How to find out if a girl is single: 4 best ways

Ukrainian girls for datingGreetings, our dear readers!

You know, we from best-matchmaking often hear from you such a question as “Are all the girls on your site single?

We are surprised to hear that while if someone joins a International dating and matchmaking agency, he or she is supposed to be single.

But after hearing some stories from our customers, we realized that these questions may arise for a good reason and that some men and women on dating sites really are not single!

So today, we would like to discuss that important topic – how to find out if a girl is single not only in real life but also in online dating  ➔ 

How to know whether she's single or not

Dating Belarussian womenSome guys struggle with getting acquainted with girls or asking them out. This moment is really nerve-wracking for them. And one of the reasons for being afraid of refusal is that you may not know whether she is single or not. 

The moment when you liked someone and asked her out and heard that she had a boyfriend is not one of the most convenient for guys. So it would be good to know how to figure out whether the girl you like is already dating someone.

In our post below, we will help you find out whether the girl has a boyfriend and avoid rejection and embarrassment. Even if you are too shy to ask, there are some other ways to find out this information! Let’s see how to do it easily below.




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#1: Just ask her

Of course, this direct method is always the best and it is good for bold guys who are confident in themselves. If you like a girl, try just to ask her whether she has a boyfriend or not. Say something like “Hi, you’re so cute, are you single?” or “Hello, I would like to take you out to dinner, are you seeing anyone?

Some guys are just very afraid to hear the information she is not single. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Don’t be offended if the girl says she has a boyfriend. Just smile to her and say thank you and move on. You can even wish her good luck and happiness with her boyfriend.

But if you are a person who doesn’t like or is too shy to ask people directly but wants to know whether someone is single or not, use our other tips below. 

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#2: How can you tell if someone is single without asking? - Check for a ring

Young Ukraine womenA woman may not only have a boyfriend but may be engaged or married!

And checking for a ring is one of the most efficient ways to find this out.

Even if you met a woman online, you should ask for her pictures or talk to her in a video-chat and see her arms.

It may not be 100% accurate but at least it is something you could start from. But please keep in mind that Ukrainian brides, Russian brides, and Belarussian brides wear their wedding or engagement ring on the right hand!

We had some situations when guys told us she was engaged after a video-chat because they saw a ring on her left hand.

Don’t worry, guys, a ring on the left hand of the Slavic mail order brides doesn’t mean anything! This is just a ring for her and doesn’t mean any men around her.

Just be aware that women in Ukraine and Russia wear a wedding ring on the right hand!

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#3: Talk to her friends

Interracial dating

Now we are talking about the situation from real life, not online dating. When you date someone online, you cannot check her friends, of course. Let’s assume you went out to a bar and saw a cute girl in the company of her friends there.

You want to ask her out but first, you want to know whether she is single or not.

You can simply talk to one of her friends and gently ask him or her. As a rule, friends are more open and honest when you ask them and they will tell you directly.

Moreover, if they think you might be a good match for her, they will help you to get acquainted with that lady. So asking her friends in some public places is one of the best ways to find it out. But what about online dating? 


#4: How to know if a girl is single if you met her online

how to know if she is singleIf you meet a girl on social media, you can simply check her profile and see her status or common pictures with her boyfriend if any. As a rule, people post such pictures if they are not single and it is very easy to check her status this way.

But if you meet a woman on one of the online dating sites, it is a bit more complicated. Of course, we from Best-Matchmaking verify women’s documents and their statuses carefully and do not accept people who are not single on our site. But we have heard lots of scarifying stories from you, unfortunately.

Moreover, we have met men who were married but tried to join our dating site. So, as you can see, both men and women may face difficulties when meeting people online. Here are some red flags you should pay attention to when dating online.


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She doesn’t want to exchange contact information

She doesn’t want to exchange contact informationBut don’t hurry up with your conclusions. Not every woman has a boyfriend or is married if she doesn’t want to exchange contact information with you.

In our post about the biggest dangers of online dating, we explained to you many reasons for which women are cautious.

On our site, not all women also want to exchange contacts until the personal meeting but it doesn’t mean they are not single. All of them have their personal reasons including some bad previous experience.

But if you communicate for let’s say, six months or one year non-stop on a dating site and she still doesn’t want to – you should become cautious.

As a rule, if there is constant communication between people and they like each other and communicate exclusively, they will exchange contact information. If she still doesn’t want to, this may mean she has someone else in her life and is just afraid.

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She doesn’t want to have a video-chat

Polish brides adviceNormally, people communicate in a video-chat with special joy and desire. This is live communication allowing both men and women to get to know each other much better than in letters.

If a woman finds constant excuses not to talk to you in a video-chat, she may not be single.

Also, one of our male customers said that he cannot talk during working days, only on the weekends. And he mentioned that if men can talk during the weekdays and working hours, they are married.

And we think you should also pay attention to the time when a woman can talk in a video-chat.

If she is always busy on the weekends or in the evenings and wants to talk during her lunch breaks, it may mean she lives not alone and there is a man in her apartment she hides from you. And, of course, she hides you from him.

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She doesn’t want to meet in person

She doesn’t want to meet in personAnother red flag meaning that a woman has something to hide from you. No, of course, she may change her mind in the process of communication and suppose you are not her match and just refuse to meet. This happens both on men’s and women’s sides. 

But if you have a very good communication leading to something better and more serious, meeting in person is a logical ending of this story.

And if she always finds excuses like she is busy, she has no time, she has a sick relative, etc., it means she doesn’t want to meet you.

There is nothing better than a personal meeting with someone you really like. And a woman who is serious and has no boyfriend simply is obliged to want to meet you if she says she likes you in her letters and video-chats. There are different circumstances preventing people from meeting but they may not last forever. 

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Conclusion: It is not that difficult

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesWe hope our tips will help you find out whether the lady you want to date is single or not. It is not that difficult, you just should follow the steps above and figure this out.

When it comes to online dating, just pay attention to different red flags and make conclusions. 

And if you want to know more about our matchmaking, membership plans, or Romantic and marriage tours to Ukraine, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Skype, email, or online support.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through that interesting and sometimes complicated online dating process.

Sometimes, the cultural differences between you and Slavic women play dirty jokes and you need help to conquer her. And we are here to help you with it!

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Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency

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