Flirting with Women of Ukraine Online: 8 Essential Tips

Hello gentlemen!

Western guys are almost obsessed with Ukrainian women in the past years. Ukrainian and Slavic ladies, in general are very popular among men in the West and even Asia. International marriages became a common thing across the globe.

Although we have not only Ukrainian but also Russian and Latvian women on our site, we could notice that Ukrainians are on the top of popularity. 

Finding your perfect match on the Internet is much easier now thanks to modern means of communication. However, drawing a Ukrainian woman’s attention is not that easy. Lots of you complain that after a video chat, a lady said you didn’t “catch” her and said you were not her type. But you don’t have to give up and still can improve the situation. 

In that post, we gathered the most helpful tips on how to flirt with a Ukrainian woman. You will find out how to flirt with a lady online and make her feel excited towards you.


Keep reading and don’t hesitate to make these eight Ukrainian flirting tips yours! 

Step #1. Everything starts with a…dating profile

best Ukrainian dating siteSurprised? We bet you are. But really, to catch and even grab a lady’s attention, you should create a good profile first. This is a crucial step in flirting with a lady.

What do you pay attention first in a woman’s profile? Right, to her profile picture. This is the first thing catching your attention and attracting you in a person.

Women are not different. You are wrong if you believe a lady can pay attention to a profile with no picture. And if your picture is 10 or 20 years old, she will be really disappointed after your first video chat no matter how witty you are. So we recommend you be honest when you sign up and create your profile on our site. 

The second thing is a smile. You have to be alone in the picture (without beautiful girls in it) and smile. No one likes frowning people. So make sure your profile picture is up-to-date and attractive enough. The content in your profile makes sense too! Don’t make women bored when reading! 

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Step #2. Be confident but not arrogant

We have told you many times that Ukrainian women prefer confident men. You should be confident enough to flirt with a woman online. Flirting is an art and the artist may not be shy. But be careful because there is a really fine line between your confidence and arrogance. Being arrogant is the biggest no-no with Ukrainian women.

Very often, after reading your letter or talking to you in a video chat, a lady says he is too arrogant and self-confident. This pushes her away very much! Being confident means being able to keep her interested in you every second, means being witty and not being too shy. But being arrogant as if she is one of the millions and she won this biggest prize – a date with you is your biggest no-no! :)

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Step #3. Make her laugh

Ukrainian womenIt’s not a secret all females like to laugh. Right from the beginning, you should show your spontaneity. It’s really helpful to start your communication in an informal way. Be unpredictable.

Believe us, even if there is a huge age gap between you and even if you are not her type, but if you make her laugh sincerely all the time, she is almost ready to give up.

But be careful because a western sense of humor is often different from a Ukrainian one. And some of your jokes may simply not seem funny to her at all. In this case, better switch the topic and try to joke about something else. A sense of humor is something that no one can possess but you can learn what jokes do women like and just avoid “dirty jokes”. 

Once upon a time…

Dating Ukrainian bridesOne of our former customers once made a joke in a video chat and the lady didn’t laugh. She didn’t laugh because it simply didn’t seem funny to her.

A man was so mad after that and started to tell her that he is the funniest guy ever and how other girls laugh at his jokes. He overwhelmed a poor lady with his letters about his great sense of humor. 

He tried to persuade her that tens of other girls he communicated with all the time laughed at his jokes. He blamed the translator and the lady because she was yawning (by the way, the woman agreed to talk to him almost at midnight after a long working day).

What do you think it all ended with? The lady just sent him a letter in which she refused being compared to other girls and wished him good luck with all those ten women he had so much fun with. 

So never tell her how great you can joke, just do it! 

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Step #4. Flirting with Ukraine women online starts with a good letter

Flirting with Ukraine women online starts with a good letterIt may sound weird but yes, not only your profile picture matters but also the way you write your letters. Just think what is the first thing she reads once she gets your letter? It is your title. We beg you to pay much attention to it, especially if it is your first letter to a woman. 

Your title has to be intriguing, challenging, witty, and, of course, your flirt starts here! Make her want not you but at least open and read your letter. Writing letters is an art as well.

If you want, we can give you some master class. Usually, we give lots of tips to the owners of our matchmaking plans on writing letters because it is extremely important. 

None of the ladies would like to get bored when reading your letter. She has to want to read it again and again. Last but not least, she has to desire to reply it the soonest! So if you are not sure how to create an intriguing letter, we will consult you with pleasure. 

Step #5. Compliments are your secret armor

Single women in PoltavaHow can you flirt with a lady if you don’t give her compliments? You might be surprised but all women, including Ukrainian, Russian and even Latvian brides, love with their ears. It is a Universal law! So your duty is to compliment her as much as you can. But telling compliments is also not that easy.

We have talked a lot about that kind of art in our YouTube dating tutorials. You can check them if you are interested to know more. But we will admit once again that your compliment has to be personalized. Never tell her some general things she may hear from everyone.

 Never say: “You look beautiful today” which means she is not beautiful on other days. Better say “This dress suits your blue eyes” or “Wow, these earrings look amazing on you”. Pay attention to the details which no one else could notice, only you. You can be sure such a rare ability will be much appreciated.

Step #6. Show your masculinity

What can be easier for a man than being masculine you may wonder. And you are very wrong. Lots of you complain women in your country are not feminine. So can be men. Being masculine is related to being confident, too but not only. A man in Ukraine and in many Slavic countries is a leader.

So women adore when men are initiative and when they take the lead. Even if you communicate online, don’t wait for her proposal to talk on Skype, just book a video chat service with her and kindly ask if she is available. Don’t wait for a good reason to send her flowers or chocolates, just do it. In Ukraine, men don’t wait for a reason to offer their women a bunch of flowers. 

Be spontaneous; don’t wait for her invitation to meet in person. Just tell her about your plans to come on certain dates. Make your decisions; don’t wait for her to make decisions for you. You can easily conquer a Ukrainian woman by your actions. 

Step #7. Address her by name

Beautiful Russian womanIt may sound too easy but it is really a problem. Some men simply forget to call a lady by name. Mention her name in letters.

And especially, when you communicate in a video chat. Women feel extremely needed and wanted when you address them by name. Moreover, you can think of a special name you will call your online woman.

It may be something connected to her profession or hobby, for example, if she adores dancing, you can call her your dancer, etc.

If she is a dentist, you can start your letters with hello, he sexiest dentist ever”. It really creates an intimate atmosphere between you both; it is not only her special name but something only you both know. It makes women feel special. 

Step #8. Be yourself

We are not tired repeating that you do have to be yourself when communicating with a lady not only in reality but also online. On the Internet, it is very easy to lose yourself and pretend someone you may even not be. Ukrainian, Russian, Latvian, and even Belarussian women always feel when a man is fake.

Don’t pretend, don’t tell her beautiful words, better show her your actions and your real feelings to your lady. Never lie. Slavic brides always feel when a man is lying. And believe us, such an approach will never turn into something good. Flirting is very good but only when your words are maintained by your gentleman’s actions. 

Once she finds out these are just words, you may be sure to lose her. A Ukrainian woman will never keep building relationships with a Mr. Chatterbox no matter how forged your flirting skills are! :)

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Conclusion: Be smart enough to flirt with a woman of Ukraine

Ukrainian woman for marriageAs you can see, flirting requires some skills and maybe practice. Even if you are sure you are a real master of a flirt, you should think twice if that is enough to conquer a woman of Ukraine.

You probably have heard already how smart and intelligent Ukrainian women are. And they want to meet decent interlocutors and partners!

Once you show her how intelligent you are, you are 50% successful. But it doesn’t mean you should bore her with math formulas. Just be witty, wise, and easy-going.

Your maturity and wisdom are crucial for Ukrainian women. And if you are smart enough, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a practicing psychologist, dating blogger, and matchmaker, to get a free consultation on matchmaking and online dating services. 

Once you have conquered your Ukrainian lady thanks to one of our membership plans or matchmaking packages, you’re welcome to our Romantic tours section to meet her in person finally! But before your date, don’t forget to order some flowers for her in our gift delivery section.

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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Do you always flirti with Women of Ukraine Online?  What ever it is  feel free to leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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