The 6 Biggest Dangers of Online Dating

Online dating scammerHello guys!

We from Best-Matchmaking often give you online dating tips and red flags about online and even traditional dating.

But scam keeps happening and unfortunately, not each of you can notice it at once and avoid it on time. Online dating dangers are not only about a scam.

So we decided to devote today's post to the dangers of online dating.

We would like to give you more red flags and the reasons for which you should be careful when dating online.  Find out how to avoid all possible online dating dangers and date safely!

Let’s start right now!

What are the biggest dangers of internet dating?

Ukraine Dating-PortaleOf course, there are, as in any other aspect of life. We bet each of you has heard of scammers. And there are really lots of different forms of scam online. Scammers never have rest and always wait for their new and naive victims.

But we all used to hear about scams committed by women online. What about the dangers of online dating for women?

Yes, it can also be dangerous for women and, moreover, we have written in one of our recent posts about traditional dating about why Slavic women are cautious about online dating.

According to international statistics (s. also Online dating success statistics: Does online dating work?), over 100 murders and thousands of rapes are committed yearly by online daters. It means that online dating can be dangerous both for men and women no matter what country they come from. So, below, you will find the most wide-spread online dating risks. 

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#1. 1 in 10 users of free dating sites are scammers 

Unfortunately, this is a sad statistic. According to the article posted by Phactual, the company Marketdate Enterprise Inc., 10% of profiles on free dating sites are fake. Yes, you are right, there are lots of scammers on paid dating sites, too. But their number compared to free dating sites is much less.

Free dating services simply cannot be trustworthy because anyone can join them. No one takes fees and no one cares about your safety. One of our customers from the USA who came to Kiev said that he used Tinder to meet girls from that city before and all of them appeared to be scammers hunting for his money.

People who care for their safety and want to date safe will join paid dating services or at least those apps where they can purchase a monthly subscription. A paid dating service cannot exclude scam fully but it can take measures to improve the situation and return your losses if the scam was detected.

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#2. Around 10% of sex offenders use online dating sites

How to find women to dateAnother not pleasant online dating dangers statistics posted by Phactual says that one in 10 sex offenders use a dating site to meet new people. And moreover, 25% of rapists join online dating sites to find their victims. This is why online dating is dangerous not only for men but for women, too.

Everyone is usually aware of scammers who are in constant search of their rich foreign victims.

In that case, you lose only money and, of course, get an emotional disappointment leaving a bad track in your heart. But those ladies who join online dating sites are also in danger.

And for that purpose, we do everything for our men and women to get to know each other as much as possible before their personal meeting. We also had some situations, in which men, after a long correspondence, came and showed their dirty intentions and we could prevent bad outcomes at once thanks to our close interaction with our customers.

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#3. 16,000 abductions, 100 murders, and thousands of rapes are committed by online predators every year

Russian dating scamAnother terrible statistic, isn’t it? And again, this is a danger of online dating for women. No matter how horrible stories about scammers are, that real statistic is even more chilling.

According to Internet Predator Stats, 16,000 abductions, 100 murders, and thousands of rapes are committed by men who used online dating sites.

We from Best-Matchmaking take care of the safety of both our male and female customers. For our male customers, we have created a special Anti-Scam policy. And when it comes to women, all the meetings are arranged with our help and through our local managers. 

So, our dear male customers, when you are surprised what women are afraid of and why they don’t trust men that much, recall these statistics and you will understand. Be patient when a woman is not in a hurry to give you her personal contact information and wants to be in touch on the site to get to know you better.

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#4. Half of the online daters are in a relationship and 11% are already married

These online dating dangers data are related to both men and women. Unfortunately, you cannot check every person on a dating site yourself. And yes, both men and women on different dating sites and online dating apps users lie about their marital or relationship status.

According to the global research agency Opinionmatters, 62% of online daters lie about their current relationship status. And yes, we met both men and women like those who wanted to join our site and, moreover, wanted to use our matchmaking service. But we verify all women very carefully and detect such cases very quickly.

Can you imagine that around 51% of online daters have current relationships and 11% of them are married? This is terrible and looks like not everyone treats online dating seriously. For our Slavic brides, our site is the only opportunity to meet good men so we hope each of you who join our site will be honest about your relationship and marital status.

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#5. There were over $50 million losses for scam victims every year

Dating appsThis is exactly what each of our customers is afraid of. Scammers feel in online dating like a duck to water. And money is the biggest thing involved in an online dating scam. All they need is your money. 

Can you imagine that according to data published on CreditDonkey, a data-driven finance and jeweler comparison site, only in 2011, online dating scammers duped their victims out of more than $50 million in money and property?

And for you to know the most popular scamming scheme, we want to highlight it below.

The most popular stories for such scams were that your woman lives so far away and doesn’t have money to visit you in your country. Men have sent money and this lady has never come to meet them. This is one of the most popular schemes. So be aware of it and better do everything with the help of the dating site and a Romantic and marriage tour.

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#6. More than 53% of Americans exaggerate information in their profiles

Ukrainian dating scamThe statistics published by the global research agency Opinionmatters shows that over half of Americans lie in their dating profiles.

Of course, women also can exaggerate and lie in their profiles. But on such sites as Best-Matchmaking, foreign women profiles are verified by our professionals and the chances of fabrication are equal to zero.

But if you join your local dating agencies or sites, especially free dating sites or when using dating apps where no one can check the information provided, get ready to meet half-fake profiles.

Both men and women often lie about their age, weight, height, income, and other characteristics. 

They do it to make their profiles look more attractive, of course. Yes, this cannot be called scam but still, the information you read about someone in their profiles has to be true and up-to-date.

The same concerns old and fake pictures – people often look absolutely not as they look in their profiles. 

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How to avoid online dating risks?

Of course, it is impossible to avoid or check all those things mentioned above. However, one of the main things you can do to date safe is to choose a safe dating or matchmaking service. We have already provided a lot of tips on how to do it in our previous posts. 

At first, you should avoid free dating services where 1 in 10 users is a scammer. You should check the reputation of a dating site by checking their customer support, online reviews, YouTube videos, and testimonials left by other users. We also recommend checking the gallery of women at once.

If you see hundreds or thousands of young and sexy half-naked model-like women inviting to chat days and nights, run away because this cannot be true, they are most likely scammers. Also, pay attention to lots of red flags we have provided in our previous posts. It will help you not to get blind by beautiful and attractive women profiles. 

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Conclusion: Potential dangers of online dating can be easily avoided

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesNow you know about 6 dangers of online dating. And, as you can see, online dating is dangerous both for men and for women.

We from Best-Matchmaking try to protect both our male and female customers from scam and all potential dangers described above.

If you want to date online safely, always pay attention to red flags and think with your common sense. Join only safe dating sites and then you may not be afraid of any dangers.

We will be happy to tell you more about Slavic women and online dating.

Don’t hesitate to check our dating membership plans and International matchmaking packages for your successful and safe dating online.

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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