How to impress a Polish girl - Proven Tips that work

Are you dating a polish girl or eager to know how to flirt with polish girl properly?

You  have to look your best and impress her to the very core. Polish ladies are different from American or western girls, so your “western” approach will hardly work with them.

In a current article we will provide you with proven TIPS on:

-How to attract a polish woman attention

-How to ask a polish girl out

-Proven tips on How to impress a polish girl

Table of Contents:

➣How to attract a Polish woman's attention
➣Prover TIPS on how to impress a Polish girl

How to attract a Polish woman's attention


These are attractive, charming, sophisticated, polite, smart, funny and attractive women that we are talking about.

They know what they want and have set high expectations and are quite demanding in regards to the men they meet. These women know that a man has a lot of competition to succeed.

The women in question are more concerned about a good partner than just about money. They want someone who is interesting to be with and know that they would be happy to settle down.

They are not interested in being in a relationship just to find a boyfriend. They would like to have a real relationship.

Here are some tips on what to do to attract a polish woman's attention:

Show her that you care for her. You should be interested in her hobbies and her thoughts. This will make you more interesting to her and will open the door for a relationship that can blossom into something more serious.

You should have a good conversationalist with her and should know what she is talking about. You should be a good listener. Being a good conversationalist means that you can make her laugh and if you can do that, you can get into her good books.

When it comes to communication, the women are interested in a man who knows what he is talking about and who can understand them. You should make her feel comfortable with it. - If you can do that, she will be interested in you and will be interested in the possibility of something more serious with you.

She likes a man who is romantic and has a good sense of humor. A woman that is romantically funny and has a good sense of humor will be flattered and will enjoy you more than a woman that is not interested in being around you.

A woman who finds you funny will probably stay with you for a longer period of time because she wants to be with a man who will make her laugh. She likes a man who is not too serious and who knows that a relationship can go one way or the other. If you can have a little bit of fun, she will like you a lot.


Want to know how to ask a polish girl out? - Flowers are a must!

Since you already know that girls from Poland appreciate when a man behaves like a gentleman, they would not mind getting a bunch of flowers for your first date. If you want to do it for your next day as well, you are welcome. Polish people offer flowers not only for dates but for various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, childbirth, etc.

Flowers in Poland are available almost at every corner in the country, and especially on the farmer’s markets.

Bringing a bunch of flowers for your first day won’t leave your Polish girlfriend indifferent. Remember that the first impression is the most important and you can’t waste a great opportunity to conquer her Polish heart from the first second of your meeting.


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Now it's time for proven tips on How to impress a polish girl:

TIP 1. Listen to her, don't talk too much about yourself:

Some guys adore talking a lot about things that are interesting only to guys. That is the biggest no-no when it comes to dating any lady! 
She doesn’t require being in the center of your spotlight but still, she wants to interact and lead a good and interesting conversation to you both.

Once you start talking only about football, politics, or too much about yourself, she will realize you are not a match. So, please avoid talking much about yourself or about “guy” things and pay attention to what is interesting for her. If you have communicated for some time previously, you should know she has some hobbies and interests, too. Talk to her about them or ask her about her family or friends.

For any lady, the way you speak is even more important than the topic you discuss. These girls adore confident men. So, instead of asking her if she would love to go to the Chinese restaurant, just tell her that you are taking her there. Believe us, you will make an impression of a confident and strong man she is looking for.

Polish females prefer when men are telling the truth. They do not like men who always agree about everything and always say “yes”. If you don’t like something or there are things that irritate you about her, tell it to her. Yes, she may not like it but she will know you have your own opinion and are not afraid to tell about it. At least, you will show her you are different from all other guys.


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TIP 2.  Show your Polish woman that you are financially secure

Polish ladies are not gold diggers at all, they are very hard-working, educated, and they earn very well and provide for themselves successfully. However, any woman wants to be confident in her man.

Dating a polish girl  -man needs to be sure he will be able to provide for his future wife.

Don’t forget to pay your date bills. Polish girls are not that feminist to insist and pay their part of the dating bill, though they can do it. But if you insist and do that yourself, this will impress her, while this is the gentleman’s habit.

All said above ia applied not only to Polish women: If any lady doesn’t feel her future husband is financially secure, she will hardly be able to keep communicating with him and moreover, follow him to his country. Women in Poland are seeking long term relationships and they want to be sure in their foreign husbands.

Remember that an international marriage requires her to be ready for changes and this is an important step for her. So, avoid telling your Polish girl that you earn enough for yourself only. This is one of the biggest no-nos. Instead of that, tell her that you are ready to support her and be a reliable partner for her. And most important, that you are ready to be responsible for you both as a couple.


TIP 3.  Take care of your appearance

Appearance  does matter especially if you are looking for proven ways on how to attract a polish woman or any other nationality woman!

Although ladies pay more attention to your inner world and how smart you are - your first impression is made only by how you look like. Men love with their eyes, so do women.

A Polish girl doesn’t need you to wear an expensive watch or designer clothing, but being tidy and stylish is a must!

If you invited her to an expensive restaurant and she looks her best wearing her sexiest dress and high heels and you are in your tracksuit and sneakers, this is a failure!

Make sure to look tidy, wear stylish clothes, be shaved and have a good haircut for your first date with a Polish woman. We bet you prefer when a lady looks well-cared and wears beautiful clothes, hair, and nails, right? So your Polish girl expects you to do the same. She has to see you put some efforts to impress her. By the way, good fragrance and tidy shoes is a must! If you want to really impress her, you will have to smell good! An expensive fragrance is something that conquers any woman regardless of the country of her origin.

Conclusion: Want to impress a Polish lady – be a gentleman

Polish ladies make wonderful girlfriend, wives, and mothers even.

They are a great combination of Eastern and Western values. Unlike other Slavic women  they speak good English and are easier to approach, but, at the same time, they are not that feminist as Western girls.

Girls in Poland are not picky and are very open to meeting and dating foreign guys. They adore having fun and spend quality time. But it doesn’t mean you do not have to put any efforts to impress them.

Like any lady, a Polish woman wants to have your attention and feel needed and respected. We hope our TOP tips on how to impress a Polish girl- will help you and make your dating much easier and more successful!


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Now, over to you....Was current post useful? Wonder How To how to flirt with polish girl properly to conquer her heart? Feel free to share your opinion on the subject I have described above and kindly leave your comment bellow.

Written by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency


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