Why Can’t You Get a Girlfriend Online? How to Find a Girlfriend in 2020

How to be romanticHello gentlemen!

Today, we from Best-Matchmaking would love to discuss one very important and urgent topic. We sometimes hear from our male customers that online dating is not for them and it never works for them as it should.

And we decided to look deeper into that problem and see what could be the reasons for that.

In this post, we will tell you how to find a girlfriend online and why it might be difficult for you to do it.

You will also figure out how to make it work and finally find your match. Are you ready? Then keep reading till the end while the information below may change your life crucially!

The best ways to find a girlfriend online

Of course, we would love to start with the good news first and tell you the best ways to find a girlfriend online. It is not difficult to suppose that you should search over the Internet. One of the most common and easiest ways is looking for a girlfriend on social media. 

But if you choose to search for a girl on social media, be ready that she may simply block you. Just recently, we had a situation when a man complained to us that one of the women from our site blocked him on both social media platforms. He just couldn’t realize that not all women may want to meet unknown men online.

Yes, guys, if you choose to contact a Slavic woman on social media, most likely, she will block you because not all women like interference in their private life. Moreover, we have already told in one of our previous posts about the dangers of dating online, so women are not less cautious than men. 

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Dating apps are good for finding a girlfriend

Dating appsA dating app seems to be a good alternative to social media, especially, taking into account that most of them are free or very cheap to use.

Have you ever used a dating app? Lots of you have told us about their experience and we can say it was not very good. 

The very first danger of using a dating app is that you cannot verify whether the person is real or not, whether he or she is a scammer or not.

And the chances to meet a scammer via such an app are 90%. Sad but true, isn’t it?

The problem is that Slavic mail order brides, including Russian brides or Ukrainian brides, use dating apps to meet men in their area. And just a few of them may use it to find a western guy. Most likely, those girls are scammers chasing your wallet. But you can always try an alternative – an online dating site.

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Where to find a girlfriend online? – Try a dating site

Each of you knows what a dating site is. There are hundreds of them all over the Internet and all of them have different approaches and principles of work. You can choose between free and paid dating services, mail order brides and pay-per-letter sites. 

No matter what site you choose, you should pay special attention to what is going on there. Remember that free dating sites have 90% of scammers on them, both men and women. So once you choose a free dating site, be ready to face fraud.

We do not say that it will be necessarily your case but you have to be cautious and pay attention to all red flags. Use our tips from previous posts revealing how to identify a scammer and avoid it. You may meet a good woman on such a dating site, but…

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Slavic girlfriends are not likely to choose free dating sites

Latvian dating serviceRecently, one of the random visitors on our site told us that there is no difference for women where to communicate – on social media platforms or a paid dating site.

This guy called one of the girls a scammer for blocking him on her both social media platforms after he tried to contact her. 

She didn’t want to contact him on our site, as well, though. The reason was this girl didn’t want to communicate with this guy, she wasn’t interested and after he contacted her on the dating site, she was still not interested in him and didn’t reply. So, guys, social media platforms are the personal business of everyone.

And if someone bothers us there, we have our right to ignore such people. And for that reason, Ukrainian and Russian women choose paid dating services – for the reason of their safety and some guarantees that no one will bother them and interfere with their life if they don’t want it. 

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Why is it difficult for you to get a girlfriend online?

Estonian women for datingNow let’s try to figure out why it might not be easy for you to find your girlfriend online and why you think it doesn’t work for you.

First of all, if you choose to reach a girl on social media, you can succeed with a local woman. Girls in your area, friends of your friends will most likely reply and get in touch with you.

When it comes to Slavic women, it won’t work out for the reason we described above. These girls just have no idea who you are and people in their countries value their privacy very much. So if you start bothering such a girl on Facebook, be ready to fail, unless she is not a scammer who was waiting for you for ages.

If your goal is a beautiful Slavic mail order bride, you should search on paid dating sites. But not every dating site can meet your demands and wishes. For that reason, you should be careful when choosing a dating service, especially if it is not a cheap service.

You might be looking in the wrong places

Ukraine girls datingNow let’s try to understand what kind of dating sites you should try if you want to find a girlfriend online. If you are not afraid of scammers or want to see how online dating works, you can try to choose a free dating site, create a profile, and see whether it will work for you (read more: Eastern European Dating Sites For Free: A Good Choice?). 

From the experience of our customers, we can say that you will find nothing but a pen pal there in the best case scenario. In the worst case, you will find a scammer who will make your experience not the best one in your life. 

So when choosing a paid dating service, pay attention to the gallery of foreign women – check what kind of ladies profiles are posted there. Check whether they have everyday pictures or only professional ones. Don’t be lazy to check testimonials, YouTube videos, and customers’ reviews online. 

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You might be pursuing wrong women

Ukrainian girls for datingLet’s suppose you have found a good and reputable dating site full of potential girlfriends. Congratulations!

Because now your chances are much higher than finding her on social media or via one of the dating apps.

But it often doesn’t work because you guys search for wrong women.

How to understand whether this woman is wrong? We from Best-Matchmaking have noticed that most of you choose one and the same women.

All of them are the most beautiful and model-looking. Of course, such women attract men’s attention, we have no doubts. 

But you should pay attention also to the content of their letters and choose not only by appearance but by her inner world. Don’t be afraid to choose a woman who doesn’t look like a model, just imagine how many followers those women have. And it is normal for them to be picky when it comes to the choice of their men.’

You can try matchmaking to find a girlfriend in 2020

Looking for a Ukrainian wifeAs an option, we can offer matchmaking to you. Not all dating sites offer matchmaking services (s. also How to Find Reliable Interracial Matchmaking Services – Your Guide). These services are exclusive and 95% of couples on the dating sites are created through matchmaking. 

So, if you are not sure what woman you should choose – you can try that service. It means that a professional matchmaker who has years of experience will guide you through your dating process, give you helpful tips, and select the most appropriate matches for you (more information here: How to find professional matchmaking services).

However, it is very important to listen to your matchmaker. Quite often, men don’t do this and then they fail. They don’t want to hear that some ladies do not match them or that they are doing something wrong and simply do their way. 

If you decide to sabotage, don’t be surprised by your failure in matchmaking. When a matchmaker selected matches for you, don’t try to communicate with those women you have chosen yourself if your assistant told you they do not match.

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Getting a girlfriend in 2020 is not that difficult!

legitimate Ukrainian dating sitesNow, guys, we hope that you know where you can find a girlfriend online and why it may not work as you wish it to.

Be sure to pay attention to red flags. But also, don’t see a scammer in every person you meet online – this may not be true but may prevent you from finding a great girl.

And if you have more questions about online dating, matchmaking, or Romantic and marriage tours, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kate, a professional matchmaker and dating blogger with more than ten years of experience.

She will consult you for free on all International matchmaking and dating membership plans at reasonable prices.

Good luck in finding your girlfriend online!

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Ukrainian matchmakingWritten by Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency Best-Matchmaking.com.

Learn more about the matchmaking service by Best-Matchmaking.com.

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