Looking For a Woman to Date? How and Where to Meet a Woman

How and Where to Meet a WomanIf you read this post, you are probably looking for someone to date and are eager to know where to meet single women...

Even if you are just curious, you are in the right place while this post will help you understand what the easiest way to meet women is.

We from Best-Matchmaking know everything about dating and relationships, so if you are looking for a woman to date, our detailed guide will help you find her.

We will provide you with more online dating tips and tell you how to meet women.

Let’s start ➔ 

How to meet women to date in 2020

How to meet women to date in 2020This is the question every young man comes up with, probably. And it’s no wonder while once you feel like you are ready for relationships, you start looking for a girlfriend but quite often, you fail to do it. Lots of guys wonder what’s wrong with them and why there is no girl for them.

But don’t worry, nothing is wrong with you, this may be just not your time to find her. Or…you may be looking in the wrong places.

We from best-matchmaking believe that you cannot escape from your fate and if there is a lady for you, you will find each other.

But sometimes, to meet your girl, you need to be pushed and we are here to help you and give you some helpful tips. Finding a woman to date is not difficult if you know where to look for and what to do when you finally meet her. 

In this post, you will find out:

  • The easiest way to meet women in 2020;
  • Is finding women online the easiest way?
  • How to meet women online;
  • How to meet women depending on your goals;
  • How to cope with a failed date.

The easiest way to meet women in 2020

easiest way to meet womenFinding a partner is apparently easy especially if taking into account there are over 3,5 billion females on Earth. But knowing where to meet single women is the question bothering thousands of men daily. It’s no wonder while guys always need to put lots of effort to attract ladies.

There are different ways of finding a girl but it doesn’t mean all of them would suit you perfectly. Thus, you should only choose an option that matches your own inner feeling, habits, and expectations.

If you wonder where to meet single women, do the following ➔ 


 ➔ Look for a girl in the gym ➔ 

Look for a girl in the gymThe gym is one of the best places to pick a gal, especially if you love sports and strive to meet an active girl preferring an active lifestyle. Just imagine – tons of beautiful and sweaty girls in one place.

This might surprise you but lots of those girls come to the gym to find a man also. So your goals might coincide. Even if you don’t like sports much, there are tons of different cafes near such sports clubs. Just come there for a coffee and your chances to find her are high.


  • Lots of single girls come there to pick up guys;
  • These girls are sporty, active, and fit;
  • You see each other (as a rule) with no make-up, with all the benefits and drawbacks.


  • If you don’t like sports, might be a challenge for you.

You might have some girls at work ➔ 

where to meet single womenIf you are an office worker, there should be lots of girls in your office. Dating a colleague isn’t the best idea but at least, you have the same professional field. But don’t be in a hurry and consider all the pros and cons of such dating.


  • You see each other every day;
  • You know lots of things about her;
  • You can combine your work and search for a girlfriend.


  • It might be an obstacle for your career (especially if you break up);
  • She might feel embarrassed because other colleagues find out about your affair.

➔ Concerts, museums, art shows, exhibitions are wonderful places ➔ 

easiest way to meet womenAttending various art events is a great way to see an intelligent and educated lady. Especially if you are a big fan of arts. But even if you are not, don’t underestimate a great opportunity to find a girl this way.

If you adore music, go to a local concert. It is a great chance to meet a girl with the same musical interests. If you don’t like art or music or attending such events, choose an art gallery or an exhibition.

Lots of single girls attend such places and if your goal is an intelligent lady, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet her easily.


  • A great way to meet a lady with similar interests and hobbies.


  • Can be a bit boring if you are not an art fan.

Your friends or family may be helpful

where to meet single women

Meeting a woman through your friends or family members is a classic and still very useful way.
According to The Knot’s survey https://www.theknot.com/content/online-dating-most-popular-way-to-meet-spouse , 19% of spouses met each other this way.


  • Your friends or family won’t recommend you anyone bad;
  • You can be sure the person you meet is “verified” by the closest people;
  • You definitely have lots of common friends.


  • You may not have a sparkle to someone perfect on your parents’ opinion.

Volunteering can help not only people in need

where to meet single women

There are tons of volunteering organizations and if you are someone who loves helping others, you can find your place in one of them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a religious organization, it can be anything you love doing.

And yes, lots of girls participate in such volunteering organizations and lots of them are single. Finding a match there is very easy.


  • You can surely come across a good woman sharing your passion;
  • You see each other quite often.


  • Ladies in such organizations often lack the time for personal life.

Love shopping? That’s one of the easiest ways to meet women!

ways to meet womenMen hardly stand shopping but still, that’s a great way to catch a girlfriend. No worries, you don’t have to go to designer’s boutiques to do that. We all have to buy groceries daily.

Even if you have never thought to pick up a girl at the grocery store, you can do it easily. Once you see a nice lady you like, ask her for a piece of advice on what pepper to choose for your baked meet or just help her take her packages to her car.


  • No need to pay a special effort to pick a woman up.


  • Difficult to draw a woman’s attention on a busy working day

➔How to meet women: find a hobby➔

Everyone has hobbies. If you don’t, there is definitely something you have a passion for. Now if you are single, you have some spare time to devote to yourself. Join a class or a team of people who have the same interests.

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Soccer, drawing, modeling, cycling, whatever you have always wanted to learn will help you meet lots of new people who share your hobbies. As a rule, women who join such classes are single.


  • Women share the same interests and hobbies;
  • Most ladies in such classes are single.


  • Almost none.

Finding lady in queue is easier than you think

where to meet single womenQueues are everywhere and we face them every day in our lives. If you need to buy something during the holiday season – you spend hours in lines. And you shouldn’t underestimate this life situation.

Lots of people stuck in queues and waste their time. Girls have nothing to do while standing there. So you should act. Initiate a talk with a pretty lady in line, take her phone number if everything is ok.


  • Lots of bored girls are happy to get your attention.


  • Not very convenient to start a conversation in the crowd.

➔Don’t eliminate bars and night clubs➔

easiest way to meet women

One of the most popular ways to pick up girls is bars and night clubs. If you are a fan of nightlife, this is your best option. If you are not, then better to search elsewhere. Of course, if you’re looking for just a hookup, a night club or bar is a great winning option. Unfortunately, you will hardly meet a simple lady who is looking for long-term relationships in such places.


  • Plenty of single ladies looking for a hookup;
  • Ladies can find you themselves.


  • Women attending bars or night clubs are usually not looking for serious relationships;
  • Lots of gold-diggers and scammers.

Meet a woman online or through a dating app

meet women onlineIn our modern and hectic rhythm of life, we often lack the time and are forced to find various ways of meeting each other. Online dating already stopped being something exotic and unbelievable but became a normal way of building relationships.

So using a dating site or a dating app is a great alternative if you have no time or simply are too shy to use all the above-mentioned ways of meeting a woman.


  • A possibility to meet women from various countries, not only from your area;
  • A wide choice of ladies who often initiate the process of getting to know you;


  • A big chance of meeting a gold-digger or scammer;
  • Often requires long-distance relationships;
  • High quality means paying for the services.

Social media is our everything

Social media do not only allow us communicating and sharing pictures and various information. But you can also meet a woman there for free. But this way cannot be called 100% and here is why.


  • You can see at once whether a girl is single or not;
  • Unlike dating sites, it’s free.


  • Lots of scammers and no one checks their background;
  • Girls usually are not serious about guys trying to pick them up on social media.

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➔Just a walk or jog in the park can change your life➔

where and how to meet a womanIf you are a fan of a morning jog, you know how many women enjoy the same activity in local parks. It’s quite easy to find a single girl this way. If you hate running or jogging, you should consider walking.

A simple walk in the park opens lots of dating opportunities as well. Lots of people, including single women adore spending their time in the parks – just walk or sit and read a book. Don’t underestimate it and start a nice conversation with a pretty lady.


  • Lots of single girls jog not only for pleasure but for attracting the attention of single guys.


  • Not all women who walk or jog in the morning are single so you may fail a couple of times. But don’t despair and keep trying!

Is finding women online that easy?

how to meet a womanYes, we know how many rumors you have heard about online dating. We have heard them too and you might not believe it but we have faced scammers in our experience as well. For that purpose, we have created our Anti-Scam policy.

No matter how many risks you face, a good dating site will take care of your safety and rights. So, if you are genuinely looking to date a serious woman, especially from another country, online dating could solve your problems. Of course, it is a bit different from traditional dating but still, it may lead to a good outcome because, on a good dating site, women are verified and have serious intentions.

Online dating allows meeting women from different corners of the globe, not only Slavic women but also Latvian mail order bridesRussian brides, and those from many other countries. But of course, you should check well what site you are going to use for that purpose.

How to meet women online?

First of all, you should:

  • Choose a dating site for your search. You can opt for registering on several dating sites. But our recommendation would be to choose only verified and reputable ones. If you doubt their reputation, avoid signing up with that site.

             If you don’t know how to check the quality of the site, you can check our previous posts telling about it in detail:

 ➔ Do legitimate Ukrainian dating sites really exist?

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Online dating success statistics: Does online dating work? 

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  • Once you have chosen the dating site, you can create a profile and start your search. Do not write too many letters to women; better choose to have a video chat with foreign women. That option will help you see whether that person is real and how she looks like in real life.

Beautiful profiles are good but you should see her face-to-face. Do not neglect a video-chat option to find out whether people you communicate with are real.

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 Everything depends on what your goal is

Let’s figure out what you are aimed at. For example, if you are a young man who:

  • Just wants to hang out and meet different girls casually in his area, then you should not use online dating. Or at least you can use a dating app where you can meet different girls from your area;
  • But if you are looking for a girlfriend, this is another story. If your goal is to find a woman for serious dating or exclusive relationship, then hooking up in the bars or nightclubs may not work in that case. Some girls may be looking for men to date in such places but the majority of them are aimed at entertainment and fun. So if you want to find a serious lady, such places are not for you;
  • If your goal is not just a hook-up with a local girl in the bar, and you want to find a serious woman, you can visit other places. Let’s say, a gallery, a museum, a concert, or any other place like that where you can meet a good woman. But don’t forget that we live in a progressing world;
  • Most modern people, including women, prefer using online dating for their search. It’s no wonder while it is fast, convenient, safe, and time-saving. No matter what your age group is, you can find a suitable online dating profile always while there are dating sites for young people, for senior dating, and even according to your social and financial status.

Even online dating supposes a meeting in person

where and how to meet womenMeeting your dream girl in real is essential if you really want to date. Otherwise, it will be just a virtual affair leading nowhere. But your aim is to look for a woman who will become your girlfriend, right?

For that reason, it is necessary to invite her for a date in real the soonest. And a Romantic and marriage tour will help you do that. Usually, such tours are arranged by the site where you communicate with your woman.

This way, you should not worry about being alone in a foreign country and the site will bear all the responsibility for your accommodation, transfers, safety, and meetings with ladies.

You can consider your first meeting to be your first date and see whether you match each other and whether she will become your girlfriend. As a rule, you communicate not with one woman and one of them will surely become your girlfriend if everything goes well in the meeting. 

What to do if your date was not successful?

meeting was not successfulSometimes, when people meet after some online communication, they do not meet each other’s expectations. Don’t worry, it happens in real life, too. Not everyone meets our expectations, unfortunately. But you should not despair because of that.

Did it happen to you that after one or several dates you didn’t start dating this woman in life? Yes, we bet you had such situations. Everyone does but we do not stop looking for someone, right? We keep living and meeting new people.

The same is with online dating. If for some reason, your meetings were not successful, you can always find another option and meet other ladies.

Even if you felt it right in the meeting, ask the representatives of the site to arrange your meetings with another lady while you are in her country or city. You shouldn’t lose a chance to meet another woman if you already are in her country. 

Where to meet a nice woman you actually want to date with?...

Where to meet a nice woman you actually want to date withIt is great to wish to date someone, we all are human beings and that is our main goal to meet our better half and have relationships and, possibly, family. But we from Best-Matchmaking believe it’s time for everything in our lives. Some people get too obsessed with the idea of dating someone that they forget to enjoy the process.

Dating should be fun and we all date someone sooner or later, we break up, find someone else, date exclusively, create relationships, get married, and have children and families. But all that should be natural. Do not get obsessed with that idea. Once you start chasing girls to make someone your girlfriend, you fail.

Yes, exactly, fail. Because you lose the sense of life and relationship in general. You start being in a hurry all the time and stop thinking soberly. Remember that the best things happen to us when we don’t expect them!

Everything in life has its time. And if you fail to find someone to date, stop pursuing that idea and think about it. Maybe you were doing something wrong? Maybe you just need to take a break from it and love will come when you least expect it! 

How to meet women: All in good time!

Above, we have told you where to meet single women. The easiest way to meet women for you is the one that makes you feel good and right. Pick the one you feel the most convenient about.

If you still wonder how to meet women, remember that you can meet them:

  • In the gym;
  • In the office;
  • At Concerts, museums, art shows, exhibitions;
  • With the help of your friends or family;
  • By joining volunteering or charity organizations;
  • At the book, clothes, grocery store;
  • By joining a club of interests;
  • In a simple line;
  • In bars and night clubs;
  • Online or using a dating app;
  • On social media;
  • In the park or during a morning jog.


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We hope this information will help you become more open and find other ways of meeting a woman you maybe have never thought about. These simplest tips have helped hundreds of other guys meet great girls, so now it’s your turn to apply them. Pl ease leave your comments below to let us know about your experience or how can we help you to meet exceptional ladies faster ⬇

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