will not match your criteria. They don’t need it, they want the process to be fun, light, and enjoyable.

Tip #4. Focus on her qualities

How to chat girls on messengerNow as you wrote much information about yourself in your profile, you can start writing about who you are looking for.

And this is another important step because if you just enlist your requirements, women won’t write to you. They will think they lack some qualities and won’t be good for you.

Instead of requiring her to be a good cook, excellent in bed, working hard equally to you, or by all means site at home to do the cleaning, cooking, and all the things for you, better focus on her positive qualities.

Write that you are looking for a sensitive, loyal, humorous woman, etc.

Do not start with the demands but present it as your wishes. Show that you would appreciate it if she would possess those qualities but don’t require it from every woman.

The tone of your voice is very important because there is a thin line between requirements and wishes. And the way you express your wishes tells a lot about your personality.

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Tip #5. Be honest and don’t get too personal

Being honest is important always in relationships, not only in online dating. Remember that women have a special ability to feel lies miles away. Don’t try to match women’s requirements and write those qualities they want to see. Talk about what makes you happy and what things you enjoy. 

Women adore genuine and sincere men, they do not want to meet braggers or liars. Even if you are not looking for marriage, be honest and write it. Your honesty will be appreciated. We also recommend not going too personal during your first acquaintance.

Don’t ask too many personal questions, especially during your initial communication. Try to start with a general question about her hobbies, activities, etc. Ask some general questions to develop a good and genuine conversation. For example, if she says she likes swimming, show her that you attend the swimming pool twice a week if that’s the case.

Tip #6. Talk in video-chats

Russian video chat onlineAll our tips to attract more women online are based on our experience. It means that we learn from your mistakes and achievements on our dating sites.

Believe us, none of the women wants to send endless letters for a year or so. Ladies strive for vivid and live communication, and seeing you online is much more exciting for them.

Yes, if you want a woman to be attracted to you, you should find some time and devote it to a video-chat with foreign women. But make sure to look like you do in your profile and be the same person. Again, if you lied about your personality or expectations, a woman will see it in a video chat. 

So just confirm that you are that funny, lighthearted, and cute guy she used to know from your profile and your letters. A video-call can become both a disappointment and a success.

If you confirm all those things you used to tell her, she will desire to have more and more video-calls with you. 

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Tip #7. Don’t write your contact information in your profile

The content of your profile is very important as we already figured out. You should not only create an intriguing and fun profile but also think about what to avoid posting there. Just think – if you decided to join a paid dating site, it means you are ready to pay to date with top-quality women and in total safety.

Lots of guys simply write their phone numbers or emails in their profiles and beg women to write or call them. Excuse us, gentlemen, but if women wanted to call every man online, they would join a free dating site. They join a paid dating or International matchmaking service because they want to meet serious men and want to be sure of their safety.

But once they see such a profile, it makes an impression that you are a scammer, not a serious man, or just a greedy guy who is not ready to pay for the services to get a good woman. Women do not need any of these options. 

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Conclusion: Being more attractive to women online is very easy

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWe hope these simple six tips will help you think beforehand how to attract a woman online.

Don’t think that creating a profile has nothing to do with attracting women and is not a big deal because you are doomed to failure in that case.

Both your picture and the content of your profile are important for women.

And we from Best-Matchmaking have one more tip – if you already have correspondence with a woman and want to impress her, don’t overwhelm her with endless letters, better send her some flowers and be understanding if she doesn’t reply for a couple of days.

Your effort will be more than appreciated!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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